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update 21/09/2019
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Duel Chronicle GX Yubel: King of Game Challenge Guide
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Use Challenge Tickets to Duel Yugi Muto and earn great rewards when you win. But beware of the Egyptian Gods that he will use starting the fifth turn. Significant Rewards include the event's Card Sleeve, Game Mat, and Icon. And get a new skill for Jaden/Yubel the third time you win against Yugi Muto.

Challenge Rewards

First RoundCard Sleeves: Duelist Chronicle GX: Yubel Event
Second RoundGems x10
Third RoundSkill: Ultimate Fusion!
Fourth RoundCard Sleeves: Slifer Red
Fifth RoundGame Mat: Duelist Chronicle GX: Yubel Event
Sixth RoundGems x20
Seventh RoundIcon: Duelist Chronicle GX: Yubel Event
Eighth RoundGems x30
Ninth Round and BeyondLottery Coins x150

Yugi Muto Lvl 50 Deck

Divine Beast Advent (Skill): At the beginning of turn 5 and onward, Yugi Muto will play "Slifer the Sky Dragon," on his side of the field. The Skill can only be used once per Duel.

King of Games: Lvl 50


Anonymous 27days ago
Can i do skill farm with this KoG challenge?
Anonymous 29days ago
I’m sure they’ll make Judaibel available for unlocking again next month. No need to worry if you don’t have him/her/it/them.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
Konami confirms this in the notification
Also even if you missed that event they'll make sure to include this skill as mission when Jayden/Yubel becomes gate duelist
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
Yeah they always give those skills later anyway. Though those wanting to get the Master of Magicians skill on Yummy Yugi got shafted hard.
Anonymous 28days ago
I have jaden and yubel but can’t get the skill it’s just sitting in my box and says it can’t be obtained.
Aiden 30days ago
So if I don't unlock Jaden/Yubel until 21/10, the skill will disappear?
<< Anonymous(Aiden)
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
I think so but it's highly possible to make this as a mission when he becomes gate duelist
taki 30days ago
King of Game Challenge EZ!! I did it in less than 54 min. with D Hero deck with Auto-Dual lol. EASY
<< Anonymous(taki)
taki 30days ago Reply
I mean in less than 5 min. lol ;DDD
<< Anonymous(taki)
David 29days ago Reply
Nice man :D
<< Anonymous(David)
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(taki)
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
How did you do it in 5 minutes, even if you used auto duel on all lvl 20 opponents the cutscenes and stupid ai thinking time is too long
Branwu 30days ago
I don't have Jaden/Yubel right now as I wasn't playing during that event, can I still get this skill for regular Jaden or Jaden/Yubel later on?
<< Anonymous(Branwu)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
I've got the same problem :/
<< Anonymous(Branwu)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
No u can't obtain the skill. The skill will remain in the reward box and can't be collected
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Nanofriend 30days ago
So the skill is for jaden/yubel only?
<< Anonymous(Nanofriend)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
Yep, only Jaden/Yubel

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