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“Paleozoic” is an archetype of mostly Normal Trap Cards that have the ability to Special Summon themselves from the Graveyard as Level 2 WATER monsters. You are probably already familiar with some of these cards: Paleozoic Canadia and Paleozoic Hallucigenia are quite popular in the current meta, but you likely haven’t seen them being played in a dedicated deck.

Paleozoic is a Control Deck that focuses on disrupting the opponent’s plays while keeping card advantage, slowly depleting their resources until they finally succumb to the onslaught of 2400 ATK “Paleozoic” monsters under the Field Spell Wetlands.

Other popular versions of the deck run Vision HERO Witch Raider or Citadel Whale as alternative winning conditions, taking advantage of the fact that “Paleozoic” cards are Trap Cards and WATER monsters respectively.

Note: :To see the past Paleozoic decklist, please click the link below:

Example Deck

Doomcaliber Knight Version

Doomcaliber KnightDoomcaliber KnightWetlandsWetlandsPaleozoic HallucigeniaPaleozoic Canadia
Paleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic CanadiaDrowning Mirror ForceDrowning Mirror ForceDrowning Mirror ForceWall of Disruption
Wall of DisruptionWall of DisruptionPaleozoic PikaiaPaleozoic PikaiaPaleozoic PikaiaPaleozoic Marrella
Paleozoic MarrellaPaleozoic Marrella----
[Skill] descriptionUser
Chain Reaction
Can be used each time you activate a Trap card. Decreases your opponent's Life Points by 200.

Witch Raider Version

Vision HERO Witch RaiderVision HERO Witch RaiderMask ChangeMask ChangeMask ChangeWetlands
WetlandsPaleozoic HallucigeniaPaleozoic HallucigeniaPaleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic Canadia
Drowning Mirror ForceDrowning Mirror ForceDrowning Mirror ForcePaleozoic PikaiaPaleozoic PikaiaPaleozoic Pikaia
Paleozoic MarrellaPaleozoic Marrella-Masked HERO AnkiMasked HERO AnkiMasked HERO Anki
[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1800. Return 1 card from your hand to your Deck and draw a random Warrior-Type monster.
Tetsu Trudge
Tetsu Trudge

How To Use

Paleozoic Pikaia

By discarding a “Paleozoic” card, Paleozoic Pikaia allows you to draw two cards.

Use Pikaia to draw through your Deck and fill up your GY with “Paleozoic” cards that you will then Special Summon as 1200 ATK monsters by chaining their effects to the activation of a Trap Card.

Paleozoic Marella

Paleozoic Marella allows you to send a Trap Card directly from your Deck to the Graveyard; use Marella to thin your Deck and set up your next plays.

You can chain the effect of your “Paleozoic” cards from your Graveyard to your own Trap Cards or to one of your opponent’s Trap Cards, but remember that you can’t do this outside of a certain window of opportunity.

You can’t chain Paleozoic Marella’s effect from the Graveyard to a Mirror Wall that was activated during the Damage Step and you can’t chain it to the activation of Counter Trap (Spell Speed 2 vs Spell Speed 3).

Paleozoic Canadia

Use Paleozoic Canadia to disrupt your opponent’s plays: flip their monsters face-down to prevent them from attacking, from using cards like Spellbook of Fate and even from Synchro Summoning.

Doomcaliber Knight

Doomcaliber Knight is a fairly decent card in the current meta: it can prevent the opponent from activating Koa'ki Meiru Urnight’s effect and Special Summoning Koa'ki Meiru Sandman from the Deck.

The downside is that Doomcaliber’s effect is mandatory, meaning it will trigger and negate the first monster effect that is activated. If your opponent Summons a Samurai Skull, negating its effect and destroying it will just result in them Summoning a Gozuki from the Deck, so in certain matchups it’s not always going to be useful, but there also a lot of situations in which it will prove otherwise.

Even though Doomcaliber Knight will not destroy a Koa'ki Meiru Maximus if Diamond Core of Koa'ki Meiru’s effect was activated, you still might have prevented your opponent from getting rid of your Drowning Mirror Force, which, fortunately enough, bypasses the protection the Spell Card provides.

Additional Notes


[Skill] descriptionUser
Chain Reaction
Can be used each time you activate a Trap card. Decreases your opponent's Life Points by 200.

Chain Reaction is by far the most popular Skill used in combination with this Deck: it allows you to slowly chip away your opponent’s Life Points, making it easier for you to finish them off.

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1800. Return 1 card from your hand to your Deck and draw a random Warrior-Type monster.
Tetsu Trudge
Tetsu Trudge

This Skill gives you direct access to Vision HERO Witch Raider while also giving you the possibility of shuffling back into the Deck a “Paleozoic” card that you can then send to the Graveyard with Paleozoic Marella.


  • The deck is fairly slow and can take a while to set up properly, which is definitely not ideal right now. A more aggressive deck can easily get rid of your backrow with a Hey, Trunade!, Cosmic Cyclone or Dragon Spirit of White and OTK you on Turn 2.
  • Without Wetlands, your “Paleozoic” monsters are not that hard to deal with and, even with the Field Spell active, they can’t get over Blue-Eyes White Dragon or a Masked HERO Anki.


I love this archetype. Easily my favorite deck currently in Duel Links, and I’m tempted to build a Paleozoic deck for actual tournaments. Here’s my current list for Duel Links.

Skill: Chain Reaction
2x Evilswarm O’Lantern
1x Amulet of Ambition
2x Wetlands
2x Drowning Mirror Force
1x Legacy of Yata-Garatsu
2x Wall of Disruption
1x Paleozoic Hallucenguia
3x Paleozoic Pikaia
3x Paleozoic Marrella
3x Paleozoic Canadia
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I've seen Paleozoic decks being listed as KoG material more than once, they are really good.
Hey why not use obelisk as a possible boss monster
<< Anonymous
Frustration Reply
Tried it. Obelisk makes the deck even slower. You're best off setting Drowning and praying that it doesn't get destroyed/banished or Trunade'd.
<< Anonymous(Frustration)
Anonymous Reply
Paleozoic withrider + maske change is way better I think
Lovely Aster
They should add the Bring It! skill to this. Reinforcement has the extra effect, but it is still expensive in LP to activate compared to 1000.
This deck is fun and consistent, kicks butt.

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