KC Cup: 2nd Stage [Sept 2020]

Duel Links KC CUP September decks, the top meta of Duel Links in September 2020.
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40th Main Box: Cross Dimension
update 25/09/2020


Stage 2 of the KC Cup will start on September 18th. Shared decks are credited to the people who made/used them. If you like their decks, don't forget to check their Reddit/Twitter/Youtube accounts!

2nd Stage Duration18 Sept 2020 - 21 Sept 2020


ANorth America
BLatin America/Caribbean
FAsia/Middle East/Africa


  • Players placed in Top 500 in the 2nd Stage Ranking will receive a seat in the next Duel Links World Championship Regional Representive Qualifier!
  • The 1st place player in the 2nd Stage Global Ranking will receive an invitation to the Duel Links World Championship!

2nd Stage Ranking Rewards

2nd Stage Shared Decks

At the end of the KC Cup 2nd stage, please send us decks you use, your region, and Duel Points you earn. Send us an e-mail at with the image of your deck and proof of reaching KoG along with how it works! The title of your email must be Deck (KC Cup 2nd Stage Top 100).
Subject (Title)Deck (KC CUP 2nd Stage Top 100)
Body (Text)
  • Your IGN
  • A small note to show how to use your deck (if necessary)
Attach Files
  • a screenshot of a deck you used in KC 2nd Stage
  • a screenshot of Rank proof

Number of users per deck

Crystron SSA1
Cyber Dragon1
Dark Magician2
Invoked Elementsaber3
Shiranui Synchro2
The Weather1

Top 10


Shiranui SynchrozaloogXFShiranui Synchro zaloogXF2Shiranui Synchro 2

Shiranui SynchroShiranui Synchro 2Shiranui Synchro 2

Shiranui SynchroShiranui Synchro 2Shiranui Synchro 2
Set SkillLevel Duplication (Shiranui Synchro)
Level Augmentation (Shiranui Synchro)
Rank1 (Global Rank)
Win Rate--
Duel Points97,262
Cumulative Wins--


Triamid Negative1
Invoked ElementsaberInvoked Elementsaber 2
Set SkillBalance (Triamid)
Destiny Draw (Invoked Elementsaber)
RegionNorth America
Rank2 (Global Rank)
Win Rate58.58% (324 victories, 553 duels)
Duel Points97,195
Cumulative Wins7


WitchcrafterモリオWitchcrafter モリオ2

LightswornLightsworn 2
Set SkillDraw Loan (Witchcrafter)
Show of Nightmares (Lightsworn)
Rank3 (Global Rank)
Win Rate57% (289 victories, 503 duels)
Duel Points86,169
Cumulative Wins12


Crystron SSAシュウヘイCrystron SSA シュウヘイ2 2
Set SkillMythic Depths (Crystron SSA)
Rank6 (Global Rank)
Win Rate--
Duel Points84,320
Cumulative Wins--


Cyber DragonACT@闇団Cyber Dragon ACT@闇団2

WitchcrafterWitchcrafter 2Witchcrafter 2
Set SkillCyber Style (Cyber Dragon)
Show of Nightmares (Witchcrafter)
Rank8 (Global Rank)
Win Rate55% (319 victories, 576 duels)
Duel Points81,866
Cumulative Wins7



Invoked Elementsaber


Shiranui Synchro
Set SkillRestart (Karakuri)
Destiny Draw (Invoked Elementsaber)
Spell Specialist (Witchcrafter)
Balance (Shiranui Synchro)
Rank9 (Global Rank)
Win Rate56% (259 victories, 458 duels)
Duel Points81,365
Cumulative Wins11

Top 100

マツD 十傑/SWH

KarakuriマツD 十傑/SWHKarakuri マツD 十傑/SWH2

WitchcrafterWitchcrafter 2
Set SkillRestart (Karakuri)
Show of Nightmares (Witchcrafter)
Rank11 (Global Rank)
Win Rate--
Duel Points79,849
Cumulative Wins--


WitchcrafterkinghaloWitchcrafter kinghalo2 2
Set SkillShow of Nightmares (Witchcrafter)
Rank12 (Global Rank)
Win Rate60% (174 victories, 287 duels)
Duel Points78,650
Cumulative Wins14


KarakuriシロッコくんKarakuri シロッコくん2

WitchcrafterWitchcrafter 2

Set SkillRestart (Karakuri)
Show of Nightmares (Witchcrafter)
Power of Dark (Dark Magician)
Rank19 (Global Rank)
Win Rate--
Duel Points70,877
Cumulative Wins--


Karakuriまっち/MatchKarakuri まっち/Match2
Set SkillRestart (Karakuri)
Rank32 (Global Rank)
Win Rate55% (222 victories, 398 duels)
Duel Points68,839
Cumulative Wins8


Lunalight tettsunLunalight  tettsun2

Crystron SSACrystron SSA 2

The WeatherThe Weather 2The Weather 2

Invoked ElementsaberInvoked Elementsaber 2Invoked Elementsaber 2
Set SkillMaster of Fusion (Lunalight)
Mythic Depths (Crystron SSA)
Balance (The Weather)
Endless Trap Hell (Invoked Elementsaber)
Rank64 (Global Rank)
Win Rate--
Duel Points66,311
Cumulative Wins--

B.Z Jonsnow

WitchcrafterB.Z Jonsnow
IGNB.Z Jonsnow
Set SkillShow of Nightmares (Witchcrafter)
RegionAsia/Middle East/Africa
Rank89 (Global Rank)
Win Rate56% (196 victories, 350 duels)
Duel Points65,690
Cumulative Wins8

Other Win Streak Decklists

THE ROCK - 6 Wins Streak

Invoked RoidTHE ROCKInvoked Roid THE ROCK2
IGN: THE ROCK, Skill: Shadow Games, Date Submitted: Sept 22


1 st place global from kc september 2020 is play a broken unfair deck is to admit to be the trash.shira🔥
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Still thinking that 🔥 nonsense works? :p
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It does makes sense. Didn't you notice how much players are using uncompleted/unoptimized version of this deck?

All this is thanks to the nerf it received in the form of very expensive price.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's literally p2w you dipshiet
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You've waited 1 year just to call them a dipshiet?
no pure hero in top 100?only one had a deck from guy who used three different.dunno why use multiple decks.
when start next KC?
wow the global 1 copied my needle ceiling tech in.i was using it in burns and faced the shiranoob or similar deck like that.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Why do you say "Shiranoob" you loser ? Because its the best deck ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Eh, if he have lots of wins against Shiranui then he has the rights to call it Shiranoob lol
REached dlevel max with this:u can add it:
3 lava,1 sphere,2 temperance,3 fortress,1 mithra,2 kiteroid,2 winged kuri,1 needle ceiling,1 floodgate,1 rainbow life,1 wall of d,1 curse of anubis,1 u see only 6 cards from box and the other from duelists and/or tickets for which can be gotten from duelists
Who said Shiras are week without generic backrows lol.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i would say far from weak but more easily beatable.but some raging i d io t says they are nothing wo backrow.they are broken without br t oo.(shade,solitiare)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They are weak: have you seen the win rate? It got 1st because spammed duels not victories.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
At his level, he was competing with the best players of the world in top 50s and below,formhismlast 300 duels. It is just Normal that he has a win rate slightly above 55-60%. If he dueled some noobish 50k low rank players, he would have easily wiped them out at 80% Win rate. The higher points you get, the harder your match ups. It’s that easy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
A deck that wins more than 60% games against all other decks -from the weakest of all to the strongest- is broken and unbalanced.
All of them should be reprinted with erratas until their win rate is around 45-55%.
Not KoG
I guess Glass Cannons are not fit for meta, huh.
many decks from mini box, f2p is alive
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nah. Gozuki and the backrow are from big box
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
True =/
What's that continuous trap the shiranui decks are using.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sealing Ceremony of Katon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I see, why is no one using that before hmm. actually very smart. You can get rid of your opponent graveyard while triggering banish effect of shiras. I can see dkayed uploading a new video new way to play Shiranui
Are these decks leggit? Tetsun elemetal saber deck runs 2 treacherous AND invoked megaliga?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think some people post fake decks or fake cards because they ultimatevily don’t want to show off their secret tech cards which separated them from the mass players.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is bad logic. Knowledge is something to share not to hide. And forums are all about helping other people. Not to mention how fast decks get outdated.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Did elementsabers or shiranui ever got outdated? They have been around for 1 year. I know very well about people even in this forum who post fake decks. This is sad but true.
<< Anonymous
WoodFrJared Reply
Hi, Im sorry for the mistake coz I misplace other players Extra decklist, I already fixed the issue, thanks for mentioning the problem
KoG worthy
Why is there no Dragunity?
This glass cannon broke many decks.
Oh man i'll never reach dlv 20
<< Anonymous
Impostor Reply

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Yes i did. Coz gagaga girl can mimic lvl as gagaga magician. The weird thing was that I was able ...
Fossil with no turn 1 at all what they gonna do? summon a bunch of beaters? lol enjoy your flopff...
we are missing the good s/t support
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