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update 06/11/2017

Event details

PeriodNov 6 (7) - Nov 15 (16)

For a limited time, Jesse Anderson will randomly spawn exclusively in GX World. Duel him for a chance to obtain the Crystal Beast monsters, as well as completing event missions to get some of his exclusive event cards. You can get him to spawn more often by dueling against any duelists in GX world (standard, legendary, and vagabond).


Jesse uses a crystal beast deck, and is relatively easy to farm, but since he only spawns in GX world, you won't be able to use certain character's exclusive skills. His main threat is his highest attack monster at 1800 attack, which can be powered up using his Crystal Release. He has no ways to stop your monster from attacking so you won't need to bring specific card counters against him.

Jesse Anderson exclusive rewards

Event missions

Win 1 Duel(s) against Jesse Anderson in Duel World.Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle
Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle
Win 3 Duel(s) against Jesse Anderson in Duel World.Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat
Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat
Win 7 Duel(s) against Jesse Anderson in Duel World.Crystal Beacon
Crystal Beacon
Play 15 Duel(s) against Jesse Anderson in Duel World.Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger
Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger
Achieve 1 No Damage win(s) in Duels against Jesse Anderson.Triggered Summon
Triggered Summon
Successfully perform 3 Tribute Summons in Duels against Jesse Anderson.Crystal Tree
Crystal Tree


Crystal Beasts


Jesse will certainly use his signature Gem Beast deck with Rainbow Dragon as his ace monster. You would probably not be able to beat Rainbow Dragon in terms of attack so bring battle position changing cards to exploit his 0 defense points.

Another exploitable weakness of Gem Beast is that they quickly clog the user's spell/trap zone. The skill Surprise Present when used correctly may lockdown his backrow.

Jesse Anderson Lvl 30 Deck

Credit goes to Веселин Бърнев (veselin) for submitting the deck list.


Hot New Top
I still have like 600ish cystals and the event suddenly end.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i had 1500 :D
still no rainbow life but at least 6 of the other SRs and UR

thanks komoney
whenwill cyrus come
<< Anonymous(Dragon-Slayer2017)
Anonymous Reply
His roid cards are pretty good
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sho/Syrus was still a shit character, but his deck was... ok.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But you want the characters for the gems no for the cards, if he has some useful card is a bonus
<< Anonymous
Justin Reply
When will Cyrus becoming and his cards
Wtf, it was suppose to finish on friday. I needed 1 more for topaz and that elephant shit. Goddamn it Konami why the hell did you end event early??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
My nigga jesse told ya thirsty cock bats that the event will end at the 15th so off or suck it
<< Anonymous
Manuel Reply
Dont feel bad dude i didn't get that elephant shit either lol
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
Elephant shit! LMAO! But seriously, I was sort of mad that they ended this early, too. I never got that skyblasting shit. Lol.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its okay bro if it makes you feel better I got 5 of them
Shit cards and shit drop rate.
this event end.... SHIIIT
This event drop rate is bullshit because lots of asshole cunt using mod apk for farm, therefore konami reducing it's rate. Ye all cheater should put those cards you get with mod apk into your ass.
Have had the worst luck with this event. 30+ duels, 7-8k average assessment, 1 super rare? stupid
<< Anonymous(Deep3eez)
Anonymous Reply
Dude event was out for like 10 days which is 10-15 duels per day. Sometimes you get him twice within the same hour. He comes out every hour. Sadly, he was suppose to be out till Friday and needed 1 more topaz and the elephant, but Konami decided to be ass holes and end it last night.
damn i just got the spell in prismatic but no Monsters -.-

i farmed 12 topas tiger and 14 mammoth but no prismatic *_*
Gimme one more crystal beacon so I can be done with this event already
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yisus Christ! I dont have any monster, just the spell and trap, yourselfes
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Finally done :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Grats! ;-)
Well after dueling him with what felt like 200 times I managed to walk away from this event with 3 of everything including a prismatic of Tiger and Skyblaster. The hardest card for me to get was crystal beacon with only 4 from all those duels...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Who cares.. What's your intention? Showing off or rubbing salt on our wounds??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
My intention was/is not about "showing off" or "rubbing salt in wounds" but to rather state the crappy drop rates of this event. The fact we have to farm like this just to get a set of all his cards it just insane. I mean it's like a 2% drop rate for some of them and I was lucky (if you could call it that) to be sick for the past week otherwise I would have never been able to devote the time this
Still need 1 more Tiger and 1 more Skyblaster. Raibow Life and Crystal Beacon in the other hand got overflooded with 10++ copies. Weird event.

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I said relatively clean. Vampire isn't completely unscathed either, but their entire decks d...
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Dead deck soon, start investing in BEWD deck
For all those punks who in the begining said that that skills was useless, it's the most OP
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