Upcoming events/updates [Sept 2018]

Duel Links events and updated in Aug & Sept 2018, new legendary duelists, new reward cards, and new events.
Duel Links Breaking News
KC Cup 2018 Nov season!
update 27/09/2018

Early August

Yugioh WCS 2018 Final [Aug 4- Aug 5]

Duel - A - Thon

Duelist Challenges

Duelist Challenge will be available at Duel School for a limited time!
Complete the challenges to obtain rewards!

Mid August

Serious Chazz Event

Serious Chazz will appear in Duel World!
Win the Duel and get a new Card as a reward!

Yami Marik Coming to the Gate

Late August

New Upcoming Event

KC Cup August 2018

Tristan Taylor Event Return

Early Sept

Duel - A - Thon

Syrus is coming to the gate

Mid Sept

Mid-September will bring us a new unlockable character unavailable to Duel Links as of now. Based on the given quote we can assume that the new unlockable duelist will be Yubel whose personality mainly revolves around her love for Jaden as its owner. Another evidence is the leaked Mat and Sleeve of Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare.

Late Sept

Massive Update - 5D's World available on 25 Sept 2018

A New Development in Yugioh Duel links. This could likely be the addition of 5D's, the third series of YuGiOh into Duel Links like how GX was added late last year. With the addition of 5D's World comes the addition new characters, events, cards, and the Synchro summoning mechanic.

Early October

Espa Roba Unlock Event Return


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Carlo49 6days ago
Hi, i play Duel Links now again since a long time. And i missed a lot of events, like Yami Marik. Is there a posibility to get onformed like push mails. on my screen like for most of other apps. Because i count find it and i donw want tro check every day .. Hope you can help me :)
<< Anonymous(Carlo49)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
I don't think that is available..
Isam 13days ago
P.S. more monster slots and spell and trap slots if it's not to much trouble.
<< Anonymous(Isam)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
I agree
<< Anonymous
HC Nut 7days ago Reply
No. It's a mobile card game.
Duels are good because they are quick.
Blue Eyes slayer
will we have a Cyber Jar monster card in the next update?
I saw this card on DM when Yugi vs Noah
this card have good effect :3
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
in other words, never
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*word, not words
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Still wrong
<< Anonymous(Blue Eyes slayer)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
too op, that monster can destroy all monster in the field
Anonymous 29days ago
When will they update the events page? I wanna know when the 5ds event will begin
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
The “Duel Quest” event has begun, and we still don’t have any updates.
A random dickweed
I’ve been waiting patiently, for 2 years, for Obelisk. And slightly Monster Reborn, Swords Of Revealing Light, Mirror Force. Ya know, the classics
<< Anonymous(A random dickweed)
Isam Reply
your preaching to the choir buddy
<< Anonymous(A random dickweed)
Anonymous Reply
this is not tcg
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
We all want Obelisk in here already. But keep those broken cards as far away from PvP as possible. (The other classics you mentioned. They were banned or limited in real TCG tournaments for a reason)
after 5ds synchro lets hope zexal xyz comes my favourite monster number 39 utopia i need this monster
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Duel Links is indeed just 2.1-2.3 GB right now.

Read the entire topic carefully.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The first replying anon is making a huge exaggeration. Like I said above, it's unlikely we will ever reach 8GB.

Three worlds and we haven't even reach 2.5GB yet, let alone 3GB. By the time we get Vrains world, DL will be just around 4GB at most.
<< Anonymous
Dragon 29days ago Reply
Me favorite monster galaxy eys dragon :O I need this in duel links
<< Anonymous(Dragon)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
No; the vrains rules are what ruined the real Yugioh. Keep those link monsters as far away from here as possible.
the only Way to get monster reborn or mirror force is to use the extra card crystal it's crazy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
We do not need those broken cards getting into PvP matches.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
We do not need those broken cards getting into PvP matches.
Isam 13days ago
bring all DM & GX into duel links please
isam 15days ago
Cannot get extra card what's the matter
Anonymous 22days ago
Is anyone else having the problem of only one extra deck monster while using trudge?
The new skill is give us 2 Cyber dragon to deck. So have a big chance to get: Cyber Dragon Core or Cyber Dragon Herz for duel reward
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It adds "Cyber Dragon", not "Cyber Dragon" monsters.

Two different thing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The skill adds 2 'Cyber Dragon'

Two new reward cards that could drop from Zane are 'Cyber Dragon Core' and/or 'Cyber Dragon Herz'.

Two different things.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I highly doubt we'd get Core. Seems WAY too powerful for Duel Links right now. Herz might be doable, though. I'd expect Vier before either, though, just because it's the weakest card of the three.

Watch them throw a curveball and give us Armored Cybern.
When are they gonna add Night shroud Atticus I Want red eyes darkness and more

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How is it so brainless it need so much skills to activate mask change you know.
and that's when you remember how Ryo fought against Camula...use de-fusion
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