Upcoming events/updates [Sept 2018]

Duel Links events and updated in Aug & Sept 2018, new legendary duelists, new reward cards, and new events.
Duel Links Breaking News
Dark Signer Kalin Kessler appears in Duel World(5Ds)!
update 27/09/2018

Early August

Yugioh WCS 2018 Final [Aug 4- Aug 5]

Duel - A - Thon

Duelist Challenges

Duelist Challenge will be available at Duel School for a limited time!
Complete the challenges to obtain rewards!

Mid August

Serious Chazz Event

Serious Chazz will appear in Duel World!
Win the Duel and get a new Card as a reward!

Yami Marik Coming to the Gate

Late August

New Upcoming Event

KC Cup August 2018

Tristan Taylor Event Return

Early Sept

Duel - A - Thon

Syrus is coming to the gate

Mid Sept

Mid-September will bring us a new unlockable character unavailable to Duel Links as of now. Based on the given quote we can assume that the new unlockable duelist will be Yubel whose personality mainly revolves around her love for Jaden as its owner. Another evidence is the leaked Mat and Sleeve of Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare.

Late Sept

Massive Update - 5D's World available on 25 Sept 2018

A New Development in Yugioh Duel links. This could likely be the addition of 5D's, the third series of YuGiOh into Duel Links like how GX was added late last year. With the addition of 5D's World comes the addition new characters, events, cards, and the Synchro summoning mechanic.

Early October

Espa Roba Unlock Event Return


Hot New Top
get rid of the table of contents please
please make a nightshroud event (Atticus)
P.S more masked heroes and elemental heroes
how much longer until dragon master knight and the rest of classic cards from(DM)
make into gems please I dont plan on using actual at all to purchase with money for the spellbound silence Deck
<< Anonymous(Isam)
Anonymous Reply
Use this website yugioh nexus instead, where you can play any card without needing to pay or use gems
<< Anonymous(Isam)
Isam Reply
turn the spellbound silence into gems I dont plan on using actual money in the least.
<< Anonymous(Isam)
Anonymous Reply
will not happen because then people who used real money will complain. And there are many enough of such people, including popular ones, that will give a bad rep for konami if they complain.
table of contents is completely out of whack please get rid of the past events they're useless now they serve no purpose other then being annoying.
So uh when is the update list getting updated?
P.S get a new table of contents
please get rid of the past events they're useless now
When will jack atlas be an obtainable character the summoning animation for red dragon archfiend looks awesome
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Somewhere between January to March 2018, I forgot the order of the new characters.

Oh and don’t you worry about red dragon archefiend. It’s gonna be in a main box UR or only playable with jack’s skill.
<< Anonymous
DrillDude Reply
Given if the previous leakes about character unlock date is accurate (which it is so far), then Jack unlock event is on 24 Jan 2019.

I suspect RDA box should be release around the same date also and I'm hoping there's a Structure Deck for Jack as well.
In the distant future please bring Atticus(nightahroud)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hi, i play Duel Links now again since a long time. And i missed a lot of events, like Yami Marik. Is there a posibility to get onformed like push mails. on my screen like for most of other apps. Because i count find it and i donw want tro check every day .. Hope you can help me :)
<< Anonymous(Carlo49)
Anonymous Reply
I don't think that is available..

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What do you mean so many. They did it with Marik (his better half barely dueled except through Jo...
Yubel is very unreliable, oh my god. Incarnate got destroyed twice and I took a 3400 atk hit dire...
there is only 3 umas in the deck right? lies , deception uma is glued to the top deck even those ...
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