Crystal Beasts: deck recipe [Oct 22]

For some reason I can't get Rainbow Gravity to work. Anyone know why? I have 7 crystal beasts (with different names of corse) on my field or graveyard. And Rainbow Dragon is in my Deck or in my Graveyard. But the game just wount let me activate Rainbow Gravity. I even tried it by having all 7 crystal beasts in my graveyard, thinking maybe the 7 have the only be on the field or only be in the graveyard. But even then it didnt work. What am I doing wrong? Or is that card bugged?
If you want to special summon Rainbow Dragon from the graveyard, it must have been properly summoned into the field first before you can revive it if it goes to the graveyard.
Basically, in the context of reviving from graveyard, "ignoring" only means you can revive what normally cannot be revived. It does not mean you never have to do the correct procedure.

That's the official ruling for "ignoring summoning condition" regarding reviving from the graveyard.
Also, Rainbow Gravity is a Trap card.

You did wait a turn first after setting it, right?
You can't activate Trap cards in the same turn they are Set.
<< Anonymous
I'm no noob to the game. Been playing it since the start. Just more casual then compeditive.

What about summonging Rainbow Dragon from the deck with Rainbow Gravity?
I mean, you can't realy summon it already and then summon it from the deck.
<< Anonymous(Ethribin)
Rainbow Gravity should work right away if it is summoning from the Deck.

So if it also does not work then I don't know what's wrong......
You can use rainbow gravity to summon him from the deck with the usual requirements.. but you can't summon him from the GY if he was not properly special summoned first from the hand.

In other words, you can't summon the rainbow dragon from the GY summoned using rainbow gravity
Johan Anderssen
I also have same problem, eo many time, i think yes there is a bug in rainbow gravity
<< Anonymous(Johan Anderssen)
I think the problem is with the requirement on the card as it says 7 crystal beast on the field OR graveyard. It's not and/or like it says on rainbow dragon, so you would need all 7 on field somehow or all in the graveyard


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you're welcome. I'm glad it helped.
wow, it surprised me that yours is smaller than that Asian's
I don’t need future summon for it
You lucky this isn’t locals. Or else I’d beat the sh!t out of you after I beat the sh...
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