Upcoming events/updates [July & August 2018]

Duel Links events and updated in May 2018, new legendary duelists, new reward cards, and new events.
Duel Links Breaking News
Banlist update has been announced!
update 01/08/2018

World Championship 2018

The Duel Links World Championship will begin.
It's that time of the year again! "YuGiOh! World Championship 2018 -Duel Links- Division" is coming!
Duelists from around the world till compete in a tournament that will determine the best of the best!
Win your way throught the qualifiers to compete in the World Championship Finals!

Early July

Special Duels are Back!

Duel using Decks with certain Skill and card requirements depending on your Legendary Duelist!

Special Duels will be held separately from Ranked Duels.

Syrus Truesdale Unlock Event

An all new Duel-A-Thon is coming!
Here is your chance to unlock Syrus Truesdale again!
Win the Duel and get a new Card as a reward!

Mid July

Return to Duel Island!

A familiar face returns BEARing gifts! Test your skills at the new and improved Duel Island!

Superb Tea Event

Superb Tea is coming back! Win the Duel and get a new Card as a reward!

Late July [Updated]

A Legendary Duelist - Zane Truesdale Unlock Event

Zane Truesdale will finally be unlockable!
Obtain new cards to build a powerful Deck!

WCS 2018 Final Event Page

The Event Page for the WCS 2018 will be opened on late July. Don't miss your chance to watch Dueling at the highest level!

Early August

Yugioh WCS 2018 Final [Aug 4- Aug 5]

Duel - A - Thon

Duelist Challenges

Duelist Challenge will be available at Duel School for a limited time!
Complete the challenges to obtain rewards!

Mid August

Serious Chazz Event

Serious Chazz will appear in Duel World!
Win the Duel and get a new Card as a reward!

Yami Marik Coming to the Gate

Late August

New Upcoming Event

KC Cup August 2018

Tristan Taylor Event Return

Mid Sept


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Your name 11hour ago
Obeliks ivent plssss
Mewetaur 23hour ago
Yubel..when did she comes to unlock.....
Anonymous 1days ago
When will yami Marik come to the gate
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23hour ago Reply
Yeah, but, WHEN in mid august? I keep hearing it's the 15th, and I was hoping Marik would of been released right with the beginning of the Chazz event.
Anonymous 2days ago
"Let me show you my love": a Yubel's phrase or a message from Rebecca Hawkins for yugi?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
She means Jaden.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
The game has it as Yubel's phrase, but I believe Atticus has said this too... to his sister.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Anonymous 2days ago
Fuck yeah i’ve been waiting for yubel for a long time, cant wait till them :D
Valencia 10days ago
My ideas for roaming events: 1.Aster Phoenix- rewards- destiny end dragoon, clock tower prison, vision hero adoration, destiny hero dystopia, destiny hero dreadmaster, eternal dread, destiny hero dread servant, d-shield, d-counter, elemental hero phoenix enforcer, elemental hero shining phoenix enforcer. Obtainable skill- destiny survivor 2.Seto Kaiba- rewards- blue-eyes twin burst dragon, obelisk the tormentor, ring of destruction, shrink, crush card virus, different dimension dragon, blue-eyes alternative dragon, blue eyes solid dragon, neo blue-eyes ultimate dragon, shadow spell, monster reborn. Obtainable skill- advent of the blue-eyes
<< Anonymous(mackiplier)
Valencia 9days ago Reply
It is actually Yubel. But this isn't my prediction for the September event. These are just some pipe dreams of mine for future Super roaming events that Konami will probably never do.
<< Anonymous
Valencia 9days ago Reply
I didn't want to make this any longer. Or else I would have included that, dusktopia, disc commander, and...where the heck are the rest of his cards!? This isn't fair!
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
i wish you would work with the dev team but unfortunately,...
<< Anonymous
Valencia 8days ago Reply
Ha, ha. Thanks! I would give everyone a lot more gems, new cards for more decks, events, characters, and card trading. Xd
Anonymous 10days ago
Late August and September updates: more nerfs to gems, this time we will get only 50 gems by reaching DMAX in the KC cup and 20 gems for other Dlevels. Probably we will get no more gems for box celebration campaign and we will already have the 14th main box with some top tier decks. In September when 5ds world will come we will get no more than 300 gems compared with the 2000 gems obtained when gx world began
Oh and the lv up gems rewards of the 5ds characters will be reduced again (100 gems for lv 28, 32,37 and 43 and 150 gems for lv 29, 34, 39, 44)
And together with 5ds will be introduced two or three structure decks EX
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
You'd whine even if they gave out 10,000 gems and then the next day only gave out 10 so shut up and go play the TCG if you're that mad at Duel Links.
serious 10days ago
I want 5 zones for monsters as well 5 spell/traps zones please make it like the really game
<< Anonymous(serious)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Go to yugioh nexus instead. This is Duel Links.
<< Anonymous(serious)
Alex 10days ago Reply
Go away. If you want to play yugioh with 5 monsters and spell trap zones, go play the actual tcg or tag force.
[Early October] 10days ago
It's a Duelist bonanza!

A whole bunch of Legendary Duelists are going 'Super' in this new gate event. Duel them to claim lots of new rewards!

Rex is going on another rampage! (Rampaging Rex)
A guardian of the Tombs has forseen her victory! (Gravekeeper Ishizu)
"I still believe in my cards!" (Champion Yami Yugi)
"Oh, Yugi boy!" (Fabulous
A certain Legendary Duelist refuses to be left behind! (Brilliant Bastion)
A certain Legendary Duelist is embracing his true potential! (Supreme Jaden)

(This took way to long)
<< Anonymous([Early October])
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
That would be nice, if only it wasn't just a dream.
<< Anonymous([Early October])
Bahaa 4days ago Reply
Wait,where did you all those text
Anonymous 10days ago
bring back pegasus with new toons other LD with better rewards
Anonymous 11days ago
Is it that hard to release his good side ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
most likely
No one 11days ago

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Indeed. No spellcounters for the mask and how about his lava golem. Total bs.
How can duel links survive Konami : nerf everything
does she drop restart skill?
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