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update 10/07/2018

Event Details [Dates Updated]

Period July 10 - Jul 20

How to Play

There are a total 5 stages in Kuriboh evolution, including its most basic form. During each of these stages, you can choose to release your Kuriboh in order to obtain the corresponding Gift as per mentioned below. However, if you released your Kuriboh, you will not get another Kuriboh to evolve, throughout the duration of the event, so it might be wise to release your Kuriboh at the corresponding Gift you want to take, some tips here which you should know, are:

1. Ticket Rewards

The list of card rewards are the same for Sphere Kuriboh, Relinkuriboh, Kuribohrn, the difference is the foil quality of the card (Normal / Glossy / Prismatic), obviously Prismatic being the best choice. You are able to redeem this card according to your choice.

2. Rainbow Pack

The Rainbow pack at Kuribandit is a SR/UR card that is selected randomly from the list of SR/UR cards obtainable from Sphere Kuriboh, Relinkuriboh and Kuribohrn, therefore making this selection an inferior choice because you will not be able to choose the cards to redeem.

3. Duel Point

Although it is listed you can gain different amount of points depending on the type of duels you play (Ranked, Special, Casual, Duel World), the earning is only calculated on your very first duel after daily reset. So in order to gain 300 points, your first duel after reset must be either Ranked/Special Duels, or you can choose the x3 standard multiplier when dueling standard duelists, otherwise you will only gain 100 points and will not further gain extra points until next reset.

Duel Type Points
Ranked Duels300
Special Duels300
Casual Duels100
Duel World Duels100

4. Kuriboh's Form and Rewards

You can only receive 1 Gift depending on which Kuriboh evolution you released, the Gifts are not accumulative.

Monster's NamePoints RequiredGift
100R Ticket x1
700Rainbow Pack x1
Sphere Kuriboh
Sphere Kuriboh
1300SR/UR Choice Ticket x1
1400SR/UR Choice Ticket (Glossy) x1
2500SR/UR Choice Ticket (Prismatic) x1

5. Reiteration

Important reiteration again, you will not get another Kuriboh after you release your current one, so be careful on your selection.


Hot New Top
Anonymous latest
so is it still possible to get the prismatic?
<< Anonymous
Don't think so latest Reply
That only leaves 3 days left , so 900 points , once you move to the next level the points reset , and you need 2300, so no, you can't
Anonymous 1hour ago
So they are cutting it off after 10 days because they weren't clear on the instructions in the first place?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1hour ago Reply
The current iteration at least
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1hour ago Reply
Probably a combination of people screwing up on the first Kuriboh due to unclear instructions and them having intended the last-tier Kuriboh to be a "perfect run" (IE, playing every day) and gave too much leeway.

I wouldn't be shocked if they had always planned the second Kuriboh on to be a smaller time period.
Anonymous 1days ago
How can I get sphere kuriboh from this event?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
They don't, just read the event info. They represent different rewards, that's it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
You don't*
Anonymous 1days ago
>Log out in the middle of a npc duel to do other stuff
>log back in a day later to resume the duel
>Kuriboh automatically accepts this duel and grows by 100 points
Fan freaking tastic,I wasted a day.
FoxCunning 1days ago
What about Yami Marik event?
<< Anonymous(FoxCunning)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
They'll probably do yami marik/RA event in a month or two and then do an obelisk event after
Anonymous 1days ago
Can someone please tell me or direct me to the cardpool of rewards avalible from this event?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
All the SR and UR drops from Legendary Dueliests + a few others. You can see the available cards by clicking on the ticket icon in the event details.
Neilas 5days ago
I have already 2 copy of sphere kuriboh, and to be honest i don't know now which one to choose to have a third copy or Kuribohrn o RelinKuriboh?
<< Anonymous(Neilas)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Breo, you have issues...
<< Anonymous(Neilas)
akubane 4days ago Reply
you wont get a kuriboh card in this event, the forms are just for showing a higher level.
<< Anonymous(Neilas)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Bro you don’t get the kuriboh kuriboh you get the gift on them
Anonymous 1days ago
Haven't picked up any points in about three days now.
Anonymous 3days ago
Basically a log-in campaign wrapped in a Kuriboh skin. Log in 20 days out of 30 days and get rewarded with a prismatic DOGSHIT choice SR/UR.
<< Anonymous
akubane 2days ago Reply
some people would like the prismatic choice, you dont have to get it if you dont like it.
Anonymous 3days ago
It's the best event so far. It could only be better if our kuriboh flies around the game screen and we can pet them.
<< Anonymous
akubane 2days ago Reply
would be a nice feature. how about a meme on top, this is where id put my kuriboh... if i had one, for the ones that released it.
LightSkull 2days ago
Does releasing at the final form give you all of the rewards from previous forms?
<< Anonymous(LightSkull)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
No, only the current card will receive. But it has reminded if you released you could not get a higher version later, so first aim for the highest one.
Anonymous 2days ago
Actually how many points and at what level will a player be at 14 July?? I am confused with marks computations.

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That only leaves 3 days left , so 900 points , once you move to the next level the points reset ,...
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