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update 20/11/2018

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Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon

Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon
Monster TypeSea Serpent
Card typeSynchro / Effect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect


1 Tuner + 1 Level 3 non-Tuner monster
When a face-up Level 3 or lower monster on the field is sent to the Graveyard, this card's ATK becomes 3000 until the End Phase of this turn.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherDuel-A-Thon [SR]




  • Can boost himself to 3000 attack.


  • Semi-specific Synchro materials.
  • Effect is not worth the activation requirement.


Level 3 and lower monsters

Here are the cards you can use to boost the attack of Sea Dragon Lord Gashilnodon. Ancient Gear Cannon can tribute himself to inflict a small amount of damage to your opponent and lock out their Trap cards for the turn. Lost Blue Breaker can be tributed to destroy an opponent's backrow. You can crash monsters like Troop Dragon into your opponent's monsters to give Gashilnodon an attack boost. Troop Dragon would then special summon another copy of himself from the deck replenishing himself.




Stat changesChanges own ATK value


Hot New Top
Why cant I summon this with atlantean marksman and genex controller????
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This will sound stupid, but XYZ is not the same as Xyz, which is what the other guy was referring to
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well they should have said Xyz, and not XYZ, then.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it seems like Kairyu-Shin became a Synchro monster
Meme Lord
This card can do a thing with Blackwing's Blizzard The Far North
<< Anonymous(Meme Lord)
Anonymous Reply
But a WATER Sea Serpent has no real synergy with a DARK Winged Beast deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The typing and attribute doesn't matter, what's important is the effect which does have some synergy with Blackwings.
This trash doesn't deserve to be a ur
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Like every single sr from duel-a-thon.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I can't really complain when it is a free SR though. Quit whining and zip it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is a trash SR, though. The complaining is justified, this card doesn't deserve to be SR.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
New card raritys UT = Ultra Trash
ST = Super Trash
This one's an ST
Looks like Synchro Version of Kairyu-Shin 海竜神(リバイアサン)
Junk warrior still better than this
i can't add the card in extra deck error no.1?
meh it requires condition boost atk 3k even bewd deck are better
Can't use it with fishborg+controller because of the bullshit condition :(
<< Anonymous(MooDy)
Anonymous Reply
What condition?
<< Anonymous
MooDy Reply
Level 3 non-tuner (fishborg is lvl 2)
Another Anon
All these "Trash card" comment.

And I'm having evil thought with a-once-cancerous field nuke deck featuring oyster

*evil face*
<< Anonymous(Another Anon)
Anonymous Reply
Only worth if Konami releases deep sea diva in December's minibox
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'd honestly be surprised if they didn't release Deep Sea Diva soon tbf
If you want a generic level 5 synchro just use goyo chaser instead of this garbage.
Hard to summon, meh effect.


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PS: Yeah, I'm still a troll
PS: Yeah, I'm still a troll
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