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update 29/03/2018

Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus

Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus
Monster TypeBeast
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect / Unclassified Effect
ArchetypesCrystal Beast / Crystal
Supports ArchetypesCrystal Beast


When this card is Summoned: You can place 1 "Crystal Beast" monster from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard face-up in your Spell & Trap Card Zone as a Continuous Spell Card. If this face-up card is destroyed while it is in a Monster Card Zone, you can place it face-up in your Spell & Trap Card Zone as a Continuous Spell Card, instead of sending it to the Graveyard.

How to Get

Level-up rewardJesse Lvl 11 & 35
Victory againstJesse Lvl 30 & 40
Card trader--




  • Can place 1 “Crystal Beast” monster from Hand, Deck or Graveyard, face-up in your Spell/Trap zone, when this monster is Summoned.
  • If this monster was destroyed when it was face-up in monster zone, you can place it at your Spell/Trap zone as Continuous Spell card.


  • Placing too many “Crystal Beasts” monster in your Spell/Trap zone potentially clogs up your Field.
  • It does not have any effect while in your Spell/Trap zone


  • The aim of Crystal Beast deck is to get Rainbow Dragon out as soon as possible, therefore your deck’s draw and mill power is very important to put under consideration.
  • You can also choose to use Storm to remove the “Crystal Beast” monsters in your Spell/Trap zone and destroy your opponent’s Spell/Trap cards, since you can still Special Summon Rainbow Dragon with “Crystal Beasts” in your Graveyard.
  • Crystal Beast generally is a good archetype to play with, but the current format limits its potential and the support is not enough to sustain this archetype at the moment.

Effect Retrieval

These are the “Crystal Beast” monsters that can be placed in your Spell/Trap zone as Continuous Spell card, by using Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus’ effect.

Crystal Beast Support

You are able to Special Summon 1 “Crystal Beast” monster from your Spell/Trap zone by using Crystal Promise. Rare Value is able to boost your draw power, by having 2 “Crystal Beast” cards in your Spell/Trap zone, and your opponent will choose 1 “Crystal Beast” card to send to your Graveyard, and you draw 2 cards. Crystal Release is one of the powerful support card for Crystal Beasts because it not only boosts the equipped “Crystal Beast” monster’s ATK by 800, but it is also able to place 1 “Crystal Beast” monster directly from your Deck to your Spell/Trap zone. Rainbow Path is able to negate 1 attack from your opponent’s monster, and then search for 1 “Rainbow Dragon” directly from your Deck to your Hand.


These are the cards that are able to utilize the effects of a Crystal Beast being in the Spell/Trap zone as a Continuous Spell. Dweller in the Depths gain 300 ATK boost for every Continuous Spell card on your field, and Magna-Slash Dragon is able to send face-up Continous Spell card from your field to the graveyard, in order to destroy 1 Spell/Trap your opponent controls.

Useful Skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
Meet My Family!
At the start of a Duel, the followin cards are added to your Deck and shuffled: "Rainbow Dragon" "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus" "Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle" "Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle" "Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise" "Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth" "Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat". You will be considered the original owner of these cards.
Jesse Anderson
Jesse Anderson




ActionsPlaces cards from hand in Spell & Trap Zone / Places cards from Deck in Spell & Trap Zone / Places cards from Graveyard in Spell & Trap Zone / Goes to S/T Zone
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesTreated as Continuous Spell Card / Treats monsters as Continuous Spell Cards


Anonymous 28days ago
3k keys and not a single drop. Why komoney
put this in batteryman. works like a charm
very decent card, specially when used in silent magician deck :o
Got all 3 copies. Event Complete.
why the pros and cons section are so lame... in all cards are just the reading of the card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So what do you want exactly?
I think crystal beast Will be Great if spell & trap zone area under 5 not 3...
<< Anonymous(Radenr)
Joey Reply
I know right
it's on the catalog right now as a rare
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Welp... It's an ultra rare.
Lol is it even viable on duel links format? I mean 3 spaces for traps isn’t enough imagine using this card effect? Maybe with a deck with no spells or traps ? Just maybe..?

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