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The 5ds world will be available on Sep 25!
update 10/07/2018

Event Details [Dates Updated]

Period Aug 20 - Sept 25

How to Play

There are a total 5 stages in Kuriboh evolution, including its most basic form. During each of these stages, you can choose to release your Kuriboh in order to obtain the corresponding Gift as per mentioned below. However, if you released your Kuriboh, you will not get another Kuriboh to evolve, throughout the duration of the event, so it might be wise to release your Kuriboh at the corresponding Gift you want to take, some tips here which you should know, are:

1. Ticket Rewards

The list of card rewards are the same for Sphere Kuriboh, Relinkuriboh, Kuribohrn, the difference is the foil quality of the card (Normal / Glossy / Prismatic), obviously Prismatic being the best choice. You are able to redeem this card according to your choice.

2. Rainbow Pack

The Rainbow pack at Kuribandit is a SR/UR card that is selected randomly from the list of SR/UR cards obtainable from Sphere Kuriboh, Relinkuriboh and Kuribohrn, therefore making this selection an inferior choice because you will not be able to choose the cards to redeem.

3. Duel Point

Although it is listed you can gain different amount of points depending on the type of duels you play (Ranked, Special, Casual, Duel World), the earning is only calculated on your very first duel after daily reset. So in order to gain 300 points, your first duel after reset must be either Ranked/Special Duels, or you can choose the x3 standard multiplier when dueling standard duelists, otherwise you will only gain 100 points and will not further gain extra points until next reset.

Duel Type Points
Ranked Duels300
Casual Duels100
Duel World Duels100

4. Kuriboh's Form and Rewards

You can only receive 1 Gift depending on which Kuriboh evolution you released, the Gifts are not accumulative.

Monster's NamePoints RequiredGift
100R Ticket x1
700Rainbow Pack x1
Sphere Kuriboh
Sphere Kuriboh
1300SR/UR Choice Ticket x1
1400SR/UR Choice Ticket (Glossy) x1
2500SR/UR Choice Ticket (Prismatic) x1

5. Reiteration

Important reiteration again, you will not get another Kuriboh after you release your current one, so be careful on your selection.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 28days ago
where can i see the rewards???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
On the Kuriboh page in-game, scroll down to the list of Kuribohs. Then tap the pack/ticket to be taken to the rewards page.
Anonymous 30days ago
Prismatic Archfiend Empress time
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
Prismatic lava golem :D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
It's either Prismatic Toon World or Prismatic AG Workshop for me.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
On second thought, I think I'll go with AG Workshop. Pegasus is easier to farm than Crowler and his "no backrow allowed" AGs.
help 30days ago
my points don't increase!
<< Anonymous(help)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
300 per day
Finally got Obelisk the Tormentor
<< Anonymous
The guy behind you Reply
Cool, now get a girl to like you and you are done with your bucket list
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Grand Master Reply
Yeah right, and im a watapon
<< Anonymous
Vinbee 30days ago Reply
Anonymous 31days ago
Tips to those who don't understand this event: Just NEVER click on the release button until you have Kuribohrn.
Lobster 31days ago
So wait, you can only get the Kuriboh once ever? As in, never again even if they reopen the event?

I need someone to explain this event to me, because I'm retarded.
<< Anonymous(Lobster)
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Don't release until you hit max level. That's it
<< Anonymous(Lobster)
SnowVelvet 31days ago Reply
you should open it until the end day or you finished level it up to max ... cuz no more kuriboh for you if you open it before that
<< Anonymous(Lobster)
Saladfingers 31days ago Reply
This should be your second Kuriboh, you will receive a new one in a future iteration of the event. If you did not have an account at the time of the first iteration, then this is your first...just don't release it until you've hit a level you want (SR/UR, Glossy, Prismatic). I don't know if those who received a replacement last time got a new one this time around.
HEEEEELP! How to fix this?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
try redownload at menu
Anonymous 31days ago
Welp, this event suddenly returns lol

Time to grab that one LD drop that keeps eluding me
Weird, somehow I have 2400 points at the moment, so tomorrow I'll have 200 points excess.....

Only possible explanation is that in one of the days I must have gotten only 100 or 200 points. Either because I forgot or because I didn't count the points correctly and thought I already got 300 on that day.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
2400 is a multiple of 300, you gained 300 points each day. (It's basically impossible not to. It would require you to face literally 1-2 NPC's and then not play at all for the rest of the day.)
People should have Kuribohrn by now, tomorrow we should know from them if releasing Kuribohrn allows you to receive and raise a second Kuriboh.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dude read the in-game notice they announed that youll get only one kuriboh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I got my ticket but can’t find it anywhere in the game to use it..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Release your kuriboh it should be listed in the menu where you can exchange your tickets
<< Anonymous
CosmicCyber Reply
They released an update a while back saying the only way to redeem the tickets from now on is in the gift box so redeem the ticket and get your reward via the gift box tab
wew .. finally worth the wait .. and there's no 2nd kuriboh btw
any recommendation on what to pick on? i'm almost kuribohrn, but still confused on what to pick a prismatic on this.
<< Anonymous
buddie Reply
hey gonna give you an answer:
pick prisma union attack if you dont have 2 prismas of it, in case, then pick prisma anti-magic-arrows if you dont have 1 prisma yet, in this case pick whatever card you would use in a deck e.g. prisma amazoness card or so
<< Anonymous(buddie)
Anonymous Reply
i have 1 prisma union so i'm gonna pick 2 then, since i don't play amazoness, thx bud!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, prismatic Union Attack sounds like it's gonna be useful to add a bit more points when farming.
<< Anonymous
akubane Reply
other option would be econ.

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