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update 01/11/2017
Season DurationOct 31 - Nov 30 (Nov 1 - Dec 1)

Duel Links November PvP session has started!

Shared your decks!

Want to share your deck to help other playes? Send us an e-mail at with the image of your deck and proof of reaching KoG along with how it works!

Required Info/screenshot

To share your deck on this page, you will send GameA:

  • your IGN (In-game name)
  • a screenshot of a deck you used to reach KOG
  • a screenshot of KOG proof
  • a small note to show how you use it/how it works in the meta (optional)

GameA will crop sent images. Note that we may not show your decks here if the idea is duplicated, but it will help us do analysis on current meta!

Regarding shared decks

  • Some of decks on this page will not be perfectly original.
  • If a submitted deck is pretty much same to the one already on this page, it will not be showed but your IGN will be still listed.

Number of users per deck

Gladiator Beast11
3SD Ninja8
Cyber Angel17
Saffira, Cyber Angel2
Lava Golem5
Ananta Control2
Ancient Gear24
Psychic 4
Plasma Zombie1
New Venus3
Destiny Draw Burn1
Extra Extra2
Lockdown Statue2
Sacred Phoenix2
Cyber Stein OTK2
Counter Caster1
Power Up double1
Mind Scan Control1
Hybrid Warriors2
Plant Princess1

Decks shared in the past month

For decks shared in October 2017, check this link!

Shared decks

Plant Princess by Jsterz

  • Set skill: Holy Guard
  • Date submitted: Nov 28

Warriors Hybrid by Bacon Soda

  • Set skill: Fields of Warriors
  • Date submitted: Nov 28
Other Warriors Hybrid Deck KOG Player

Mind Scan by Gui Camarano

  • Set skill: Mind Scan
  • Date submitted: Nov 27

Power Up Double by Tanakahensen

  • Set skill: Restart
  • Date submitted: Nov 25

Cyber Stein OTK by Total Decay

Pretty simple deck that focuses on getting your LP to 1000 or less to use Life Cost 0 skill and summon Fusion monsters with the effect of Cyber Stein's effect. Anti-magic arrows and Spiritualism is to facilitate OTK. Best starting hand would be with Solemn Scolding.

  • Set skill: Life Cost 0
  • Date submitted: Nov 21
Other Cyber Stein Deck KOG Player

Counter Casters by Venom

  • Set skill: Power of Dark
  • Date submitted: Nov 25

Sacred Phoenix by Unhappy boi

  • Set skill: Restart
  • Date submitted: Nov 22
Other Sacred Phoenix Deck KOG Player

Toon by Mr Wednesday

  • Set skill: It's a Toon World
  • Date submitted: Nov 22

Lock Down Control by Ummarun

  • Set skill: Mind Scan
  • Date submitted: Nov 21
Other Statue Deck KOG Player

LGDT by Bluerain

  • Set skill: Last Gamble
  • Date submitted: Nov 20

Gladiator by Oni

  • Set skill: Mind Scan
  • Date submitted: Nov 8
Other Gladiator Beast Deck KOG Player
Cody Henderson, That Guy, QoG_Laura, Demon, Colin Yee, Kazumi,
PraiseTyler, Baba-Yaga, SteelyDan, Sr. Mumu

Gemini by TheDangerOne

  • Set skill: Fusion Time!
  • Date submitted: Nov 9
Other Gemini Deck KOG Player

Relinquished by VN.Chaos

  • Set skill: Destiny Draw
  • Date submitted: Nov 9

Ninja by PhantomKingZ

  • Set skill: Field of Warriors
  • Date submitted: Nov 9
Other Ninja Deck KOG Player

3SD Ninja by PaugiN

  • Set skill: Three-Star Demotion
  • Date submitted: Nov 4
Other Ninja Deck KOG Player
Iuryyz, Jonathan Nunes, CrazyDiamond, Maskon, Kevin Levrone, [DS] E.N.D, Boddy

Horus by Kronos

  • Submitted: Nov 5
  • Set skill: Three-Star Demotion
Other Horus KOG Player
srCaos Argentina

Mech by Jon Snow

  • Submitted: Nov 5
  • Set skill: Middle Age Mechs

Control Deck by IFs Alex

  • Submitted: Nov 5
  • Set skill: Balance


Hot New Top
Cyber Angels <3
lol konami tries to nerf everything from skills to decks. It makes this game boring
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There are 4 types of player in this game:

-Pay To Win
-Free To Lose
-Konami please nerf this!!!
Card next to that kuriboh from the double power up deck? Never seen it before.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
SmartASS Reply
Phantom skyblaster
Rate my f2p king ojama deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I thought F2P meant you didn't need 8 Ultras.
<< Anonymous
Huehue Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
wow u must be so cool showing off ur money and all! especially if it's ur parents' money
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i'll rate it. TRASH
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
mate judgeman is not a good card. There are 5/6 star monsters with higher attack and defence + they have an effect! You've got a pretty good backrow but you should take out inspiration, delta attack.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Kaiba never says die
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Use Field of the warriors to power up your monsters
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Take out floodgates change with 3x horn of unicorn
Alex the Asshole
Sup virgins, still playing children card game?
<< Anonymous(Alex the Asshole)
Japorn Reply
I heard slept with naked anime pillow waifu doesn't make you virgin anymore.
<< Anonymous(Alex the Asshole)
Anonymous Reply
I swear Alex is the universeal name for autism like real life and online if I ever meet a Alex in person they are those kids that drool on them self and failed school and online they are the one that just make zero sense at what there doing at all like running 30 decks and 18/20 of there monsters are 5 star plus like I just don't get it I know you guys know what I'm talking about
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I know what I understand. Run-on sentence king right here! Damn!
<< Anonymous(Alex the Asshole)
Anonymous Reply
alex the edge lord
No 1 made it to kog with six samurai?
In order to limit the current meta fatigue (espacially CA) and bring more diversity in Duel Links, Konami should add a Ranked PVP where you have to build 5 different decks, and the game randomly chose one of them each time you play against someone.

Example :
Duel 1 : play with your Dino deck,
Duel 2 : Play with your GB deck,
Duel 3 : play with your AG deck,
Duel 4 : Play again with your GB deck ; etc...

By this way, it limits the meta fatigue and it forces people to try something new / gain skill.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And it will be a good way for Konami to earn more money (it's a company you know, they have to make money).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Good idea, I love building decks but I'm sad because I can't use them all in ranked.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That wouldn't make a difference, you can make 5 different decks all being CA with one or two different spell/trap cards.

My kog rank up montage , what do u think ?
Donald Trump
I have 5 Wall of Dicks, how much worth can I sell my account?
Stupid comment
I Sell my acoount. I have only 3 UR but this UR is Axe raider. Who wants my acoount?
<< Anonymous(Stupid comment)
Anonymous Reply
No Judge Man only Axe Raider off
DID EVERYONE SLEEP ON RELINQUISHED? I know he was the meta many updates ago but i don’t think anyone is expecting him. I’m using a typical relinquished deck with Econ’s and destiny draw and crusing my way through platinum. 90%win rate
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's still a good deck in Platinum... But against a CA deck, GB deck or a Six Sam deck in Legend, it's weak as hell. I don't remember the last time I lost against a Relinquished deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Its actually decent vs CA. Its having hard time against Ninja and T2 decks though. Anyway winning in platinum is easy with any half decent decks as long as you're not facing optimized T1/T2 decks. Btw nobody care about Sux Sam, you only lose against them if you're running an even worse decks or bricking
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I have a winrate of 50% with Six Sam, in Legend. Not as good as my CA or GB deck, but still fun and less boring... Playing the same deck every seasons is boring you know.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^50% win against what? Some meme decks? Mirror match? Top tier decks that bricks? Its pretty much the only way for Sux Sam to win. Its not like CA, GB, or Six Sam is the only deck available. Many other decent decks like Ninja, REZD, AG, Hazy Flame, Burn, Venus, Control, etc. Even Relinquished is better than Six Sam.

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No not Cyber Style! Go bankrupt Konami the brain dead Nazi!
noooo dont touch my cyber stein deck!!!!!
I only used 2 Vyon. But even that was too much for Komoney.
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