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Primal Birst gave birth to an expensive control deck with Volcanic Rocket, and now with Resonance of Contrast that control deck has become even more expensive with the addition of Snipe Hunter. If you are a F2P player you should not look at investing in this deck and if you hate expensive decklists, or decklists that use Sergeant Electro, you should just close this guide right now.

Example deck

Snipe HunterSnipe HunterSnipe HunterVolcanic RocketVolcanic RocketVolcanic Rocket
Sergeant ElectroSergeant ElectroSergeant ElectroBlaze AcceleratorSuper Rush HeadlongSuper Rush Headlong
Super Rush HeadlongEliminating the LeagueEliminating the LeagueMirror WallMirror WallMirror Wall
Floodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap Hole

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUsers
Sleight of Hand
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1500. Add 1 7 Completed card, hidden in your wristband, to your hand. This skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.


How to Use

Snipe Hunter

The idea behind this deck is to gain board control through the effect of Snipe Hunter. The effect of Snipe Hunter is you discard a card (this is a cost) , then you can target a card on the field and you’ll roll a die, that target will be destroyed unless you rolled a 1 or 6. This means you have a 66.67% chance of destroying a card in exchange for one of yours, however if you target your opponent’s backrow with this effect, and he can chain it, he’ll more than likely use it because the odds aren’t in his favor meaning you still got him to waste his backrow in many cases (for example if it was Super Rush Headlong) even if you did roll a 1 or 6.

This card is great because it can get some use out of every card you have, even if a card has become useless in a duel.

This is why this deck runs the skill Sleight of Hand, because every time you lose 1500 life points you can use the effect of Snipe Hunter an extra time. Don’t forget you can proc your own skill by paying for Mirror Wall.

Volcanic Rocket

Besides having a very high attack of 1900, the main reason this card is in the deck is to either draw a Blaze Accelerator from your deck, or bring it back from your graveyard if you already sent one there through the effect of Snipe Hunter/Eliminating the League (that’s why the deck only has to run 1 copy of Blaze Accelerator).

Sergeant Electro

This card has been the MVP in many control decks and for good reason. You either force your opponent to activate cards early or they risk having that card locked down for a long time. Going first and starting out with a Sergeant Electro and Floodgate Trap Hole is devastating for your opponent. Always use Sergeant Electro’s effect first before changing the battle position of a monster, setting any cards or summoning a new monster.

Don’t forget if you have a “7 Completed” thanks to your skill you can use it to boost this card’s attack (if you don’t have access to Snipe Hunter or Eliminating the League).

Eliminating the League

This card gained popularity back in the day with Handless Balance decks because you could get some use out of spells that had become useless to destroy one monster your opponent controlled (possibly more if he has copies of that same monster in hand).

In this deck the fuel for this card will mostly come from Blaze Accelerator (which can be recycled thanks to Volcanic Rocket) and “7 Completed” thanks to your skill.

Don’t underestimate the added advantage of looking at your opponent’s hand. Take note of the backrow they have ready and play accordingly. If you can start out by using this card on the first monster they summon, before they set any spells/traps you’ll have a big advantage.

Super Rush Headlong

As we mentioned in other guides, this card is getting very popular again with the nerf to Cyber Angels (and Enemy Controller losing popularity because of it). It’s a great offensive and defensive card in many decks, plus in this deck it can also be used for the effect of Eliminating the League if necessary.

Remember when attacking to use it in the Battle Step and NOT during the attack declaration , as to play around Sphere Kuriboh.
If you are confused; to do this you put your toggle to “ON” and declare the attack, when it asks if you want to activate Super Rush Headlong you say no. You wait until your opponent decided if he wants to activate cards, and if he has Sphere Kuriboh in hand this will be the only time has can use it. If he decides not to use Sphere Kuriboh you will now get a prompt saying you entered the Battle Step and asks if you want to activate Super Rush headlong, now you activate it and your opponent will not be able to respond with Sphere Kuriboh.

Also don’t forget that the turn player has priority with Super Rush Headlong, meaning if both players activate Super Rush Headlong, the person who declared the attack will be the person whose Super Rush headlong will take effect first and thus win the battle.

Additional Notes

  • Snipe Hunter can also work well in a Necrofear deck, you can discard fiends for Snipe Hunter’s effect, and to bring out your Necrofear faster.

  • Snipe Hunter’s effect does NOT work with Dark World cards because the discard is a cost and not an effect.

  • People have tried versions with Volcanic Shell as well, as they can be used with Blaze Accelerator and work well with Snipe Hunter because you can pay to add more to your hand, however after testing, these versions seem to brick more often. If you want to play Volcanic Shells you are better of playing the Volcanics control deck in that case which you can find here; .

  • Snipe Hunter is a card that actually was on the Forbidden & Limited list in the TCG many years ago.

Other Useful Cards

Divine Wrath
Divine Wrath
Snipe Hunter can’t target Hazy Flame monsters, that’s where Divine Wrath comes in to help with that matchup.
Parallel Twister
Parallel Twister
You can use this card to get rid of your “7 Completed”, Blaze Accelerator or pay for your Mirror Wall, which will proc your skill, and then destroy it with Parallel Twister.
Double Cyclone
Double Cyclone
Same use as Parallel Twister but can only target your opponent’s backrow. The added advantage is that it’s a quick play spell.
Autonomous Action Unit
Autonomous Action Unit
The reason this card works well with this deck is that the cost to activate it is 1500 life points, exactly enough to proc your skill, and even if you don’t have enough life points anymore you can still use it with Eliminating the League.
Chiron the Mage
Chiron the Mage
This card also works well with Sleight of Hand and Blaze Accelerator because you need to discard a spell card to destroy one spell/trap your opponent controls. However this effect can only be used once per turn.
Windstorm of Etaqua
Windstorm of Etaqua
Both this card and Curse of Anubis are great choices for defensive traps if you are missing copies of Mirror Wall/Floodgate Trap Hole.


Anonymous 3days ago
Throwing useless mirror walls at your opponent... love the deck idea
Anonymous No. 2 7days ago
Looks like all the rich kids finally got something more cancerous and expensive to build than a Dark World Deck.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Rich kids only know copy deck from YouTube
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Anonymous No. 3 4days ago Reply
This deck is not for "rich" kids. I got 3 Snipe Hunter during the first 30 packs while looking for Red Eyes Slash dragon (only got 1 though).
Snipe Hunter + Volcanic Shell (R Rarity) + Thunder Dragon (Card Trader) makes a decent deck.
It's pretty cheap
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 3)
blyat 4days ago Reply
No. It's either for rich kids or lucky bastard like you
Anonymous 10days ago
Already have 2 snipe and 2 volcanic skull,is it worthed to build this deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
U need 3 snipe and 3 volcanic rocket. Otherwise it's garbage and not worth at all
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Ok, if i have 3 volcanic rocket and 3 snipe, is it worthed?
Anonymous 10days ago
Eliminating the League + 5 traps bravo
Anonymous 12days ago
Expensive as H.ell and it is very garbage ... Spend Your money WISELY please
<< Anonymous
Sniper of the Forest 11days ago Reply
Well it's wallet control so you're good either way.
Anonymous 16days ago
Meh... Cheap ass deck
<< Anonymous
Tagger of the Forest 11days ago Reply
Well it's called Wallet Control for a reason you know.
Anonymous 11days ago
this is my deck for KOG in this season:) . But i used Volcanic shell
Anonymous 12days ago
rofl retarded 10 year old made this deck, i can too put 3 SRH, 3 mirror wallets, 3 sergants electros, 3 floodgates, to every deck and call it a "deck".
Anonymous 16days ago
this garbage deck
Anonymous 16days ago
I started throwing money at my screen but nothing happen. Wonder why.

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