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Duel Links Crystal Beasts deck, Crystal Beasts in the current meta, how to use.
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update 30/04/2018


Crystal Beast decks might not be all that viable in Duel Links due to limited cards and only 3 spell/trap zones, but it can still be a fun and gimmicky. Using the Crystal Beast monster's effects to put themselves on the spell/trap zone, you can use cards like Crystal Raigeki or Parallel Twister to destroy your opponent's cards. While the skill Crystal Power boosts your monster's attack.

Example deck

Crystal Beast Sapphire PegasusCrystal Beast Sapphire PegasusCrystal Beast Sapphire PegasusCrystal Beast Amber MammothCrystal Beast Amber MammothCrystal Beast Amber Mammoth
Crystal Beast Topaz TigerCrystal Beast Topaz TigerCrystal Beast Topaz TigerCrystal Beast Ruby CarbuncleCrystal BondParallel Twister
Crystal BlessingCrystal BeaconCrystal PromiseEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerCrystal Raigeki
Crystal RaigekiCrystal Raigeki

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Crystal Power
This turn, the ATK of all face-up monsters on your side of the field increases by the number of Continuous Spell Cards on your side of the field times 200. This skill can only be used once per turn.
Jesse Anderson
Jesse Anderson

How to use


Pegasus is the more useful of the bunch since its effect grabs a Crystal Beast monster from your deck. You can select another Sapphire Pegasus to put in your spell/trap zone when you plan to special summon Ruby Carbuncle, you can then special summon the searched Pegasus' effect with Ruby Carbuncle. Tiger can still serve as a good 2000 attack monster to get over most level 4 monsters. Amber Mammoth serves as another beater but is the least important of the three, although sometimes you can use his effect to protect your other monster. When your monsters get destroyed, you can activate their effect to put them in your spell/trap zone. Make sure to never activate 3 monsters there, otherwise you'll end up blocking yourself and cause an instant lose.

Ruby Carbuncle

When Ruby Carbuncle is special summoned, you can special summon as many Crystal Beast monsters from your spell/trap zone as you can. This makes for excellent swarming potential, and if you special summoned Sapphire Pegasus you also get additional searches.

Special Summon

Use these cards to special summon Crystal Beast monsters especially Ruby Carbuncle. When you have 2 Crystal Beast monsters in your backrow, you can activate Crystal Beacon to special summon Ruby Carbuncle from your deck. Then with Ruby Carbuncle's effect special summon those 2 Crystal Beast monsters. If Ruby Carbuncle is in your spell/trap zone, you can activate Crystal Promise to special summon him and also the other Crystal Beast in the spell/trap zone. You can get Ruby Carbuncle straight from your deck to the spell/trap zone when you summon Sapphire Pegasus, From there you can special summon him with Crystal Promise.

Crystal Bonds

Crystal Bond is a great search card, it allows you to search 2 Crystal Beast monsters from your deck placing one in your hand and one in your spell/trap zone. You can search Sapphire Pegasus to your hand and then Normal summon it to add another Crystal Beast into your Spell/trap zone, giving you a total of 3 searches.


These cards are the ones you will need to remove your Crystal Beast monsters from your spell/trap zone. Parallel Twister can give some flexibility since you can remove any card from your backrow to destroy your opponent's card. Crystal Raigeki simply does the same as Parallel Twister,exchange a Crystal Beast in your backrow to destroy a card your opponent controls. The advantage of Crystal Raigeki is that you can use it during your opponent's turn to disrupt his plays, but as a trap it is also at a disadvantage because it needs to be set a turn before activation. You can use both these cards together by turning on self chain. Send Crystal Raigeki to the graveyard with Paralled Twister. But before Crystal Raigeki is sent to the graveyard, chain it. This gets rid combo gets rid of 2 cards your opponent controls for lesser cost than if they were activated separately.


Magical Merchant and That Grass Looks Greener can provide an alternative version of the deck. You can use them together with Jesse's exclusive skill Meet My Family! and maybe a 30 card deck for a total of 38 cards in your deck at the start of the duel. Using Magical Merchant or Grass Looks Greener can potentially let you summon Rainbow Dragon faster than Last Gamble, but it's also less consistent and relies more on luck.

You can make a Crystal Beast deck made to summon Rainbow Dragon. While it's really not all that viable in the game due to the limitations in Duel Links, you can still get a somewhat reliable deck that can also work as a regular deck, but can be inconsistent because of the need for Last Gamble.

Other useful cards

Gravi-Crush Dragon
Gravi-Crush Dragon
Destroys your opponent's monsters while unclogging your spell/trap zone.
Destroys all your spell/trap cards along with an equal number of enemy spell/trap cards. Can be used to clear Crystal Beasts from your spell/trap zone.
Double Cyclone
Double Cyclone
Similar to Parallel Twister, except it's quick-play.
Crystal Beacon
Crystal Beacon
Can be useful for certain situations, but has less synergy with the Storm plays.
Card of the Soul
Card of the Soul
To search for Rainbow Dragon.
Tribute to The Doomed
Tribute to The Doomed
To send a Crystal Beast monster to the graveyard if you have less than 7 different types. Which can happen after you use Last Gamble.
Rainbow Path
Rainbow Path
When Rainbow Dragon becomes more consistent, this can be a good option.
Returns a Crystal Beast from your spell/trap zone to your hand along with an opponent's backrow. Best used to retrieve Sapphire Pegasus.


Hot New Top
Jesse and Rainbow Dragon blow in this game... how in the hell are you supposed to survive in PVP long enough to summon the danged thing? Not fun, and yeah I know I suck... free player, no cards to build a complete deck with etc.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Lame excuse lol
<< Anonymous
Terraphice 3days ago Reply
Free player is your excuse for why you suck? Last time I checked, Sylvans are a very F2P friendly deck and are currently the highest tier.
<< Anonymous
TaintedLuck 10hour ago Reply
you dont use Rainbow dragon its summon condition is is too hard to pull off to be viable in any competitive platform being it regular Yu-Gi-Oh or duel links you just dont use it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3hour ago Reply
Lol I play free. With the 1 year bonus gems I started (unable to recover old acc) and immediately built a sylvan deck. Just had to do a week work to get all 3 Rose Lovers.
Anonymous 6hour ago
The new skill makes Rainbow Dragon finally a bit viable to summon in the actual Crystal Beast deck. However the deck is very weak to banishing meta if you are counting on rainbow dragon as your big finisher. But overall the deck is not bad it has good control of the board so pretty cool.
Edo 14days ago
I use it in KOG and it is doing well
<< Anonymous(Edo)
Sam 1days ago Reply
Them second last cards that looks like Blue, Green and Yellow crystals. Where can I get those cards?
<< Anonymous(Sam)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
The equip spell? It's Crystal Release and you get 2 of them as level up rewards for Jesse.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15hour ago Reply
What's the first spell card in the list? The UR.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11hour ago Reply
Crystal bond, jesse level up reward
Anonymous 2days ago
rare value+the new jesse skill absolutely break this deck due to the sole fact that rare value is NOT once per turn
Anonymous 5days ago
I think Konami is trying to release more Crystal Beast support hoping that it may be as successful as the Amazoness support I mean they release new support on card trader and Jesse is coming in a few day after it is released with promise of new skill and maybe new card... Thoughts?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Well obviously. They already made the (stupid) decision to release CB into DL, they have no choice but to make it work somehow.
Anonymous 6days ago
There's new support cards at the Card Trader!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Crystal Raijeki is good but I do not think that It will make CB competitive as We havee only 3 Spell zones :/ Just my point of view :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
I agree. Though it will make CB more competitive and fun to play with. I make a unique deck featuring their ace monsters for every characters.
Oh, found E.Tortoise! The 3 zone thing is a pain but the weird thing is how many other support cards they haven' released. Jesse himself used Crystal Bond. Are they planning for Jesse events 3 years in the future...?
Can someone help me in the jesse quest ? Add me 010 574 936. Ty
But Emerald Tortoise isn't available except in the Meet My Family skill and then you have to run 27 cards minimum if you want to summon Rainbow Dragon. Am I wrong?
<< Anonymous(TEZtify)
Anonymous Reply
it is in jesse starter deck
It's extremely hard to grind with crystal beats in the legend rank. R.I.P gems
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you're doing it for the missions, do Casual or Friend Duels. It doesn't have to be Ranked.
why the does the system not count the units in the S/T zone for RD effect during damage step???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Because they're not monsters?
I hate the small card zone in this game! Ruins so many cards.
<< Anonymous(E)
Anonymous Reply
If there were more than the duel would take a lot longer to finish

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