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update 08/07/2018


With both Jinzo and Silent Magician, this deck functions by locking your opponent out of playing his spell/trap cards and then using beaters to deal damage while your opponent's responses are locked out. Since there is only 1 Jinzo available to players right now, You will need the skill Psychic Onslaught to add more copies to your deck at the start of the duel.

Example Deck

Silent Magician LV8Silent Magician LV8JinzoSilent MagicianSilent MagicianSilent Magician
Blue Dragon SummonerBlue Dragon SummonerBlue Dragon SummonerGemini ElfGemini ElfGemini Elf
Dark World DealingsDark World DealingsSilent BurningSilent BurningSilent BurningPsychic Shockwave
Psychic ShockwavePsychic Shockwave

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Psychic Onslaught
At the beginning of the Duel, add 1 or 2 "Jinzo" to your Deck and shuffle it.
Espa Roba
Espa Roba

How to Use


Jinzo and Silent Magician are the two boss monsters of this deck and are also the monsters you need on the field to lock your opponent. Jinzo negates the effects of all trap cards while he is on the field. Silent Magician negates the activation of 1 Spell card every turn for free. Between the two of them, Silent Magician is far easier to summon and has more potential as a beater as long as you are able to keep your hand count high enough. When destroyed, Silent Magician can special summon Silent Magician LV8 from your deck which is immune to spell effects and has a huge 3500 attack stat.
The most common way of dealing with Silent Magician and Silent Magician LV8 is by using trap cards like Mirror Wall, Wall of Disruption, Treacherous Trap Hole, etc. With Jinzo on the field you do not have to worry about any of these, giving your opponent much less options to counter your plays. Now the only things you need to be careful of are Monster effects.


Use these cards to quickly get to your boss monsters. When your opponent activates a trap card you can discard a spell/trap card to special summon Jinzo from your deck. You can combo this by discarding Silent Burning to summon Jinzo and then banish Silent Burning from your graveyard to search Silent Magician from your deck, overall losing no card advantage for searching your 2 boss monsters.
Silent Burning also acts as support for Silent Magician. when you have Silent Magician on the field, you can activate Silent Burning to draw until you have 6 cards in your hand giving Silent Magician a total of 4000 attack. Silent Burning is a powerful draw card and can gain you quick advantage. Put as much cards as possible on the field until you have less cards in your hand than your opponent and then activate Silent Burning to draw a full new hand. It is best to do this during the first turn, before your opponent even gets to move.


Silent Magician requires you to tribute a Spellcaster-type monster to special summon her, therefore your deck must have a lot of Spellcasters to summon her efficiently. Blue Dragon Summoner is a Spellcaster-type monster and a below average beater. But the advantage of using him is that when he is tributed to summon Silent Magician you can search a Normal Spellcaster from your deck maintaining your hand to boost Silent Magician. Gemini Elf is the most powerful low-leveled Spellcaster Normal monster, which makes her a good choice because she can be searched by Blue Dragon Summoner, used as a beater, and tributed to summon Silent Magician.

Dark World Dealings

Dark World Dealings helps you draw into your deck to get to other important cards. You can also use it to send Silent Burning to the graveyard so you can banish Silent Burning and search Silent Magician from your deck. In some situations you can also discard Dark World Dealings as cost for Psychic Shockwave.

Other Useful Cards

Destiny HERO - Plasma
Destiny HERO - Plasma
Since this deck is already able to negate spell and trap effects. If you somehow are able to summon Destiny HERO - Plasma to negate monster effects your win is almost 100% guaranteed.
Legion the Fiend Jester
Legion the Fiend Jester
Serves the same purpose as Blue Dragon Summoner but with less attack and more defense.
Spell Wall
Spell Wall
Could be used as temporary protection for your Spellcaster-type monsters.


wow thanks for such an accessible jinzo deck, such f2p "friendly" with 3 silent magician. so impressed
Do you think we can get example deck that isn't...well, that. This feels more like a silent magician deck with Jinzo in it than anything else.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Agreed, and 3 silent magicians are just cancer
What purpose does Gemini Elf have in this deck?
<< Anonymous(PK)
Xenon Reply
Strong Vanilla Attacker+SS condition for Silent Magician.
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
PK Reply
Wouldn't Skilled Blue Magician be beater due to better defence rating?
<< Anonymous(PK)
Xenon Reply
Don't know. But normally you SS directly the Silent Magician as you play the spellcaster.
<< Anonymous(PK)
Anonymous Reply
Beater, tribute fodder to waifu, +1 if blue guy tributed.
Marconi Perroni
Best Jinzo Decks is your regular fur hire + 1 Jinzo just to have an amazoness rage qquit from time to time. I remember Jinzo won me the rank up match to legend 3.
Lyla, Gravekeepers Recruiter, Legion the Fiend all better options than blue dragon and gemini
Substitution for Darkworld Dealings?
BS deck, this is more a Silent Magician Deck. Retarded admins
<< Anonymous
Andrecito Reply
Ha, hit a nerve.

I already made the point that Jinzo can't always be on the field, so traps are for the interim or when it gets overpowered. People won't expect it, so it works out.

Not even that hard. It's amazing how little you can comprehend.

Besides, you know how many people I've seen throw Jinzo into Amazoness? Go complain to them about how it's forbidden to use traps in a deck with Jinzo.
<< Anonymous(Andrecito)
Lol Reply
Thank u for mosuleum i shall use tht for my gandora to sweep ur field
<< Anonymous(Lol)
Andrecito Reply
Oh wow, no one's ever done that before...

Can you detect the sarcasm?
I've got a Gandora deck too, dumbass. That doesn't mean anything.
<< Anonymous(Andrecito)
Anonymous Reply
Yes! Thankyou
names the deck a jinzo deck, has more thicc magician in the deck --- gameA logic
<< Anonymous(wtf?)
Lol Reply
It call card support u can try blue eyes card other archetype card n i shall reply with buster blader tht only counter dragon type
Pay to win deck much?
Thanks for the f2p deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just... no.
<< Anonymous(Andrecito)
Andrecito Reply
Like, at least I made an actual effort.
I think horus jinzo in better to negate all spells and traps.

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