Jesse Anderson Unlock Event: Awaken! Rainbow Dragon! [May 20 updated]

So, did RNG godess smile at you guys? I haven't farm much so I only have 2 rare value & 1 crystal promise. The other rewards were easy to get though
I farmed only 5 times, 2 lost 3 wins, and I got all cards except one Crystal Promise. Then again, I don't need to farm anymore since it's only one more level before I can level up Jesse to 45 and get the last Crystal Promise. Event so eazzzy for me.
Zane lover
from the events rewards also the event is not over yet
continue you farm until you get it
<< Anonymous(Zane lover)
Zane lover
<< Anonymous
The idea is to get at least 3 cards from each...
<< Anonymous
I still have only 2 Rare Value and the event ends tomorrow noon lol.

Then again, Jesse goes to the Gate soon. Rare Value will become farmable forever.


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How do you summon this lol?
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Thanks. Truthfully, I always got bored whenever ZEXAL wasn't the main plot or Shark or Kaito...
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