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Carly Unlock Event!
update 26/03/2020

Event Details [Dates Updated]

Period 25 March 2019 - 25 April 2020

How to Play

There are a total 5 stages in Kuriboh evolution, including its most basic form. During each of these stages, you can choose to release your Kuriboh in order to obtain the corresponding Gift as per mentioned below. However, if you released your Kuriboh, you will not get another Kuriboh to evolve, throughout the duration of the event, so it might be wise to release your Kuriboh at the corresponding Gift you want to take, some tips here which you should know, are:

1. Ticket Rewards

The list of card rewards are the same for Sphere Kuriboh, Relinkuriboh, Kuribohrn, the difference is the foil quality of the card (Normal / Glossy / Prismatic), obviously Prismatic being the best choice. You are able to redeem this card according to your choice.

2. Rainbow Pack

The Rainbow pack at Kuribandit is a SR/UR card that is selected randomly from the list of SR/UR cards obtainable from Sphere Kuriboh, Relinkuriboh and Kuribohrn, therefore making this selection an inferior choice because you will not be able to choose the cards to redeem.

3. Duel Point

Although it is listed you can gain different amount of points depending on the type of duels you play (Ranked, Special, Casual, Duel World), the earning is only calculated on your very first duel after daily reset. So in order to gain 300 points, your first duel after reset must be either Ranked/Special Duels, or you can choose the x3 standard multiplier when dueling standard duelists, otherwise you will only gain 100 points and will not further gain extra points until next reset.

Duel Type Points
Ranked Duels300
Casual Duels100
Duel World Duels100

4. Kuriboh's Form and Rewards

You can only receive 1 Gift depending on which Kuriboh evolution you released, the Gifts are not accumulative.

Monster's NamePoints RequiredGift
100R Ticket x1
700Rainbow Pack x1
Sphere Kuriboh
Sphere Kuriboh
1300SR/UR Choice Ticket x1
1400SR/UR Choice Ticket (Glossy) x1
2500SR/UR Choice Ticket (Prismatic) x1

5. Reiteration

Important reiteration again, you will not get another Kuriboh after you release your current one, so be careful on your selection.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 2days ago
What are the best cards to get as prismatic besides union attack ? Are there other cards worth getting in farming decks ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
For farming decks, there are no other, I think. But you can use Kuriboh tickets to easily get the prismatic version of a drop card you really like, or a drop card that just won't drop for you.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Or to upgrade the drop cards you are already using in non-farming decks into prismatic version just because you can XD

Like for example if you play DM deck you can easily run 3 prismatic DM thanks to Kuriboh tickets.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
I think about enemy controller as it is a good card in PvP
How do you rank up kuriboh? I do special,rank,regular duels and I won’t gain any points.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
nope, a lot of people are stuck at 200 for whatever reason
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thats because you earned the 100 points for the first level and 200 points for the second level
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
oh I see now, I didnt pay attention to the levels, only to he end result. thanks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Dos not work
Mário 6days ago
Hello, guys, I have a doubt.

Which time is the reset time? I saw some people saying it is 1pm EST, but I don't know if this is right.
Just a friendly reminder release your Kuriboh now so you get normal ticket now and if you release you will have time to catch up for 2nd normal ticket.

I think it's better to have two normal ticket than one prismatic ticket! Thank me later!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. Reply
Just so you know, the TC is just a troll and trying to fool noobs into making a mistake and wasting their kuriboh.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Always go for the PRISMATIC because there's an achievement at 100.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Who are you trying to fool? You won't get another Kuriboh to train if you release him now. You will get another Kuriboh after March 25th, together with everyone else.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
why would you want an n ticket anyway lol
Anonymous 13days ago
I thought we also got the Kuribohrn as a reward?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
No, you only get the ticket. All the Kuriboh are just for "event flavor/animation", essentially.
v 16days ago
The paragraph claiming you only get points from your first duel is incorrect. You can get points from later duels, but you are limited to 300 points per day.
not KoG 27days ago
Does this happen every quarter?
I always get this Kuriboh event.
<< Anonymous(not KoG)
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Which is nice.
Kuribohrn should come to the game.
I mean, as a playable card.
<< Anonymous(awesome)
Anonymous Reply
Kuribandit too.
<< Anonymous(awesome)
donutpanaino Reply
Kuriboh too.
I mean, as a playable character
<< Anonymous(awesome)
Anonymous Reply
Can you answer me man
<< Anonymous(donutpanaino)
DaSwifta 27days ago Reply
Of course. Who wouldn't wanna play as a Kuriboh? His level up rewards can be all Kuribohs aswell.
nooooooo i was trying to get the last kuriboh and it set itself free when i logged in again.... f in the chat plz..
<< Anonymous(badluckguy)
Kuriboh Reply
I'm finally freeeeeeeeee!
<< Anonymous(badluckguy)
DaSwifta 27days ago Reply
Ooh, you almost had it! You gotta be quicker than that.
Hi guys how's everyone, I just have one question let's supposed I forget to release my kuriboh what's gonna happen?
<< Anonymous(Alex)
Anonymous Reply
It is released automatically the next time you open the game
<< Anonymous(Alex)
DaSwifta 27days ago Reply
Your Kuriboh is released automatically as soon as the campaign ends, so you'll get the appropriate reward for whatever stage you were at sent to you next time you log into the game.

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This. No more having to endlessly farm Syrus yay
<< Anonymous
Darius Ronkowitz Reply
Finally I can unlock Zane
<< Anonymous(Darius Ronkowitz)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah :D
<< Anonymous(Darius Ronkowitz)
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
not KoG
Hi guys! How's everyone, I have one question: are ranked duel's cards included in the Kuriboh Ticket?
<< Anonymous(not KoG)
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Nope, only LD drop cards unfortunately.

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