KC Cup: 1st Stage (Feb 2019)

Duel Links KC CUP Feb decks, the top meta of Duel Links in Feb 2019.
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update 18/02/2019


Stage 1 of the KC Cup will start on February 6th. You'll start the event with the Duelist Level based on your final rank of the Ranked Duels season 36 (1 Jan 2019 09:00 - 1 Feb 2019 09:00).

1st Stage Duration6 Feb 13:00 - 18 Feb 12:59

KC Cup Challenge Stamps

Duel 1 timeCard Sleeves: KC Cup
Duel 2 timesGame Mat: KC Cup
Duel 3 timesGems x40
Duel 4 timesGold x5,000
Duel 5 timesGems x50
Duel 6 timesGold x10,000
Duel 7 timesGems x100

Rank & Duel Level

RankDuel Level
Rookie & BronzeDLV1
Legend & King of GamesDLV10

Notable Change

  • Once you reach DLv. 17, your DLv. will not decrease below DLv. 17


Total Rewards

Here are the rewards you'll get by going through DLv. 1 - 20 (Max).

  • R Jewel x50
  • SR Jewel x4
  • UR Jewel x2
  • Gems x1200
  • R Ticket x1
  • R Ticket (Glossy) x1
  • SR Ticket (Glossy) x1

Note: : The UR & SR rewards are almost same with previous KC Cup rewards, but there are some new cards updated. Here is the list:

1st Stage Shared Decks

Email to GameA
Subject (Title)KOG deck (KC Cup)
Body (Text)
  • Your IGN
  • A small note to show how to use your deck or how you reach KOG (if necessary)
Attach Files
  • a screenshot of a deck you used to reach KOGM
  • a screenshot of KOG proof

Want to share your deck to help other playes? Send us an e-mail at with the image of your deck and proof of reaching KoG along with how it works! The title of your email must be KOG deck.

Required Info/screenshot

Send us screenshots of your deck which is used to get thrugh the 1st stage of the KC Cup and the proof.

Number of users per deck

Ancient Gear12
Armades Control1
Buster Blader DNA Surgery2
Chain Beat1
Dark Magician1
Fur Hire3
Gladiator Beast1
Gusto Burn1
Hazy Flame3
Koa'ki Meiru16
Masked HERO3
Noble Knight2
Silent Swordsman Amazoness1



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
PurpleYetiMind ScanFeb 14

A comment from PurpleYeti:

Credit goes to SO BRUTAL's Jan 2019 KOG list. I switched out 2 Wall of Disruptions for 1 Floodgate Trap Hole and 1 Mirror Wall to better respond to Ancient Gears.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ShrngnMajraBalanceFeb 15

A comment from ShrngnMajra:
This deck is pretty budget as evidenced by the 2 jars of greed but they work great for deck thinning.

My skill is balance so you open up on recombination more often than not along w alien kid and a battle trap and anti-magic arrows. My go-to OTK stray is to get overlord on field along with a warrior and use anti magic arrows to push for game.

If that dosent work I get as many monsters into the GY as possible so i can get a 4200 max atk ananta on board and sit on it until i can push for game with either an empty field or anti magic arrows.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
zzamaroHoly GuardFeb 10

A comment from zzamaro:

The skill of the Holy guard is crucial to make this deck work. You spam attacks and banish all of your opponent's monsters with Onslaught and not worry about a thing about cards like WoD or monster with higher ATK-DEF since you will not lose any LP which is a major weakness for Amazoness when I used the skill Endless Traphole with Odion (so I could recycle Onslaught). Heirloom is another powerful card that I used if my Onslaught was removed.

  • I always left Queen on Defense position to protect her from threats like the Drowning Mirror Force unless the back row was empty.

  • Straight Flush: Many of my opponents set 2 cards but would use the last zone when activating a card from hand and I ended using this car a lot. However, when I saw my opponent setting only 1 car, then I either used this card as a bluff or used it as discard cost for Princess. If you don't like this card, then it can be replaced with a 2nd Heirloom or Cyclone.

  • Unfortunately, while I was able to beat AGs a few times with this deck, a strong hand and luck are needed. Onslaught and Heirloom were the keys to beat AGs.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
CurraheeParasite InfestationFeb 11


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
JasperHoly GuardFeb 15

A comment from Jasper:
My deck is an Amazoness/control deck, mainly amazoness. Onslaught is to get rid of monsters with nasty effects, but main goal is to crash into reactor dragon/Maximus w/swordswoman, or swing in for direct attack and negate the drowning/widespread/etc with a united front— the mvp of the deck. Though situational, this deck shines against decks with beat sticks like ancient gears, blue eyes, Koaki Meiru, and decks that rely on monsters more than backrow.

Ancient Gear


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SchwarzenMiddle Age MechsFeb 7

A comment from Schwarzen:
Hey, reached maxed level with this deck. The deck was Ancient Gear and I found that Breaker the Magical Warrior and Solemn Scolding came in really clutch. Otherwise, it is a standard Ancient Gear deck.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Choppa200Middle Age MechsFeb 8

A comment from Choppa200:
Ultimate Ancient Gear Soldier Claps. Very Good 90% Win Rate gets insta-scoops on summon can OTK winged kuriboh plays.+2 from Wyvern into Ancient Gearbox. Can beat grit. For mirror match e-con and sphere kuriboh are vital to otk your opponent with their own Ult.

Ancient gear. or atk over theirs with yours. Gearframe can be used effectively against Spellbook of fate, silent magician and sphere and ult. ancient gear can help get over lvl 8. Sphere and econ take maximus on summon can help stall you for a turn ive beaten koakis consecutively without taking damage with econ into ult.

ancient gear golem following. 90% draw into fusion consistency. Middle Age mechs gets over maximus with ancient gear golem and can get over def position ancient gear golem from mirror match if sp summoned in defense which forces your opponent to summon in attack also You can summon your ancient gear golem if you get over your opponents first ult. ancient gear golem and ancient gear golem.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
sveitsiMiddle Age MechsFeb 9

A comment from sveitsi:

pretty much goal is to summon ultimate ancient gear golem first turn, if you are not going first. If u go first and summon ultimate golem opponent will just get rid of it with maximus or vampire vamp. If going first just set canadia/pulse and summon wyvern.

Only had 1 gearbox. Wyvern is one of the best cards in the deck because it's basically +2 with box. Fusion recovery plant can get a +1 with the gearbox in the end phase or add back golem for the next turn.
Middle age mechs came clutch few times if I bricked I could still summon a golem and win.

Good matchup against normal AG because they will have hard time outing your ultimate gear golem and after they out ultimate golem they will have to out the normal golem.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
poogieMiddle Age MechsFeb 10

A comment from poogie:
In all seriousness, this deck thrives on the reactor matchup, you'll mostly win it since they cannot attack over UAGG. Be careful of econ taking, and don't be afraid to tth your UAGG if it does happen.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
UhlerMiddle Age MechsFeb 10


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
MetalEtemonMiddle Age MechsFeb 10

A comment from MetalEtemon:

Note: Most fun & interactive deck I have ever played. The duels usally end on Turn 2. Got from Stage 1 to 20 with almost no losses. The only way this deck loses, is if you get OTKed first. Thats why adding backrow, makes this deck twice as strong then the Gearbox, Gearframe Combo. No matter which meta we are in, Canada/Floodgate still just win games on their own. Activate Pulse Mines BEFORE Sandman is summoned.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Wobbl3Middle Age MechsFeb 12

A comment from Wobbl3:
Its a simple Ancient Gear Spam summon deck everything is meant to be destroyed so you can get the upper hand or the OTK.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
kikealucard Deck 2BalanceFeb 13

Other Lvl Max Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
TuTataMiddle Age MechsFeb 12
timothyMiddle Age MechsFeb 12
ScomfortMiddle Age MechsFeb 16
RodarkMiddle Age MechsFeb 17



Hot New Top
gold times of gameA, many DlvMAX decks shared, actually gameA website is dead/failed same as this duel links, Konami will shut down the server soon
Makrov krauz
I tried this deck on level max kc Cup.
A meme deck at best but sometimes it shines.
-5/10 win rate, loses to heavy backrow decks and vampires, usually wins against AGs, 50%-50% against koaki, hallowed life barrier and Fabled Dianaria are cluch against Koa'ki, heros and sometimes vampires.
-it rarely bricks but even so with Grit and hallowed life barrier you can stall.
-dark core and offerings are replaceable with snipe hunter but not necessarily for better.
-from my experience dark world dealing is the least useful card, it just allows you to swarm the field but the problem is non of the synchro monsters (except ASW and gigantic castle) can deal with big monsters so I prefere econ, dark core and offering.
-Hollowed life barrier is the main engine, free summon + full turn protection from damage and battle destruction.
-Econ is replaceable with Trunade but in this OTK meta Econ is very useful.
-replace ASW with Armades
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
4kids was the worst company that ever dubbed Anime, if you think their job with YGO was poorly done, then you must see what they did to One Piece. Omfg... just plain awful
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
4kids sucked hard.
Btw, congratz Makrov. That's quite an original deck. b.b
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
However, 4Kids had one of the best openings for Yugioh 5DS, considering it was dubbed.
<< Anonymous
0w0taku Reply
Very true, the edits in the anime wasn't really good, such as Johan being possessed by Yubel. In dub, he glows purple and it looked awful.
Aw 🔥 here we go again.

A event where it’s full of pay to player. Don’t even bother trying to be the “King of Games”.
Reconsider if that title is worth over the money
Deck shared! #DuelLinks

I made it to DL 20 Max with my deck.. how do I participate in th entire 2nd stage?? Please help because when i click on KC cup it only says Aggregating Results
<< Anonymous(D€vonator21 )
Anonymous Reply
That’s because it’s over lol you’re way late guy
<< Anonymous(D€vonator21 )
Anonymous Reply
It already ended, they are deciding the winners.
KONAMI employee
We have finally reached the true OTK coin flip era. Make sure to spend a few thousand dollars for three Canadias and three Floodgates if you survive going first.

Thank you for playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Aliens can make it to KOG any season, pal.
Let's see... feb 14th... I'd say they are pretty much capable to reach it by now.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Original poster, I typed it wrong because this is the kc cup page not KOG one.
<< Anonymous
Hmm Reply
Aliens can make it to KOG any season after the 1st week to be honest...
<< Anonymous(Hmm)
Anonymous Reply
Aliens are KOG material all the time, as some other dude said, you just gotta play them after the 1st week.
koakimeru cup
Koa’ki Meiru OTK makes this meta beyond stale. 7/10 times it’s against the same stale deck. Diamond Core needs to be Limited. No deck should be THAT consistent. I guess Konami wanted to squeeze some money out of Main Box 17 for this KC Cup. Oh well, I had a lot of fun making it to stage 2 with Plasma Fur Hire.
DLv. Max max with this "NO BOX RESET" Koa'ki deck. I only have two Urknights and Diamond Cores.

Other decks I used, Lava Assailant (stall) for starting dv up to 16, and Balance Noble Knights for dv 16-18. The rest, Koa'ki. Somehow NK and Koa'ki plays similar (use cards that will adapt to the current situation.)

Two losses from dv 19-20
1. Anki that used Cyclones for my traps on first turn and went for OTK.
2. Silent Spellbook that banished my DMF turn after turn. I nearly won, opponent has 100 lp left.

Drowning MFs were the MVP tho.
<< Anonymous(Shriek)
Anonymous Reply
It's because the game is NOT P2W.

<< Anonymous
CK15 Reply
Game isn't, AG, BE and SS decks are.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
However, that hashtagger who wrote,

"It's because the game is NOT P2W."

I think everyone knows who this spammer is and what he's doing in this site. I wonder if he already reached 1st stage max or the dude's too busy making internet memes and anti-p2w campaign in this site. Hmmmm,
<< Anonymous(Shriek)
Anonymous Reply
AWESOME; stop the hating .
Peace <3
AG is overhyped to the max. Certainly not tier 1.
<< Anonymous
DDR Reply
You sound like some guy that got whooped hard by AG deck. lmao
<< Anonymous(DDR)
Anonymous Reply
no. i just kinda knew B4Bear when Amazons and Heroes still the meta. he posted some of his 🔥e decks before and some were really outrageous. just pointing fingers at him now because he just wont 🔥 hating AG and it's his mistake he got lured by it
<< Anonymous
DDR Reply
It was meant for B4Bear. Wrong reply button lol. Cheers.
<< Anonymous(B4Bear)
Anonymous Reply
Lovely Aster
Duel level max. Same as last season with 1 level per day. Zzz
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Lovely Aster Reply
<< Anonymous
Lovely Aster Reply
"No one asked you to post your deck" So what? I don't need anyone's permission. I'll post what I want. "Tryhard" lol This deck is not even tier 2. Too much salt and salt is already stupid. Maybe I should get my old unga bunga dragon pierce/burn deck with peak performance out for stage 2. XD
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Anonymous Reply
We are just curious why are u posting that?
Its just a common zon deck. Hope its not for showing off?
<< Anonymous
Lovely Aster Reply
Because it is my ❤ favorite deck. That is all I can tell you.
This page is sad. I see: 1. Get yelled at if you lose or complain about meta. 2. Get yelled at if you win and don't complain about meta. What do people want?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But why are they so rude? It is either "gg you suck" or "meta slave" type comments.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
People like to think they are better by bashing other players and most of them don't really think about what they mean. So they are just trying to make you mad.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I guess so. I just wish that everybody could get along. When someone feels frustrated with duels it is better to take a break instead of taking it out on other players.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There are many rude kids around in this forum.

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Maintaining the status quo I see, why don't you shut down the servers already instead?
This deck is only for new players who can get 3x navigation buying this 3 time doesn't do an...
After February is over and I can get the ten consecutive KOG icon, I am seriously done with tryin...
Kagemucha.. es mucha pero solo uno.
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