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update 10/07/2018

Event Details [Dates Updated]

Period July 10 - Jul 20

How to Play

There are a total 5 stages in Kuriboh evolution, including its most basic form. During each of these stages, you can choose to release your Kuriboh in order to obtain the corresponding Gift as per mentioned below. However, if you released your Kuriboh, you will not get another Kuriboh to evolve, throughout the duration of the event, so it might be wise to release your Kuriboh at the corresponding Gift you want to take, some tips here which you should know, are:

1. Ticket Rewards

The list of card rewards are the same for Sphere Kuriboh, Relinkuriboh, Kuribohrn, the difference is the foil quality of the card (Normal / Glossy / Prismatic), obviously Prismatic being the best choice. You are able to redeem this card according to your choice.

2. Rainbow Pack

The Rainbow pack at Kuribandit is a SR/UR card that is selected randomly from the list of SR/UR cards obtainable from Sphere Kuriboh, Relinkuriboh and Kuribohrn, therefore making this selection an inferior choice because you will not be able to choose the cards to redeem.

3. Duel Point

Although it is listed you can gain different amount of points depending on the type of duels you play (Ranked, Special, Casual, Duel World), the earning is only calculated on your very first duel after daily reset. So in order to gain 300 points, your first duel after reset must be either Ranked/Special Duels, or you can choose the x3 standard multiplier when dueling standard duelists, otherwise you will only gain 100 points and will not further gain extra points until next reset.

Duel Type Points
Ranked Duels300
Special Duels300
Casual Duels100
Duel World Duels100

4. Kuriboh's Form and Rewards

You can only receive 1 Gift depending on which Kuriboh evolution you released, the Gifts are not accumulative.

Monster's NamePoints RequiredGift
100R Ticket x1
700Rainbow Pack x1
Sphere Kuriboh
Sphere Kuriboh
1300SR/UR Choice Ticket x1
1400SR/UR Choice Ticket (Glossy) x1
2500SR/UR Choice Ticket (Prismatic) x1

5. Reiteration

Important reiteration again, you will not get another Kuriboh after you release your current one, so be careful on your selection.


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Anonymous 3days ago
Konami should have made it much more apparent that you only get one. As far as I can read they only vaguely hint at it but don't tell you directly. That shit should be in BOLD letters son.
Janda125 4days ago
They say that you have to play ranked or speciel duel the first thing you do after reset in order to gain maximum points (300). I have not played any PvP match since the beggining of this event, yet I have earned 300 per day. It may be due to me choosing the x3 standard multiplier when dueling standard duelists, but it works, I get 300 points per day with this. So add that to you site as to not scare any people that don’t like PvP
<< Anonymous(Janda125)
RTM 4days ago Reply
I played three different standard duels and got a total of 300 pts.. GameA wrote wrong about this part.
<< Anonymous(RTM)
MrTommo999 4days ago Reply
i didn't get that so idk how you did it
<< Anonymous(RTM)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
me too.... got 300 dueling 3 s-duelist at same time
<< Anonymous(RTM)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
I cant get 300 pts a day too. Bug? Try it for many days already. I dont think gameA read it wrong as above Anon mention too. Many of friends get max 200 a day. So I think it's more safe to play rank (or 3x sd?)
GenDelport 4days ago
Can anyone help me.My Kuribo stays at leve 1 and doesnt want to obtain points no matter what I do.Plz help
<< Anonymous(GenDelport)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Did you click the release button?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
^can confirm
Anonymous 3days ago
Daily reminder: DO NOT release your kuriboh!
Anonymous 4days ago
I released kuribandit and didn't care for the prismatics and got a machine angel ritual. go figure.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Anyone wants to see the video can check my youtube channel out
Anonymous 4days ago
This is an event with great potential executed badly.

They could make the duration long enough to get 1UR and 1SR i.e. train 2 kuriboh maximum (example). So active players can get more rewards but passive players or those accidentally released it can still get it back but lesser overall rewards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Secondly, I can only get RANDOM rewards from those tickets??? Correct me if I'm wrong there.

Randomness is dumb. If they don't want to make it pick-able, at least make it "random from the cards that players own least amount".

So I can grind easier LD until I get 3 copies of everything, leaving harder LD's rewards at 1 or 0 copies.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Rainbow pack is random, tickets are not
Mr dumdum 4days ago
I released mine at regular kuriboh and now it wont let me send another
<< Anonymous(Mr dumdum)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
i have the same problem but i think it is only bcuz you can release your kuriboh ones and after that you done. my kuriboh comes and go's as he like in my game.
Anonymous 4days ago
is im the only one that can't click on kuriboh so i can see what i can get from it?
Anonymous 4days ago
All i want is the mask of remnant and solemn wishes is that too much to ask for?
Anonymous 4days ago
i played ranked duel/special duel and win it, but didnt got any point, why? i have release my kuriboh, can i get a new one?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
akubane 4days ago Reply
maybe konami will add a new one later on, because people released it, like they did a event for vassal, cause people converted it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Anonymous 4days ago
Gotta say the event is just amazing =D
Anonymous 6days ago
well, that escalated quickly
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
That's probably what it means. But I guess it's possible that it could just mean that you forfeit any further progress on that Kuriboh (which is blatantly obvious, but people are stupid).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
I suppose it wouldn't be difficult for someone to make a new account, claim the lowest tier and see if it prevents them going further.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
yes ,, only at sphere and below
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
You can only train one kuriboh after you release it you can’t train a kuriboh anymore

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