KC Cup: 2nd Stage [April 2018]

Duel Links KC CUP April decks, the top meta of Duel Links in April 2018.
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update 13/04/2018
2nd Stage Duration Apr 13 - Apr 16

Shared decks are credited to the people who made/used them. If you like their decks, don't forget to check their reddit/twitter/youtube accounts!

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Email to GameA

At the end of the KC Cup 2nd stage, please send us decks you use, your region, and Duel Points you earn. Send us an e-mail at with the image of your deck and proof of reaching KoG along with how it works! The title of your email must be KOG deck (KC Cup).
Subject (Title)KOG deck (KC CUP)
Body (Text)
  • Your IGN
  • A small note to show how to use your deck or how you reach KOG (if necessary)
Attach Files
  • a screenshot of a deck you used to reach KOGM
  • a screenshot of KOG proof

Required Info/screenshot

Send us screenshots of your deck which is used to get through the 2nd stage of the KC Cup and the proof.

Number of users per deck

In Progress ......

Flying Fish--
Cyber Angel Saffira--
Red-Eyes Slash--
Masked HERO Slash--
Masked HERO--
Destiny HERO--
Sea Stealth Attack--
Alien Ananta--


Geargia & Masked HERO by DeckMaker (덱메이커)

Set SkillRestart ( Geargia & Masked HERO), Destiny Calling (Masked HERO)
Win Rate--
Duel Points80,981
Cumulative Wins--

Asia/Middle East/Africa

Cyber Angel Saffira by PrNi

Set SkillBalance
RegionAsia/Middle East/Africa
Win Rate58.24% (53 victories /91 duels)
Duel Points16,905
Cumulative Wins6

Geargia by zyxony

Set SkillBalance
RegionAsia/Middle East/Africa
Win Rate83% (20 victories /24 duels)
Duel Points16,571
Cumulative Wins9

North America

Masked HERO by Andy Tsang

IGNAndy Tsang
Set SkillRestart
RegionNorth America
Win Rate--
Duel Points71,859
Cumulative Wins--

Sylvan,Masked HERO & Geargia by Rebatwa2

Set SkillGrit (Sylvan), Restart (Masked HERO), Balance (Geargia)
RegionNorth America
Win Rate--
Duel Points50,791
Cumulative Wins--

Archfiend by Kyle1337

IGNKyle 1337
Set SkillRestart
RegionNorth America
Win Rate59% (129 victories /218 duels)
Duel Points40,793
Cumulative Wins8

Sylvan by sn20law_cry

Set SkillRestart
RegionNorth America
Win Rate--
Duel Points35,887
Cumulative Wins--

Fire Fist Hazy by FQSSIL

Set SkillBeatdown
RegionNorth America
Win Rate--
Duel Points20,820
Cumulative Wins--

Geargia by mgandrewduellinks

Set SkillBalance
RegionNorth America
Win Rate--
Duel Points20,583
Cumulative Wins--

Geargia by Saimaster1

Set SkillBalance
RegionNorth America
Win Rate--
Duel Points19,544
Cumulative Wins--

Sylvan by dandruff102

Set SkillRestart
RegionNorth America
Win Rate50.35% (71 victories /141 duels)
Duel Points10,471
Cumulative Wins3

Latin America/Caribbean

Flying Fish by Cheatkorita

Set SkillMythic Depths
RegionLatin America/Caribbean
Win Rate60.41%
Duel Points31,088
Cumulative Wins--

Masked HERO by Zeus

Set SkillRestart
RegionLatin America/Caribbean
Rank979 (224 victories /422 duels)
Win Rate53%
Duel Points30,557
Cumulative Wins6


Lava Burn by panase

Set SkillDestiny Draw
Win Rate60.78% (203 victories /334 duels)
Duel Points71,372
Cumulative Wins7

Sylvan & Cyber Angel Saffira by (松)

Set SkillGrit (Sylvan), Grit (CA Saffira)
Win Rate57.34% (293 victories / 511 duels)
Duel Points70,843
Cumulative Wins4

Sylvan by haru

Set SkillGrit
Win Rate--
Duel Points70,705
Cumulative Wins--

Archfiend & Cyber Angel Saffira by Tsun Tsun

IGNTsun Tsun
Set SkillRestart (Archfiend), Grit (CA Saffira)
Win Rate--
Duel Points60,857
Cumulative Wins--

Geargia by EI

Set SkillBalance
Win Rate57.5% (230 victories / 400 duels)
Duel Points60,456
Cumulative Wins0

Masked HERO by IGN


Hot New Top
Anonymous 5days ago
I absolutely despise burn. But kudos to the man that managed to get 70k in this horrible meta. Gg no re.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
The meta is super diverse don't know what you're talking about
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
yeah kudos for earning 70k points. i wouldnt have been able to do that
game is f2p 4days ago
I took me a while to build myself a f2p deck for kc, and even if my score wasnt so high, i gotta say I'm pretty satisfied with it. Never watched the anime, but the card game is really awesome and entertaining, so I think I'm going to start watching the series one of these days. Anyway, the reason why I'm writing this is because I kinda dont understand all the hate Lol! So i thought it would be nice to say something positive, my personal opinion about this game is that u need to realize which deck does your opponent have asap in order to win, for example if its masked heroes, expect 2-3 econs in 3-4-5th turn, so they can kill you in one turn by controlling your own monsters or either a 3200 direct attack with a masked hero + forbbiden chalice. That's it, you must think! Not complain :p because the game is pretty much F2P, they give away gems all the time 100+100+100+150+250, you just need to play for a while. Seriously, I cant understand all the blind hate :p
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Anonymous 2, not even a lame ass champion as timmymon complains about the game, and YOU complain? How do you dare to say 'when you play it seriously', when you are no champion and just a sore loser? It seems like u cant even beat sylvan decks, fool.
<< Anonymous(game is f2p)
Anonymous No. 3 3days ago Reply
Share your deck broh!!
<< Anonymous(game is f2p)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
We got a True Duelist over here
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
good luck on qualifiers...
Anonymous 3days ago
LOL Gamea get your facts correct. Deckmaker used that magnet deck for feb 2018 kc cup. Check his video out. He was showing highlights.
Dankiroth 4days ago
So Deckmaker used the exact same deck, card for card, that he used to get 1st place in the February 2018 KC Cup?
Anonymous 6days ago
hate burn/cancer players, but playing burn in this meta with 1 lava golem and 3 kuriboh and got 70k point actually deserve a claps
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Everybody is congratulating this person but I do t believe it. Just cuz you send Gamea a picture of a burn deck and your KC Cup proof doesn’t mean that’s the deck you actually used... this person is trolling hard and you are all falling for it lol
Anonymous 6days ago
wait what? A burn deck in april 2018 got 70k points? Is this real? Kudos to that dude then this is insane. i miss the burn meta damn
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
i prefer burn decks over this cancer sylvan meta #bringburnback
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Wait for red-eyes burn deck xD
Inferno Fire Blas
Red-Eyes Burn
Both fusions, Archfiend and Meteor Comet
<< Anonymous(you are a f2p scum)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Great point. Now that f2ps can have powerful cancerous deck like Sylvans, now they complain? To what extent can YOUR GREED REACH TO THE HEAVENS? Then, you are imploring to BRING BACK BURN DECKS to popularity again? Dude, do you know what "SELFISH" means? Because it's like every cells in your body screams that word with little to no regard. Sigh.
<< Anonymous
DANKIROTH 4days ago Reply
I’m calling BS on the Lava Burn deck. There is NO WAY they got that rank with that deck. GameA has a bad habit of taking people’s word on submissions with no actual proof.
Anonymous 8days ago
Good bye everyone i'm finally quiting duel links yay!
<< Anonymous(sYuk)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
By the time you make this deck its already obsolete in may
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
lol ok you whales have fun while we f2p go hang ourselves
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
I can't understand how lame someone can be to feel proud of having to pay to win a duel or two hahah
<< Anonymous
As gunz used to say 5days ago Reply
Yeah! Im F2P went to KOG 6 months in a row. Beating those P2W decks are so much fun and challenging. If you are P2W players and still not winning to KOG then you should stop playing this game because in KOG only 20% of us are F2P, so proud of myself.
Kaien 5days ago
Where is Manju come to duel links ?
after that, no one use sonic bird :D
<< Anonymous(Kaien)
No tcg knowledge 5days ago Reply
That's the Japanese version of senju, you would know if you played the tcg but you don't, so stop talking about cards you don't know.
<< Anonymous(No tcg knowledge)
Roflcopter 5days ago Reply
This comment.. haha.
<< Anonymous(Roflcopter)
Roflcopter 5days ago Reply
And the username, hahaa.
Jonny 6days ago
What Konami needs to add is more game modes that way we have other things to do if you don't want to enter the KC Cup.
<< Anonymous(Jonny)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Yeah i agree with you, DL is lack of game mode. We need it.
Because if you’re reach kog in early season, and all of your char already on max lv, but there’s no interesting event like KC, or maybe obtainable char event, instead of just something like duel a thon or card flipper, this game is boring.
<< Anonymous
Jonny 6days ago Reply
I would not mind if they add Yugioh stories behind some cards.So we can relax and watch while you earn gems by watching them.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
I am suggesting a lot of times in the surveys for 2 new game modes: A real TCG rules mode and a Tag Duel mode
<< Anonymous
Jonny 5days ago Reply
Lets cross our fingers and hope we get it soon from Konami along with other cool surprises.
Anonymous 5days ago
This would have been useful during the cup not after it
Anonymous 5days ago
I am constantly getting connection errors in the game, I cannot fight in 2nd phase properly
Anonymous 6days ago
What skill is "grit" and where do you get it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
yoey wheeler skill and bonz drop skill
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Jesse also drops Grit.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
add jaden

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