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update 29/01/2018

A lot of people are confused about how many wins are needed to rank up on the PvP ladder in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, hopefully this guide will clear some misconceptions up or answer your questions.

To rank up you either need to go +X (where X is a number dependant on your rank; for gold it’s 3, platinum it’s 4 and legend it’s 5) OR you need to have an X-win streak, again where X depends on your rank. (an X-win streak trumps everything, it doesn’t matter how many losses you had before)

What does it mean to go +X? Imagine you just got to Platinum 3,and you go “WWLWWLWW” (with W being a win, and L being a loss) you’ll have ranked up to Platinum 4 because your overall score was +4 wins.

A lot of the misconception comes from the fact that people forget the losses you get when first getting to a new rank will also count (your score can go under zero). For example you just achieved Platinum 3, and you go “LWWLWWLWW” , this will not make you rank up because currently you are at +3 wins.
HOWEVER even if you did get a loss at the start, if you would get a +4 win streak in Platinum, you will be promoted, no matter the losses before the win streak. So at Platinum 3 going “LWWWW” will make you rank up, but “LWWWLWW” wouldn’t make you rank up because you’re only at +3 wins.

The way you’ll get demoted from a rank is by having a 3-Loss streak OR by going -3 (this is the same number for Gold, Platinum, Legend); if you just got to Legend 2 and go “LLWLL” you’ll be demoted because your score just hit -3. But don’t forget you can never be demoted when you are in Gold 1, Platinum 1, Legend1 or KoG…. So once you get to Legend 1 you don’t have to fear dropping back down to Platinum 5.

To rank up from Legend 3 to King of Games you always need a 5-win streak, but you do not need a win streak to get from Gold 5 to Platinum 1 or to get from Platinum 5 to Legend 1.

If you correctly understand how this system works you can know exactly when you’ll start a promotion match (or a demotion match).


Hot New Top
Should really implement a system where we can see how many games left to rank up.
<< Anonymous(Anon)
Anonymous 12hour ago Reply
Or at least put up a list in the game detailing how many it takes for each rank to level up.
Pyro Prophet 20days ago
I do think the rank system is cool

5 wins in a row is not hard to achieve, there are plenty of guys at @DLM who make it to Kog in the very first day
<< Anonymous(Pyro Prophet )
Anonymous 14hour ago Reply
Yes because they are pay to win
Anonymous 26days ago
The Legend 5 -> KoG winstreak is the most retarded shit. If people in Legend 5 are roughly on your power level (which they are, since everybody is copypasting youtuber decks anyway), you have a 3.125% chance to actually get the promotion.

Not about skill, not about intelligence - it's whether in one out of those 5 you have some troll ass cunt who pulls a perfect hand on it's OTK toon world deck or Yubel or whatever.

And you KNOW he pricks 5 times out of 6, but exactly this one time he pulls a perfect hand, and back you go to 0 wins.

The one reason i never go past Platinum anymore. I reached KoG once, with Sylvans, and even then it took 3 days of multiple hours of playing, simply because everybody is playing the exact same shit.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Git gud scrub
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14hour ago Reply
I agree with you I just want to hit KOG just one time and I'll be happy I'll never attempt this again. I dont really care about rank I just want the KOG icon.
Just keep playing like an animal until you rank up :D
<< Anonymous(Modded)
Anonymous Reply
Or until every deck you use doesn't work no matter what you swap out only to get to your promotion match to then have an impossible brick or some slow deck
<< Anonymous(Mogalord)
Bendy Reply
I just played yugioh this last sep and so busy because of my gf so I can't play it always but now I'm in plat 1
<< Anonymous(Bendy)
YAMI JOEY 7days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(YAMI JOEY)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
does the imaginary one count ?
Anonymous 21days ago
This is total bullshit. I was on an 8 game win streak in plat 3 and didn’t get promoted until the 9th.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
The Ranking system seems to get worse with every season. As if the amount to get a promotion and the amount to get a demotion being HUGELY unbalanced wasn´t bad enough, now it seems the number of won duels in a row needed appears to have increased
PurePrawtein 24days ago
I am on a 6 win streak at plat 3 and haven't gotten a promotion match yet?
<< Anonymous(PurePrawtein)
PurePrawtein 24days ago Reply
Update: I was 7/3, just lost a game to 6/4, next game says I will lose a rank if I lose??
From Legend 3 down to 1. Okay, this always happen:
1. When I'm about to win, connection losts magically.
2. When I have a godly hand, connection losts instantly.
3. It never happened when I am about to lose my opponent lost his connection, never.
4.When I drastically bricked, the connection is very fine like you could build a castle with lollis because of how wonderful it is.
5. The connection is a troll.

I'm done for this month. No KOG cos I'm tired.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
get new internet
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i feel ya man same thing happens with me
Reached legend in 1st season usin laval
Don Jaca
3 days Gold Tier

#Revamped Silent SpellBound
I played for 11days and I'm already in plat . Legit getting pretty lucky and having most of the cards I need for my deck
Pro player
Not really important, cuz always win.
<< Anonymous(Pro player )
WolfInTheValley Reply
If anyone hit kog in 2 weeks, they have no life
<< Anonymous(Pro player)
Anonymous Reply
You spent money? Lol
<< Anonymous(WolfInTheValley)
Anonymous Reply
bout to hit KOG in 2 weeks after a year and a half break lol. didnt even play that much either. about 140 wins
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Kog in 25 wins ma homie

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