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update 21/03/2017

Rainbow Gravity

Rainbow Gravity
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect
Supports ArchetypesCrystal Beast / Ultimate Gem God


If you have 7 "Crystal Beast" cards with different names on the field or in your Graveyard: Special Summon 1 "Rainbow Dragon" or "Rainbow Dark Dragon" from your Deck or Graveyard, ignoring the Summoning conditions.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory againstJesse Anderson [R]
Card trader--




  • Gives you an easier way to summon Rainbow Dragon by special summoning it from either the deck or graveyard.


  • Must have 7 differently named Crystal Beast monsters in the field and/or graveyard, otherwise this card does nothing.


Search Crystal Beasts

Use the cards to search Crystal Beast monsters out of your deck to quicken the activation condition of Rainbow Gravity.

Crystal Beasts

These are the only Crystal Beast monsters and they also total only 7 different names, meaning that if you want to use Rainbow Gravity you would need to add at least one copy of each of these Crystal Beasts to your deck.

That Grass Looks Greener

You could use That Grass Looks Greener in a 30 card deck to try and mill out all the necessary Crystal Beast monsters to fulfill Raibow Gravity's activation condition. To take this further you can use the skill Meet My Family to create a 38 card deck, milling more cards with That Grass Looks Greener.

[Skill] descriptionUser
Meet My Family!
At the start of a Duel, the followin cards are added to your Deck and shuffled: "Rainbow Dragon" "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus" "Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle" "Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle" "Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise" "Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth" "Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat". You will be considered the original owner of these cards.
Jesse Anderson
Jesse Anderson




Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your Deck / Special Summons from your Graveyard / Ignoring the Summoning conditions


The problem isn't the skill.
RD must be summoned once at least before you use this card to summon it again from GY.
So, when you have RD in the hand, you shouldn't choose to discard it away if you don't have another copy in your deck.
I've tried this card multiple times and it doesn't work. Is it a bug ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
See the "ignoring summoning condition" official rule.
<< Anonymous
Daniel Reply
If you use the family skill with Jesse your deck needs to be clean of crystal monsters. The rainbow dragon from the skill CAN ONLY BE SPECIAL SUMMONED with the 7 other crystal cards from the skill. I used RG with crystal deck with the skill and the RG card worked but i could not activate the cards own effect of special summoning it because the 7 different crystal cards were my own and the skills
<< Anonymous(Daniel)
Anonymous Reply
...That is straight-up wrong. (And yes, I just wasted two minutes of my time testing this in the off chance it did happen to be bugged or something. I had a combination of my own and skill-added Crystal Beasts, worked fine.) All your Rainbow Dragons were probably in the Graveyard without having been properly Summoned first.
<< Anonymous(Daniel)
Anonymous Reply
Another possibility: the Rainbow Dragon is in your hand and you didn't notice this card only SS from Deck or Graveyard, hence why it doesn't work for you.
nice card to summon rainbow dorago
When rainbow dragon is destroyed by wild tornado or mystic box, this card can not be activated. Why?
Doesn't work if rainbow dragon is in the graveyard.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Semi-Nomi rule basically states that a monster that can only be special summoned must first be special summoned properly (by the listed effect) before it can be summoned from the graveyard/banished zone.

TL;DR, summon Rainbow Dragon properly first.
You cannot use this card to complete the mission of summoning rainbow dragon, i've tested it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Likely because "ignoring summoning condition" makes it not a proper summon.
Can someone confirm? If a throw rainbow dragon to the discard through jesse's skill, I will not be able to use this card? Is it a bug or a hidden rule.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I did the same thing and the same thing occured. It's a bug i think
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not a bug.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ignoring summoning condition just means you can revive a monster that normally cannot be revived.

However, ignoring summoning condition also means it is not a proper summon, therefore the monster must be properly summoned first (using the way written on the monster's text) before it can be revived.
Hey if they do give us this eventually its cool if they don't whatever
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Edit:Holy Shit they actually did
combo with ultimate rainbow magic

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This inbred who writes "poor noob" needs to go back to Spain
I already encountered this deck like 6 times in rankeds. Looks quite competitive.
Look at that man ! BROKEN CARD ! WTF... FTK seems very possible.
As long as you have a brain. You can defeat Metaphys with this deck.
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