Upcoming events/updates [July & August 2018]

Duel Links events and updated in May 2018, new legendary duelists, new reward cards, and new events.
Duel Links Breaking News
Banlist update has been announced!
update 01/08/2018

World Championship 2018

The Duel Links World Championship will begin.
It's that time of the year again! "YuGiOh! World Championship 2018 -Duel Links- Division" is coming!
Duelists from around the world till compete in a tournament that will determine the best of the best!
Win your way throught the qualifiers to compete in the World Championship Finals!

Early July

Special Duels are Back!

Duel using Decks with certain Skill and card requirements depending on your Legendary Duelist!

Special Duels will be held separately from Ranked Duels.

Syrus Truesdale Unlock Event

An all new Duel-A-Thon is coming!
Here is your chance to unlock Syrus Truesdale again!
Win the Duel and get a new Card as a reward!

Mid July

Return to Duel Island!

A familiar face returns BEARing gifts! Test your skills at the new and improved Duel Island!

Superb Tea Event

Superb Tea is coming back! Win the Duel and get a new Card as a reward!

Late July [Updated]

A Legendary Duelist - Zane Truesdale Unlock Event

Zane Truesdale will finally be unlockable!
Obtain new cards to build a powerful Deck!

WCS 2018 Final Event Page

The Event Page for the WCS 2018 will be opened on late July. Don't miss your chance to watch Dueling at the highest level!

Early August

Yugioh WCS 2018 Final [Aug 4- Aug 5]

Duel - A - Thon

Duelist Challenges

Duelist Challenge will be available at Duel School for a limited time!
Complete the challenges to obtain rewards!

Mid August

Serious Chazz Event

Serious Chazz will appear in Duel World!
Win the Duel and get a new Card as a reward!

Yami Marik Coming to the Gate

Late August

New Upcoming Event

KC Cup August 2018

Tristan Taylor Event Return

Mid Sept


Hot New Top
No one 11days ago
Anonymous 11days ago
I didn't get cyberdark dragon
Anonymous 11days ago
seriously bring some more cyber dragon cards
Darkstorm 17days ago
Only events I'm looking forward to is Serious Chazz and the Yubel event. The Duel-a-thon is going to be let down with the gem issues, Tristan already showed up and it was a useless event. Not a Duke Devlin fan. KC Cup is a tilt fest and the Yami Marik gate is good nonetheless. Hoping for a Judai Yuki event or a Supreme King event with the alternate art of the E-Heroes.
<< Anonymous(Darkstorm )
Zane lover 16days ago Reply
Agree! We want to get Supreme King, he is so cool.
<< Anonymous(Darkstorm )
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Kc cup? More like furry carnival
<< Anonymous(Darkstorm )
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
It would be nice to have a Jaden event, more E-Heroes cards and supports. We never had an alternate version of Kaiba or Yami Yugi to give us some different rewards that they used throughout the series. I wonder when they will add to the gate the alternate version of the LDs.
kenneth jenkins 13days ago
f everything else im most excited for yubel
<< Anonymous(kenneth jenkins)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Same bro
<< Anonymous(kenneth jenkins)
Aster pheonix 11days ago Reply
Anonymous 13days ago
Does any body know where is cyber dragons real cards !!??
Wow didn't know how different was the GX canon manga from the TV series.
Never thought Jaden (Judai) could lose to Chazz! :O :O :O ! - Anyway, it was a rematch, Judai won the first duel :)
<< Anonymous(:O)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(:O)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(:O)
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
You can tell Chazz (Manjoume) is a very different character in the manga just by taking a look at him
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
he still like a thunder <3
Jesus 14days ago
When is 5ds coming?
Zero 16days ago
It's not Duke it's Bakura. His 10 sided dice, and the leaks page shows Zorc and Headless Knight, so no it is not Duke Devlin I believe.
Cyberdork 17days ago
I'm gonna laugh my ass off if they release Yubel as a character but not the Yubel card.
<< Anonymous(Cyberdork)
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
Her ace will be Rainbow Dark Dragon or Grinder Golem instead XD

(Speaking of aces, she also used the Sacred Beasts, makes me wonder if we'll get Hamon, Uria, and Raviel through a future event that involves Yubel)
<< Anonymous(Cyberdork)
Darkstorm 16days ago Reply
Lol, look forward for cards such as Spell Chronicles, Regenerating Rose, Samsara Lotus and Chaos Burst lol.
<< Anonymous(Cyberdork)
Epsilon 16days ago Reply
There are voice lines for all 3 yubel cards
<< Anonymous(Epsilon)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
There's voice lines (not Yubel's, don't be that guy that tries to call me out for something that's clearly BS) for Crystal Abundance and D/D Pandora, too. ;p Having voice lines means nothing on its own.
Anonymous 18days ago
Now if we get Yubel
Then hopefully we could unlock Atticus, even Blair
<< Anonymous
Grand Master 17days ago Reply
Im the only one waiting for konami to release bonaparte... even chumley gets more attention....
<< Anonymous(Grand Master)
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
I'm waiting for Chumley too...
<< Anonymous(Grand Master)
Darkstorm 17days ago Reply
Chumley is not coming unfortunately. His ace cards are already out. No point releasing someone with their ace/signature cards released.
<< Anonymous(Grand Master)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Well, Bonaparte didn't have any of his Toy Army cards printed in real life, not even one.
Anonymous 17days ago
We're not getting new events till the next friday :( aren't we?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
New events lol dude have you ever played this game before new events good one here's 1 gem for you
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
I'm talking about other events apart from Zane's ¬¬

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Indeed. No spellcounters for the mask and how about his lava golem. Total bs.
How can duel links survive Konami : nerf everything
does she drop restart skill?
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