Training Wheels (Skill)

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update 29/03/2018

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Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1000. During this turn, if a monster whose original name is "Cycroid" or "Pair Cycroid" attacked this turn, that monster will be banished until the beginning of your next turn.


cant claim this help
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maybe try to be not so lazy and click on the reward instead of using "receive all"?
konami needs to fix
It said in the notifications that jetroid can be banished konanmi needs to fix this
<< Anonymous(konami needs to fix )
Mr.meeseek Reply
Fix what lol ? Sooner or later they will add jetroid its not a big deal
<< Anonymous(Mr.meeseek)
Anonymous Reply
It's less that and more that it probably doesn't actually work on Jetroid and they accidentally stated it does.
That is a bad skill, i prefer check out my ride!
Is this skill any good? Also does anyone know a good or at least decent roid build? I wanna make a playable deck for each character using their main cards just for fun
<< Anonymous
The Corporation Reply
One good Roid Deck I've found is a Cyber Dragon Roid Fusion Deck.
You can potentially replace Swamp Creature with another Cyber Dragon Zweil.
flash fusion did work with this skill, i mean 3 times attack and the fusion gets banished 1st (means it did not get destroyed)
remember this skill only active when you get -1000 lp (cosmic cyclone or even dicephoon)
still trying geargias & karakuris
Whats the purpose of this skill?
<< Anonymous
MMASniper Reply
Two Burning Lands, Two Golden Lady Bugs, and GG
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
pair cycroid can attack directly
So. I can already see burn deck with thus deck.....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
hmmmm i can see a karakuri spikeshield with a random polymerization

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