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update 22/06/2017


A very versatile deck that mostly relies on using Mystical Shine Ball as cost for it's support. Is good at controlling the field and can easily reuse Normal monsters in your graveyard. Restart is used to help you get a playable starting hand.

Example Deck

Knight of the Red LotusKnight of the Red LotusThe Agent of Creation - VenusThe Agent of Creation - VenusThe Agent of Creation - VenusTerratiger, the Empowered Warrior
Terratiger, the Empowered WarriorVorse RaiderMystical Shine BallMystical Shine BallMystical Shine BallCreature Seizure
Order to ChargeOrder to ChargeOrder to ChargeEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerWhite Elephant's Gift
White Elephant's GiftOrder to Smash--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUsers
Can be used after starting hand is distributed. Shuffle all the cards from your hand into the Deck. Then draw the starting hand again.
Check here!

How to use

Starting Hand

Mystic Shine Ball utility


  • Most of the turn you'll be having your Mystical Shine Ball faced up on the field, to be use along with Order to Charge to clear any threat from your opponent.
  • Enemy Controller being one of the most versatile support card, if your opponent has 2 monsters on their field and one of them is a normal monster, you can tribute one of your Mystical Shine Ball to get the normal monster and use Order to Charge to deal with his other monster.

Creature Seizure

Use Creature Seizure when your opponent controls only 1 powerful monster, so that he will have no choice but to give you control of it. Change Mystical Shine Ball to attack position before using Creature Seizure, so that you can inflict battle damage to your opponent when you attack the Mystical Shine Ball you gave him.

Other useful cards

  • Any high attack low-leveled Normal beater can be added to this deck for extra offense, but be careful not to add too much as it will hinder your main play.
Destiny HERO - Plasma
Destiny HERO - Plasma
Summon Agent of Creation - Venus and then special summon 2 Mystical Shine Balls to use as cost to summon this monster. This allows you to summon a very powerful monster early in the duel.
The Atmosphere
The Atmosphere
Similar to Destiny HERO - Plasma but can be easier or more difficult to summon depending on the situation.
Ancient Gear Knight
Ancient Gear Knight
Can be revived by Knight of the Red Lotus. You can have him as a Normal monster on the field or resummon him to protect him from spells and traps during battle.
Spirit Caller
Spirit Caller
Can revive Mystical Shine Ball.
Symbols of Duty
Symbols of Duty
Send a Normal monster to the grave to revive a monster from either graveyard.
Painful Decision
Painful Decision
Add Mystical Shine Ball to hand if you have Terratiger, the Empowered Warrior in your hand, Also great for milling your deck.
Revive 3 Mystical Shine Balls.
Eliminating the League
Eliminating the League
This deck contains a lot of spell cards, allowing you to use Eliminating the League more efficiently.
Common Charity
Common Charity
Extra draw power, but removes your Normal monster from play.
Cry Havoc!
Cry Havoc!
Extra Normal summons in exchange for removing a Normal monster in your graveyard from play.
First-Aid Squad
First-Aid Squad
Retrieve a Normal monster from your graveyard, and can be summoned as a Normal monster to use as cost for your spell/trap cards.
Double Magical Arm Bind
Double Magical Arm Bind
Tribute 2 Mystical Shine Balls to take control of 2 monsters your opponent controls.

Other Sample Decks

Speed Draw Version

Knight of the Red LotusThe Agent of Creation - VenusThe Agent of Creation - VenusThe Agent of Creation - VenusMystical Shine BallMystical Shine Ball
Mystical Shine BallMonster GateOrder to ChargeOrder to ChargeOrder to ChargeEnemy Controller
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerWhite Elephant's GiftWhite Elephant's GiftWhite Elephant's GiftEliminating the League
Jar of AvariceJar of Avarice--------

How to use (Speed Draw Ver.)


  • Since this deck consist of mostly spell cards, making Eliminating the League more convenient to use.
  • Order to Smash is the best card to deal with your opponent's back row, clearing up to 2 spell/trap cards.
  • Jar of Avarice also serves as another draw engine for this deck, and can bring back 5 cards from your graveyard to your deck making them re-usable, it can also prevent you from drawing out.


Hot New Top
I'm starting to notice how well Venus synergies with gem knights. It's amazing. I'm currently working on a deck recipe that's looking nice. It uses order to charge and creature seizure, as well as the fusions. I've never noticed the gem knight fusion fairy card until now. That alone opens up many possibilities...
I'm standing on Gold 3 with this deck. Anyone have any suggestions for improvement.
I do not own the enemy's controller.
<< Anonymous(Anonimo)
Anonymous Reply
Bro, you need some more cards. If this is the best you got then start leveling up some characters like Mokuba and Kaiba. Can combine their decks for a nice dragon deck.
Easiest decks to make are magicians deck with Yami.
<< Anonymous(Anonimo)
Anonymous Reply
THE enemy controller xD
<< Anonymous(Anonimo)
Anonymous Reply
WTF is enemy's controller LMAO im dying
<< Anonymous(Anonimo)
Oldtimer Reply
My advice. Clear the mini boxes. Aim for Super Rush Headlong, Wall of Disruption, Regretfull rebirth and Chalice. Get some 1900 beaters. Level up Mai and Odion for their defensive traps. That's an upgrade to your deck right now.
If you're going for a lotus deck. Lotus is priority ofcourse. Get one (or 2) asap.
this example deck is pure trash. i got to KoG with my version of this deck while only dropping a few games((toons,dc,etc))
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Then show your deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply your deck '-'
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
show a better version or GTFO.
My build.. from gold 1 to legend 1 in 59 wins games...
Replaces: 3 knight of the flame.. (3 vanilla beaters, chose knight of the flame cause the added effect (bye naturias, reZd-reBd, toons).
Tech change: if you are facing to much decks that relies in backrow, remove 1 vanilla beaters and add another order to smash.
<< Anonymous(NikoH)
Anonymous Reply
Isn’t toon can attack directly and not attack knight of flame
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
heavy knight is for banishing toons not for preventing attack
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
heavy knight is for banishing toons not for preventing attack
cards reveal if you mute the bgm and +8000 points in pve with missions achievable

more information in
This deck made me Silver 1 from Rookie 1. Excellent.
I think this one is better
A guy
This example is poorly made. I got to KOG with mine. I have a video on my youtube if anyone would like to use it as well. Just search up datteleo.
These decklist are trash. I'm on a 13 game win streak and have made it to plat 1 so far with this decklist:
Red Lotus x2
Venus x3
Shine Ball x3
Blazing Inpachi x2
Dunames x2
OTC x3
White Elephant Gift x2
Windstorm x1
<< Anonymous
Datteleo Reply
I made it to KOG with my own recipe.
I don't understand why this is tier 2. I have never won against red lotus :(
I cringe at the thought of the dead draw potential. Only 6 playable cards off the deal.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I've faced some Venus Red Lotus decks, and that's indeed the case. If it works, it works, but in most of my duels against those players they were just randomly slapping cards on the field because they never drew Venus.
Atmosphere x 1
Red Lotus x 1
Sphere Kuriboh x 1
Venus x 3
Shine Ball x 3
Great Angus x 1
OtC x 3
Econ x 2
Elephant's Gift x 3
Michizure x 1
Windstorm x 1

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