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Introduced in the Valiant Souls box are the Paleozoic cards, which are monster trap cards that play differently than the tiki trap cards. On their own they can be pretty weak, but boost them with Wetlands, and having Vision HERO Witch Raider in the deck can make them very strong.

SkillChain Reaction
Essential cards
CostMid - Expensive
(Box reset)
Valiant SoulsValiant Souls

Example deck

Vision HERO Witch RaiderVision HERO Witch RaiderAmulet of AmbitionAmulet of AmbitionWetlandsWetlands
Paleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic CanadiaWall of DisruptionWall of DisruptionPaleozoic Pikaia
Paleozoic PikaiaPaleozoic PikaiaCurse of AnubisHallowed Life BarrierHallowed Life BarrierPaleozoic Marrella
Paleozoic MarrellaPaleozoic Marrella----

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Chain Reaction
Can be used each time you activate a Trap card. Decreases your opponent's Life Points by 200.

How to use

Paleozoic trap monsters

The Paleozoic cards are trap cards that can be special summoned as a monster when they are in the graveyard and a trap card is activated. They each have 1 effect when used as a trap, and they all are unaffected by monster effects when they become monster cards, which means that they are not affected by cards like Sphere Kuriboh, or Sylvan monsters. As monster cards, they have low attack, but since they are Aqua level 2 monsters, they can be boosted by using Wetlands to make them have 2400 attack.

Since they are mostly used as high attack easily summonable monsters, the Paleozoic cards can be interchanged with one another. You don't necessarily need to use, or bring 3 Canadia in the deck, but Canadia can be useful since it's the one that can stop your opponent's attack. You can switch out the ones you're missing with the other Paleozoic cards like Paleozoic Eldonia, or Paleozoic Leanchoilia, which are just as useful at times.

Clearing back row

You can tribute summon Witch Raider by using your monsters, or your trap card(s), and activate Witch Raider's effect to destroy all spells and traps your opponent controls. This benefits the Paleozoic play style since they need to be in the graveyard to activate their effects anyway, but you won't be able to special summon them this turn due to Witch Raider's effect. Witch Raider is effective against defensive stall decks that relies heavily on their trap effects, and she also destroys field spells to get rid of cards like Temple of the Mind's Eye.

Paleozoic supports

  • Wetlands is a good support card for the Paleozoic monsters since it will make all their attack to 2400, and they aren't even all that difficult to summon.
  • Amulet of Ambition is also quite the amazing support for the Paleozoic monsters since you will often battle monsters that are at least level 4, making them at least 2200 attack, which also scales when you go against a higher level monsters. It also lets you re-use them if they ever get sent to the graveyard.
  • Curse of Anubis can be a good defensive option since you can activate it at the start of your turn to make all your opponent's defense to 0, allowing you to destroy them easily even if you don't have Wetlands active. This also won't affect your Paleozoic monsters since they are treated as normal monsters.

Standard traps

You can put some standard generic backrow protection in the deck. This can give you room for some flexibility in the deck since you can put almost any trap cards to special summon the Paleozoic cards. Wall of Disruption lowers your opponent's monsters so you can survive or attack over them without Wetlands, and Hallowed Life Barrier protects you for a turn while sending a Paleozoic card to the grave.

Other useful cards

Reverse Glasses
Reverse Glasses
Only lasts until the end phase, but you can activate this at the start of the turn to special summon and get over your opponent's monsters.
Jar of Greed
Jar of Greed
To special summon your paleozoic monsters easily.
Snipe Hunter
Snipe Hunter
Sends your paleozoic monsters to the grave and destroys your opponent's card(s).
Ultimate Providence
Ultimate Providence
Mostly good for negating traps since most of the cards in the deck are traps, but this can negate crucial cards. Divine Wrath can also be good.
Paleozoic Leanchoilia
Paleozoic Leanchoilia
Returns your banished paleozoic monster traps back to the grave so you can special summon again.
Floodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap Hole
Prevents threatening monsters, and your paleo monsters can often get over them if you have Wetlands active.
Planet Pathfinder
Planet Pathfinder
Since the Paleozoic cards are special summon, you can use your normal summon to help get Wetlands more easily.


Anonymous 7hour ago
I find this deck to be quite fun to be honest it can hold its own against Sylvan and Geargia since Paleozoics is not affected by the monster effect. Though Mirror Wall, Wall of D, and Amulet of Ambition is really crucial to face the high atk monster like Masked Hero or big Sylvan monster (when not affected by rose lover)
Anonymous 11days ago
I'm confused. It says in the descriptions clearly that they can't be affected by monster effects but any time I try to battle them they stay alive. It says nothing about "can't be destroyed by battle" so...the fuck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Thats weird? I run this deck with wetlands and whenever wetlands dies they die by battle. Thats weird.
<< Anonymous
Medikando 7days ago Reply
That occurs when use that hallowed life barrier ( run ocg rules and protect monsters from kill by battle like wabiku)
<< Anonymous(Medikando)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
But its not supposed to, it only prevents damage not destruction.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
My guess would be that in Japan it's worded similarly to Waboku. (Remember the old SDY Waboku wording that says it prevents Battle Damage to monsters?) Either way, it's how the card works in Japan that matters in Duel Links. (Fusion Tag's another card that works differently between the TCG/OCG for example.)
Candend 13days ago
This deck is quite great, tbh. I watch it on YT at Channel DansTV but he uses 3 Raider I believe. But the big deal against this deck is Gaia-Magnet, Aromages-Archer, Red Eyes Slash. Since those deck can overwhelm Raider and Gaia with halving opp. Monsters ATK and Aromages with Archer and Lover so Wall of D. Is useless
<< Anonymous(Candend)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
But the deck itself can beat aromages and slash decks. Only trouble ive had is amazoness. Havent seen gaia yet.
Razaelriezen 15days ago
Another good card is fabled skulkius if ingrave send 2 paleo to grave to ss him
Then if you have any traps activate to put a paleo on field.
Onion 15days ago
I use anteatereatingant for this deck, not as integrated as Vision but ok

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