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update 24/03/2017

Rare Value

Rare Value
TypeSpell Card
Supports ArchetypesCrystal Beast


If there are 2 or more face-up "Crystal Beast" cards in your Spell & Trap Card Zone: Your opponent chooses 1 "Crystal Beast" card in your Spell & Trap Card Zone and sends it to the Graveyard, then you draw 2 cards.

How to Get




  • Draws 2 cards.
  • Unclogs your spell/trap zone.


  • Can only be activated when your spell/trap zone has 2 Crystal Beast monsters.
  • Opponent chooses which monster is sent to the graveyard.


Add to Spell/Trap Zone

Crystal Beasts all have the inherent effect to send themselves to the spell/trap zone when they are destroyed as monsters, but to quicken this process you can use these cards and be able to activate Rare Value earlier.

Crystal Beasts

Here are the Crystal Beast monsters you can use with Rare Value in a Crystal Beast Deck.




ActionsSends from your field to your Graveyard for cost / You draw cards


Anonymous 5days ago
I got two Pegasus and none of this after an hour of grinding. Of course the few times I do have good luck it's for cards I already have 3 of.
How can i get this card
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
Farm Jesse at the gate and in duel world. Moreso, lv. 40. He has it.
I havent gotten any extra copies of this card yet. All i have is the copy you get at 2 million points.
<< Anonymous(TIP)
RanKudo1 Reply
got my 2nd copy of the card today but with this being the end of the event i'm kinda doubting i'm gonna get my 3rd unless i use EX jewels on it and i really rather not since Jesse will be at the gate shortly and will probably drop Rare Value then also.
<< Anonymous(TIP)
Anonymous Reply
Farming since day 1

Only got the one copy from points reward

Yesterday got 1 (2nd copy)

Today being last day, I got another 2 copies
<< Anonymous
RanKudo1 Reply
been farming since day 1 also,managed to get my 3rd copy without using EX jewels like 30 minutes after i posted but glad you managed to get all your copies as well.
<< Anonymous(RanKudo1)
Anonymous Reply
I've always suspected drop rate is raised on last day for every event.

Either way, glad we are done with this boring event.
Konami still didnt give us good draw 2 cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I assume you mean Pot of Desires. Either way, there are bad draw 2 cards. Cards like Chaos Greed and Red Dragon Vase exist. Heck, there's like 20 cards in Duel Links that draw 2 cards. When was the last time you saw one other than Cards from the Sky, Celestial, Destiny Draw, Cup of Ace, Wonder Wand, Saffira (barely counts, but eh) or Shard of Greed?
<< Anonymous
Mut Reply
Don't forget about Golden Bamboo Sword. Too strong, get nerf.
<< Anonymous(Mut)
Anonymous Reply
>.> I knew I missed an obvious one. (I guess Cards of the Red Stone, Armor Ninjitsu Art of Alchemy and Magic Planter see play, too.) But my point was still more the large number of cards like Card of Sacrifice, Extra Buck and Chaos Greed that nobody is using. (Also worth noting that, ignoring 7/Punch/Lacooda, we have 4 Draw 3 cards, of which only Moray really sees play.)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
For some reason pot of greed is banned no tcg. draw without cost is too strong for any deck. this is why every card that draw 2 cards have a cost like shard of greed, rare value, trade in, allure of darkness, etc...
so glad this is in the game. makes crystal beasts 'slightly' more consistent
Haha, suffer from the same fate like Destiny Draw, except we didn't get any of this card...
<< Anonymous(exdb)
Anonymous Reply
Now we do
Finally here!!
Isn't those rocks from Earthen area in WoW?

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