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update 11/12/2016

Light Laser

Light Laser
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCondition / Continuous-like Effect
SupportsLIGHT / Warrior


Equip only to a LIGHT Warrior-Type monster. Remove from play any monsters that battle with it at the end of Damage Step.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader
(Trader item)
  • R Jewel x40
  • Stone of Spell x40
  • 18,000 Gold




  • Allows the equipped monster to banish the monsters that it attacks after Damage Step.


  • Only limited to LIGHT Warrior-type monsters.


  • To banish the mentioned key monsters, your monster may also perish in combat and you may take Life Points damage as well, but it may also give a distinct advantage to you by crippling opponent’s strategies.
  • You also use tech card Anti-Magic Arrows to prevent position-switching counterplays by your opponent during your Battle Phase.

Applicable Monsters

These are some of the most prominent LIGHT Warrior-type monsters that are being used in the current meta. Divine Knight Ishzark is not included here as Light Laser’s effect is redundant to Divine Knight Ishzark’s effect.

Banish Monsters

These are the key monsters in the current meta decks, in which when being banished, will greatly cripple your opponent’s strategies. Banishing Dakini will result in their Recycling power being crippled thus slowing them down. Banishing Gozuki will stop its effect from activating from Graveyard. Likewise, banishing Red Eyes Zombie Dragon will ensure your opponent cannot revive it with Red Eyes Spirit. Banishing Hazy Flame Sphynx will disrupt its ability to relentlessly Special Summon FIRE monsters. When facing Gladiator Beasts, if they are not protected with Impenetrable Attack, you can straight up banish their monster to prevent them from tagging out another Gladiator Beast (Half Shut may prevent monster destruction from battle, but does not protect against card effect that banishes it after damage step).




Banished categoriesBanishes from your opponent's field


And also (other than Charging Gaia) probably the best user of this card is Knight Day Grepher IF you can double summon him

When he's normal summoned (he's a Gemini monster), during your end phase, you can recovery 1 equip spell from your graveyard back to your hand so you could have an infinite army of banishing monsters, the male version of Amazoness Onslaught if you ask me

You can use Vylon Ohm (love this guy) too to recover equip spells ad infinitum, too bad he's not a warrior :(
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can also use DNA Surgery to change Vylon Ohm to a warrior type so you can equip this card while also recovering (in the next turn) one of the already gone Light Laser or other equip spells you used
Of note, Charging Gaia can be used with this too and it works wonders since that guy is a 1900 atk / 2100 def monster, the best monster in terms of stats and no weaknesses when it comes to "lvl4" monsters if you ask me. 2100 atk / 2300 def with Jōnouchi's Sogen is amazing
Light Laser is searchable with Glory of the Noble Knights thru Drystan. So if Drystan is equipped with NA Destiny and is with his comrades with less than 1800 ATK and an opponent monster is gonna attack him, use Glory on that moment, search for Light Laser then equip on him. Watch your opponent rage quit... :) NKs version of Onslaught
using this with noble arms of destiny is god tier basically destroy any monster without sacrificing your monster
Why AI never use this card? Stupid AI even set this card face down WTF ??
use with rocket warrior
<< Anonymous
Mut Reply
Finally somebody know it.
<< Anonymous
Beehive Reply
It'd be scary lol
Equip this to nigga to shut em' out!
Mah Boi
Neos Knight could benefit from that.
This card should be UR
<< Anonymous(Matjeri )
Anonymous Reply
And also Watapon and Turu Purun

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Oh really? Too bad I don't believe GameA's comments. I think Dartz will be added anyway...
I wonder where is Kuribabylon
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