KC Cup: 1st Stage [Nov 2019]

Duel Links KC CUP Sept decks, the top meta of Duel Links in Nov 2019.
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update 10/01/2020


1st Stage Duration14 Nov 2019 - 25 Nov 2019

Rank & Duel Level

RankDuel Level
Rookie & BronzeDLV1
Legend & King of GamesDLV10

1st Stage Shared Decks

Email to GameA
Subject (Title)KOG deck (KC Cup)
Body (Text)
  • Your IGN
  • A small note to show how to use your deck or how you reach KOG (if necessary)
Attach Files
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  • a screenshot of KOG proof

Want to share your deck to help other playes? Send us an e-mail at with the image of your deck and proof of reaching KoG along with how it works! The title of your email must be KOG deck [KC Cup].

Required Info/screenshot

Send us screenshots of your deck which is used to get thrugh the 1st stage of the KC Cup and the proof.

Amano-Iwato Control1
Ancient Gear1
Blue-Eyes Cosmo1
Cyber Angel1
Cyberdark Desperado1
Cyber-Stein Lock1
Dark Magician1
Fortune Lady4
Invoked Psychic1
Masked HERO1
Six Samurai1

Amano-Iwato Control


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
zMutDuel, standby!Nov 15

A comment from zMut:

  • Remove Counter Traps because mostly brick on first draw.
  • Still carry Parshath Synchro for scared opponents.

Ancient Gear


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
AzureKnightMiddle Age MechsNov 18

A comment from AzureKnight:

Representing old, reliable Ancient Gears.

To deal with Blackwings and Invokers (to a lesser extent): Canadia and Floodgate (especially to prevent Synchro summoning or disable ace monsters) and Concentrating Current.

Can be slow, but stalling for the right cards can turn it around instantly. Piercing effect of Reactor Dragon helped several times.

Sphere Kuriboh could be replaced with another Canadia, Concentrating Current, etc.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
HeartfiliaMiddle Age MechsNov 18



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
AlpErTungaHarpies' Hunting GroundNov 16

A comment from AlpErTunga:

I spent 12.000 gems for last main box. Also, I had spent 10.000 gems on the Dragunity deck. I had luck because the old Blackwings deck include "Black Whirlwind" and "Bora The Spear". Finally, I spent two Dream tickets and a deck have completed.

İt was easy to reach to level 18. The later second turn was important.İf you had chosen first turn the defense is hard. So my Final arrange was to add Blackwings Ghibli.İnvoked deck and magician girls deck was a hard matchup.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
MetalShadowHarpies' Hunting GroundNov 17

A comment from MetalShadow:

I only have 1 Gale but Breeze is a nice budget replacement. Sphere Kuribohs were clutch.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DGameDraw Sense: Spell/TrapNov 20


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
GeckiReload/TrapNov 21

A comment from Gecki:

I play Blackwing since the black wing deck is in real life. That's why I'm pretty good at it. Stage 2 was quite easy despite nonexistent Gale, Zephyrus, and Simoom (all not yet pulled).

I have often tried to trap the opponent when I started. Lvl 4 Blackwing masked in Defense if I only had the crack or nothing at all, so Blizzard can summon him in the next round and I can also summon Breeze through Black Whirlwind. If I had the counter-trap and started, then I often tried to summon 2 black-wings as precisely as possible and set the trap face down. When the opponent started everything was a bit simpler.

Lage estimated and then destroyed the enemy cards with Raikiri and attacked for the game victory. If everything did not work out, I often used Joe to summon Raikiri and have another 2nd strong monster.

If the opponent used to play with Antique Drive or Blue-Eyes, it was often enough just to lay Chidori with over 3000 ATK. Oroshi sometimes helped me to get a 3rd black wing on the field when I could only look for something weak through Black Whirlwind. In addition, the 2nd effect was very useful in conjunction with Bora, Weapon Master or Chidori.

All in all, I lost only 2-3 games up to Lv 19, only on Lvl 19 did I lose against 3 other opponents, but that was also 2 times due to harsh misplays.:

Blue-Eyes Cosmo


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
nihil.yuriAlternative EvolutionNov 18

A comment from nihil.yuri:

The deck's key card is That Grass that Look Greener, so we use 3 copies of it. Even if we don't take it first hand the deck still runs very well on its own, 2 copies of Snipe Hunter help hold the game if we pull a bad hand.

Cards Of Consonance helps draw deck power, as we have 5 targets.

Monster reincarnation is a card that fits very well with this deck, as we usually have a full hand, being able to trade a blue-eye from your hand, for any graveyard monster like Chaos Sorcerer or Cosmo Brain may be the key to victory.

Of course, like every deck, sometimes we have a few injectable hands full of heavy monsters, which is why monsters like Sphere Kuriboh, Snipe Hunter and Bacon Saver are so important, since holding 1 or 2 more turns can easily turn the tables. with only 1 card (TGTLG or Cosmo Brain).

Skill: We use alternative evolution that combines EXTREMELY well with this deck, being able to destroy an opponent's monster for free and after that still make a Synchro like Vermillion Dracon Mech. And if we have a White Stone Of Legend in the cemetery (which we usually use for Synchro) and a Blue Eyes on hand we can S.Summon again Alternative. B.E.

Extra: Our extra is very generic, I would say the most important card is Vermillion Mech Dragon, We have Stardust (which works only against Yubel), Criston Ametrix and Gigantcastle are important to take some boss monsters that may be giving us problems. Azure Eyes and Armades were not so important.

Other cards that would fit well into the extra are Red Dragon Archfiend or Scrap Dragon instead of stardust, and Brionac (Using Plaguespreader Zombie on deck) instead of Azure Eyes or Armades.

It was relatively easy to get DLV20, Blackwing was not much of a problem, given that we held the possible OTK, and we have a very strong comeback.

Once we get some more support for Chaos, this deck can easily be tier 1.

Cyber Angel


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
MomijiMaster of RitesNov 24

A comment from Momiji:

Here's my deck for KC Cup. I reached 2nd stage late. But, it is ok to be late than never. The mechanics of this deck is still the same with the ol' good deck.

Cyberdark Desperado


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
iJ3Candy3SwitcherooNov 19

Cyber-Stein Lockdown


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
MankitsuLp Boost βNov 15

A comment from Mankitsu:

same with the idea of my kog deck in nov 2019.

  • go first and then summon stein & lock field with ojama, and if u get tttd use it on stein to prevent getting lava golemned.

  • go second, u have to stall until u get cards u need, before summon stein don't forget to clear opp mons & backrow & never let your LP below 5000 before summon stein


Dmitri N.

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Dmitri N.Draw Sense: Spell/TrapNov 15


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
冰糖2018KaibaCorp BlingNov 16


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
IIINCThe Tie that BindsNov 17

Dark Magician


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
JobeDestiny DrawNov 25

Fortune Lady


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LuxunTime PassageNov 15

A comment from Luxun:

It was a very easy climb until LVL 19. Then I fell off to 18 and lost many because somehow I would never start with Calling. But then everything came back to normal and I won the necessary amount to reach Dlv max. That is still the worst problem of the deck, relying so much on your opening hand. Maybe that's because I didn't face a single mirror.

However, Every is still one of the strongest monsters in the game and Brionac is a great addition, his effect won me many games. Good luck everyone.


Hot New Top
.....Yeah, I don't think that Cyber-Stein deck actually works.

It has LP protection cards, but with no LP restoring cards, Stein's effect will be used only once, and if you use it to get Ojama King out, how are you going to get Master of Oz out to defeat the opponent? Locking the opponent is kinda pointless if you only have 0 ATK monster on the field, and the deck gets through its cards faster than the opponent due to the search and draw cards, so no winning via stalling the opponent and hoping for a deck out either.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well you can slap the opponent slowly using Stein's low ATK......but it would take so long, by the time your opponent's LP is low he/she might have drawn an out to Ojama King already.

There is Sangan with decent ATK for this deck, but that's assuming Sangan isn't already used to search Stein.
look at that cyber steian deck, impossible that deck reach Dlv MAX

pathetic gameA adms sharing fake kog/dlvmax since november, shame so shame
look at that cyber steian deck, impossible that deck reach Dlv MAX

pathetic game adms sharing fake kog/dlvmax since november, shame so shame
Had 15 back to back wins in a row with Dark Magician.
I just reached lv 20 with Metaphysis, this game is still so F2P. (Skill: Grit).
<< Anonymous
Metaphys player Reply
I actually spend 5 bucks from Google Opinion Reward on the structure deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
smart f2p players know how to effectively spend their dream tickets: grab the EX card tech is a good example.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This deck aged very well.
Thank you !
Love the event.
And thanks for the gems.
<< Anonymous(Thank you !)
Anonymous Reply
I build Blackwings thanks to this event.
<< Anonymous(Thank you !)
Anonymous Reply
=D awesome right?
<< Anonymous(Thank you !)
:D ! Reply
<< Anonymous(Thank you !)
Brandon Reply
I built my Invoked deck thanks to these gems.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Climbed with Aromages.
This game is F2P
I reached DLMAX with cardians.
<< Anonymous(F2P)
Anonymous Reply
^^ !
<< Anonymous(F2P)
Fellow cardian Reply
Hello fellow cardian. What deck build are u using? I just got max today
200 gems for reaching dlv max + 500 gems for 10 days run. Its such a great event!
<< Anonymous(noGemuNoLyfe)
Anonymous Reply
and don't forget about these sweet 190 challenge gems. People bragging about how p2w this game shoul learn to manage their 🔥 gems spending.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
maybe so but it still comes down to luck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes the challenge stamp gems are amazing too
<< Anonymous(noGemuNoLyfe)
Anonymous Reply
They always renew them
Yami Aaron
Look at that OYSTER MEISTER and Cyber-Stein reaching DLVMAX ASAP.

F2P never left this game.
<< Anonymous(Yami Aaron)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Yami Aaron)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Yami Aaron)
Anonymous Reply
gotta admit it's unexpected.
<< Anonymous(Yami Aaron)
Anonymous Reply
COOL, isn't it?
I climbed in day 1 with Ritual Beasts.
That deck is a force to be reckoned with.

Commens and feedback


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Don't Archfiend want to be sent to the grave? Why the banish effect on both Emperor and Pala...
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