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24th Mini Box: Soul of Resurrection
update 08/01/2019

Updated Information

  • Card's text description updated

White Veil

White Veil
TypeSpell Card


While the equipped monster battles, your opponent cannot activate any Spell/Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step. When an attack is declared involving the equipped monster: Face-up Spell/Trap Cards your opponent controls have their effects negated until the end of the Damage Step (even if this card leaves the field). When the equipped monster destroys an opponent's monster by battle: You can destroy all Spell and Trap Cards your opponent controls. When this face-up card in a player's Spell & Trap Zone leaves the field, that player takes 3000 damage.

How to Get

PackRevolution Beginning [N]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--









Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesNegates the effects of Spell Cards / Negates the effects of Trap Cards
LPDamages you


Hot New Top
Anonymous 26days ago
red eyes + baou sword + this, thanks me later.
Anonymous 27days ago
Good card
PS Sera is my wife
Anonymous 27days ago
Ultimate troll card with Toons
Anonymous 27days ago
Red Eyes Easy win
What the 🔥. with White Veil and it negated ALL my cards effects? Including monsters like Amazoness? What the hell? Thought it says it only negates spell/trap cards...broken 🔥 game ff suck my 🔥 🔥 Konami
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
... till you take that 3000 damage when it leaves the field by any means and lose the duel dumbo
Sartorius has dialogue with this card even though it's not part of his deck (at any level)
I noticed it because i use this card (Sōbi Mahō, Shiro No Veil!)
Why does he say White in japanese i dunno but Black Magician is mentioned as BURAKU)

PS = Also has dialogue when using Monster Reincarnation (tho' i don't have this one)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think that the newer characters have random card dialogues that fit the theme of the character, for instance white for Sartorius; any mask related cards for lumis umbra.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
......these people clearly don't watch the anime lol.

White Veil is the card he gave to the members of the Society of Light....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Also he used "Shiro" because that's what the card's name is in Japan.

It's not even the weirdest Japanese card name out there.

Future Fusion's Japanese name is "Mirai Yuugo - Future Fusion".
If you translate "Mirai Yuugo", it means "Future Fusion", so the card's name is literally "Future Fusion - Future Fusion".......
Mauso Empo + Prime Material Dragon + BEWD + White Veil
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
good way to destroy ancient gear?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No way, AG can destroy this card and you can take 3000 damage and you would get OTK.
Why it can't be used on dragon type monster??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What dragon, and what cards are on the field?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Probably another beginner that don't read.

Guessing he can't target his own azure Dragon.
Can it work with aroma?im tryin to test it now
Those many evil Canadias that plague ranked are why this amazing beauty is just N. One Canadia and you lose 3000 LP... even if you use Hanewata, too many resources.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
nope if i use hazy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Then your Hazy monster can't be Canadia'd... but White Veil can be targeted...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
only why get rid white veil are cyclone and twister lol

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