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update 10/11/2018

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Breaker the Magical Warrior
Monster TypeSpellcaster
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect / Continuous Effect / Ignition Effect


If this card is Normal Summoned: Place 1 Spell Counter on it (max. 1). This card gains 300 ATK for each Spell Counter on it. You can remove 1 Spell Counter from this card, then target 1 Spell/Trap Card on the field; destroy that target.

How to Get

PackBlackstorm Rising [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Good stats.
  • Can destroy Spell/Trap cards.


  • Can only destroy Spell/Trap cards at the cost of a Spell counter.
  • Stats are lowered when you activate Spell/Trap destruction effect.


Replenish Spell Counters

Breaker the Magical Warrior can only hold one Spell counter at a time and he only gains the Spell counter when he is Normal summoned. Use these cards to supply Breaker the Magical Warrior with Spell counters. Magical Citadel of Endymion can act as a battery storing Spell counters for Breaker the Magical Warrior to use.

Silent Magician

Breaker the Magical Warrior’s usefulness is reduced by a lot after he spends his Spell counter. You can summon Breaker the Magical Warrior and destroy an opponent’s Spell/Trap card, then immediately tribute Breaker the Magical Warrior to summon Silent Magician. Destroying a Trap card this way is great because Silent Magicians are generally weak against Traps.





Hot New Top
Anonymous 6days ago
This card would be better if so many people weren’t running around with FTH/Paleozoic. But I guess I can be use to make silent magician more cancerous.
Anonymous 8days ago
Good, now all we need is Berserker's Soul.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
But Yugi cheated; Breaker has 1600 atk after using spell counter, berserk soul is only for 1500 atk
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
He didn't. Weevil's "Infestation" Trap card reduced Breaker's ATK by 100.
<< Anonymous
YugiOverkills Weevil 6days ago Reply
Yep, and I remember Weevil said: "urgh... that Yuugi, did he plan all this ahead?".
And then monsuta cardo happened.
Anonymous 12days ago
Wow! Now Pegasus's skill is useless. Konami this card is too broken for this game please dont release it!!
<< Anonymous
JERO tm 11days ago Reply
Don't worry,now with 3 harpie's hunting ground,this card is nothing.
Anonymous 11days ago
ok now i believe Basaka Soru will be coming real soon !!
Doro Monsuta kado ~~
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Most badass scene from YGO
Anonymous 10days ago
Better replacement for lyla in cosmo bewd deck.
Anonymous 10days ago
lol I read "Beaver"... the magical warrior, I thought it was some kinda or rework of beaver warrior just as Obnoxious celtic guard, galloping gaia or blue eyes shining lolol
<< Anonymous
uWu 10days ago Reply
lol I wonder if beaver warrior actually gets an alternate version in the future or if the little guy actually got one already.
<< Anonymous(uWu)
Leon 10days ago Reply
We got Thunder Dragon support in the tcg, when is the new Beaver Warrior support coming?
Wow this card is OP. It's too strong to be legal.
<< Anonymous
sjp91 Reply
Beatsticks aren't the be all to end all even in this game either find a way to boost your monsters attack (preferably with traps for the surprise factor) or weaken theirs.As for econ there's not much you can do except negate it or destroy it before it gets used,if you're worried about breaker then put in lady bug or yomi ship
<< Anonymous
Robert Reply
it's op cos u force to clean with a high value spell or trap card, and it has no cost and with yami field card it's 1800attack that makes it even more hard to clean, so u won't want this to be effect activated. again, u force to clean.
<< Anonymous(sjp91)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
lol brings back memories
<< Anonymous(sjp91)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
sjp91 look at your old self hehe
Anonymous 11days ago
'Cause it's more support for those who bought crimson kingdom.
Anonymous 13days ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
かかってこい! 海馬
Just wondering, is it correct? I mean kaiba's name
Btw i'm a beginner on Japanese language, hope some answers
Anonymous 12days ago
The best LV4 in the current game!!.. he's finally here
Anonymous 12days ago
Yeah, because Silent Magician needed more hacks than it already has.
Anonymous 12days ago
To late, 1 year late.

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