Jesse Anderson Unlock Event: Awaken! Rainbow Dragon!

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update 28/03/2018
PeriodMar 28 - Apr 5


How to Play

  1. Collect Crystal Fruits by defeating Duelist in Duel World and Ranked Duels!
  2. Use Crystal Fruits at the Gate to Duel Jesse Anderson!
  3. Duel Jesse Anderson to accumulate tons of Duel Energy!
  4. Collect Duel Energy to obtain exclusive Rewards!

Crystal Fruits

Crystal Fruits can be obtained by Dueling the following:

  • Legendary Duelists (Duelists at the Gate not included)
  • Standard Duelists
  • The Vagabond
  • Ranked Duels

  • You obtain more Crystal Fruit when you win Duels

  • You do not get Crystal Fruits when you surrender
  • You can obtain Crystal Fruits 5 times per day by winning Ranked Duels. (Resets 12:00)
  • When you obtain Crystal Fruits, you will receive additional Crystal Fruits up to twice per day!

Duel Energy

Duel Energy can be obtained by Dueling the following characters.

  • Event exclusive, Jesse Anderson
  • Event exclusive, Zane Truesdale
  • Legendary Duelists (Duelists at the Gate not included)
  • Standard Duelists
  • The Vagabond

You do not obtain Duel Energy if you surrender

Zane Truesdale

Zane Truesdale Lvl.40 will appear in Duel World(GX) when you accumulate 100,000 Duel Energy! Defeat Zane and obtain tons of Duel Energy! Cards are not included in Duel Rewards against Zane Truesdale.

Drop Rewards

Cumulative Points Rewards

200,000Jesse AndersonJesse Anderson
360,000Card Sleeves Awaken! Rainbow Dragon!
500,000Crystal Beast Topaz TigerCrystal Beast Topaz Tiger
1,000,000Game Mat Awaken! Rainbow Dragon!
1,200,000Crystal BeaconCrystal Beacon
2,000,000Crystal Beast Sapphire PegasusCrystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus
3,500,000Game Icon Awaken! Rainbow Dragon!

EX Jewels obtained from Event Missions and Jesse Anderson, Can be traded for exclusive cards and Gold at the Card Trader EX! You can only trade each card once! The recommended cards below are cards that are either no longer available, or previously only obtainable through certain events.

Recommended Cards

Missions and Rewards

EX Jewels can only be obtained from event mission rewards (event + weekly), and farming Jesse Anderson. You can not save the EX Jewels for the next event because they will expire when the EX Jewels shop closes. It is recommended that you carefully choose what to spend them on, because you can not obtain anymore after the Jesse Anderson event ends.

Win 1 Duel(s) against Jesse Anderson at Level 10 in Duel World.
EX Jewel x10
Win 1 Duel(s) against Jesse Anderson at Level 20 in Duel World.
EX Jewel x15
Win 1 Duel(s) against Jesse Anderson at Level 30 in Duel World.
EX Jewel x20
Win 1 Duel(s) against Jesse Anderson at Level 40 in Duel World.
EX Jewel x30
Win 15 Duel(s) against Jesse Anderson in Duel World.
EX Jewel x25
Win 30 Duel(s) against Jesse Anderson in Duel World.
EX Jewel x25
Play 20 Duel(s) against Jesse Anderson in Duel World.
EX Jewel x50
Play 40 Duel(s) against Jesse Anderson in Duel World.
EX Jewel x25

Special Missions

PeriodApr 2 - Apr 5
Win 1 Duel(s) with "Rainbow Dragon" in your deck, while playing as Jesse Anderson.Gems x10
Summon "Rainbow Dragon" 1 time in pvp.Gems x20
Summon "Rainbow Dragon" 2 times in pvp.Gems x20
Summon "Rainbow Dragon" 3 times in pvp.Gems x20
Reduce your opponent's LP to 0 by inflicting battle damage with "Rainbow Dragon."Gems x30

Rainbow Dragon Gamemat

Summon Rainbow Dragon 100 times!

Crystal Blessing

Once you summon Rainbow Dragon 100 times, you'll get Rainbow Dragon gamemat. For a way to perform 100 Rainbow Dragon summons fast, you'll use the deck below. For an in-depth guide for the deck, check this page!

Rainbow Dragon 100 Summons Deck

Rainbow DragonCrystal Beast Sapphire PegasusHarpie DancerCrystal Beast Amber MammothCrystal Beast Topaz TigerCrystal Beast Emerald Tortoise
Crystal Beast Cobalt EagleCrystal Beast Amethyst CatCrystal Beast Ruby CarbuncleShard of GreedShard of GreedWonder Balloons
The Mask of RemnantsDNA TransplantLegacy of Yata-GarasuJar of GreedJar of GreedJar of Greed
Graceful TearLocalized Tornado----

Jesse Lvl 50 & 40

For Jesse Lvl 40 & 50 decklists and decks to farm him, check the links below.

Jesse Anderson Lvl 30 Deck


Hot New Top
Xenon 16days ago
Super farm event. Got Pegasus x6(1 glossy), Tiger x6(1 glossy), Mammoth x3, Crystal Beacon x8(2 glossy), Rainbow Life x8, Cobalt Eagle x45(6 glossy), Amethyst Cat x32(2 glossy), Ruby Carbuncle x33(1 glossy), Crystal Tree x33(3 glossy) and Triggered Summon x50(2 glossy).

Additional 321 Ex-Juwels.
Anonymous 21days ago
I considered how weak lv40 Jesse was and didn’t think 50 would be hard... but turns out he’s cancer, OP and broken. Any way to beat him?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
.....what are you talking about, Lv50 is easy lol.

He either dies to battle position changing cards since Rainbow Dragon has 0 DEF, or he dies to his own deck due to his playstyle causing him to Deck Out really fast, meaning if you can stall or mill his deck, he's gone as fast as sands being blown by the wind
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
hes no talking about that
<< Anonymous
Sad Boi 20days ago Reply
Cerberus farm works on lvl 50 jesse rather well. Try it out. I farmed him more than 20 times already yet I didn't get even a single SR or UR :/
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Should’ve done necro farm with some wod and trap cards put in, one wod and he’s useless
Anonymous 18days ago
This event was over too quick. I had 800+ dragon fruits stored to beat lvl 40 Jesse and max out the event rewards and EX jewels. I thought it ended April 5 at 11pm but it's April 5 and at my 6:30 am log in before work the event is over. UGH.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Yup. I had over 2,400 dragon fruits ready to be put to use on my free day and the event is suddenly over. Way too short.
Anonymous 18days ago
What are the best cards from the ex trader for this event? I have 400 ex jewels to burn and I got every card from Jeese 3x over
Charlie 18days ago
Only 8 days i can’t do noting event more time time 8 days is toquick
Anonymous 18days ago
The event stopped and right after I beat Jesse for enough points to get the last prize.
Anonymous 18days ago
lv 50 jesse appear only once and since never reappear tf
Anonymous 18days ago
Ok, It is just plain useless to add an event mission dealing the final damage with the crystal dragon on PvP, it's already a pain to summon It, on the 10 duels I finally manage to get the dam thing to deal the final attack my opponents just disconnects before dealing the attack, seriously just don't add missions like that on future events
flashsh 19days ago
hey, quick quest: which cards in ex trader is worth to invest?
<< Anonymous(flashsh)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Basically player preference. Personally, I'd say Skyblaster is the best of the four that're worth considering if you don't have a set from the previous event. Exarion, Onikuji and Ranshin are all decent but not must-haves. That's up to you, you couldn't obtain 3 copies of any of them prior to this event anyway. Realistically, though, 400 points wasn't that difficult to achieve anyway, though...
Anonymous 19days ago
fun event , but i think we need more rewards , xD
Anonymous 20days ago
Hardest thing was doing 3 Rainbow Dragons in Casual against the tards who use T1/2 in Casual

Other than that, fun event and Jesse is 30 on his way to 40.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
One of the easier game mats, wonder balloons, guardian statue and magical blast made it take 2/3 hours

Anonymous 20days ago
The farming makes no sense I just duel the shit out of him and they drop the cards eventually
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
This game is rigged :/

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