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update 15/05/2017

Snipe Hunter

Snipe Hunter
Monster TypeFiend
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeIgnition Effect


You can discard 1 card, then target 1 card on the field; roll a six-sided die, and destroy that target unless you roll a 1 or 6.

How to get / Rarity

PackResonance of Contrast [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Able to destroy any card on the field, if your dice roll is not 1 or 6.
  • Effect can be used continuously as long as you have cards to discard as cost.


  • Weak ATK and DEF stats.
  • Need to discard cards as cost to use effect.


Resources for Discard

Here are some cards you can discard as cost for the effect of Snipe Hunter.

  • When discarded, The Fabled Ganashia revives himself with an additional 200 attack.
  • Sinister Serpent can be retrieved from the graveyard during each of your standby phases, but keep in mind if he is sent to the graveyard the turn he was retrieved he will be banished during your opponent's end phase.
  • Discard Gusto Griffin to special summon another Gusto monster from your deck. A good target for this is Caam, Serenity of Gusto because she is able to recycle Gusto Griffin back into the deck for Reuse and also draw a card to replenish your hand.
  • Volcanic Shell, while in the graveyard, can search another copy of himself from the deck. This allows you to effectively replenish your hand and lets you activate the effect of Snipe hunter up to 3 times for the cost of 1 card in your hand while also thinning your deck.
  • You can discard Thunder Dragon to the Graveyard, draw 2 more Thunder Dragons to your Hand, and use as cost for Sniper Hunter.

Dice Support

You can use this trap card to get another chance at rolling dice.


  • This card’s discarding effect is treated as a cost to use its effect, therefore it does not support Dark World archetypes.
  • This card also support decks that requires discard, like Dark Necrofear, in order to utilize their effects from the graveyard.


ActionsDiscards for cost
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys Monster Cards / Destroys Spell Cards / Destroys Trap Cards



Hot New Top
Good with "The Fabled Catsith".
Wonder if the game let's you chain that thunder dragon effect. Doesnt seem legal given the language on thunder dragon.
Seeing people discard their entire hand because this card is just so bad is pretty funny.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Unless the cards they discard are the ones with graveyard effect.....
Success rate of this card is VERY HIGH!
I almost never roll 1 or 6
<< Anonymous(AWESOME CARD !)
Anonymous Reply
Same here, I realized there are two types of commenters in this Snipe Hunter section. 1. The guys who want it limit it (talk about mentally challenged folks) 2. The noobs who think the card is bad just because they rolled a 6 and then edit pictures attempting to prove their points as valid. (Inferior intelligence)
<< Anonymous
LOL AT YOU ! Reply
People in reddit use MODDED duel links clients to prove their opinions as valid.

Isn't that Lame?
On the other hand, that lame 🔥 player is attempting to destroy FACE DOWN MONSTERS huge lol, maybe that's why he FAILS. Damn use Snipe Hunter to destroy some 3000+ atk monster or at least backrow.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The third type are dumbasses who think they are smart. Like the first reply...
this card so good
nerf please
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cards don't get nerfed in Duel Links. They might become (semi-)limited however...

But not this card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They won't change it just because of Duel Links.
Once per turn please
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They won't change a card just because of Duel Links.
Please remove this card from the game Konami!!
<< Anonymous
Konami Reply
I really don't understand why Konami hasn't yet limited (to 1 copy) or banned this card. Common, 4 out of 6 chances (66%) of being able to destroy any card on the field (monster, magic, trap) by simply discarding one card per failed attempt. This card is so OVER POWER and destructive that it will litterely change the game...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Do people really think this card might be rigged? LMAO
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It doesn't matter if the chance is 67%, 33%, 20% or 90%. If you have bad luck you'll always fail. And then you might think that it is rigged even if it's not
<< Anonymous(A mod)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wait, they actually have mods here?
<< Anonymous(LOL)
Anonymous Reply
I play Blue eyes and over the past few days I have had about 5 duels exactly like in the video, all were lost of course.

What funny I could 100% win if this freak destroyed just 1 card.

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Snipe Hunter works decent on average but if you have bad luck there's absolutely nothing you can do. Too bad, that Blue-Eyes need to rely on this card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'm not sure it's just bad luck

I played a lot of board games and I don’t remember getting so often triple or even quadruple 1 and 6
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And 1-2 failures is pretty standard
Appropriate tech for Fabled Decks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

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