PvP Ladder: Rank Up system [August 2019 Updated]

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update 20/08/2019

Notable Changes [starts from 27 August 2019]

No More Demotion!

  • Players will no longer be demoted for losing, except Legend 2 and 3. However, the players' rank will still be demoted at the end of the season.

New Rank Added

♦ In order to keep Ranked Duels without demotions, the following ranks will be added. Therefore, players will be demoted by 7 ranks instead of 5 when a new season begins with the addition of new ranks.

  • Bronze Rank 6-7
  • Silver Rank 6-7
  • Gold Rank 6-7
  • Platinum Rank 6-7

Cumulative Rewards Update

  • Players will get Gems every time they win a duel, up until their 50th win.
  • Card Tickets will be given out for every 5th and 10th win.
  • There will be a few changes to rewards such as UR and SR Tickets.

Winning System

A lot of people are confused about how many wins are needed to rank up on the PvP ladder in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, hopefully this guide will clear some misconceptions up or answer your questions.

To rank up you either need to go +X (where X is a number dependant on your rank; for gold it’s 3, platinum it’s 4 and legend it’s 5) OR you need to have an X-win streak, again where X depends on your rank. (an X-win streak trumps everything, it doesn’t matter how many losses you had before)

What does it mean to go +X? Imagine you just got to Platinum 3,and you go “WWLWWLWW” (with W being a win, and L being a loss) you’ll have ranked up to Platinum 4 because your overall score was +4 wins.

A lot of the misconception comes from the fact that people forget the losses you get when first getting to a new rank will also count (your score can go under zero). For example you just achieved Platinum 3, and you go “LWWLWWLWW” , this will not make you rank up because currently you are at +3 wins.
HOWEVER even if you did get a loss at the start, if you would get a +4 win streak in Platinum, you will be promoted, no matter the losses before the win streak. So at Platinum 3 going “LWWWW” will make you rank up, but “LWWWLWW” wouldn’t make you rank up because you’re only at +3 wins.

The way you’ll get demoted from a rank is by having a 3-Loss streak OR by going -3 (this is the same number for Gold, Platinum, Legend); if you just got to Legend 2 and go “LLWLL” you’ll be demoted because your score just hit -3. But don’t forget you can never be demoted when you are in Gold 1, Platinum 1, Legend1 or KoG…. So once you get to Legend 1 you don’t have to fear dropping back down to Platinum 5.

To rank up from Legend 3 to King of Games you always need a 5-win streak, but you do not need a win streak to get from Gold 5 to Platinum 1 or to get from Platinum 5 to Legend 1.

If you correctly understand how this system works you can know exactly when you’ll start a promotion match (or a demotion match).


Hot New Top
it's great.
I don’t mind the addition of new ranks in legend, KoG shouldn’t be easy and no one thinks it should. I think it just needs to be more balanced. It’s too easy to rank down compared to how difficult it is to rank up.

We’ve all been there - you’re on your KoG rank up match, you’ve just won your last 4 duels in a row and you’re feeling on fire. Then all of a sudden you brick hard against an opponent whose deck conveniently exactly counters yours and they also conveniently get gifted their perfect opening hand.

So you lose, fair enough, try again. Nope. You lose the next couple of duels under similar circumstances and bang you’re back at leg 4 and have to go through all that rank again just to get back to legend 5.

I think there’s a simple way to balance this:

Make it so that when you rank down, you stay at the top of the rank below. Meaning that you only have to win one duel to rank up again rather than having to fight through the entire rank below again.
I'm bronze and I allways get paired with KOG, explain to me that crap.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can only vs your own ranked in ranked duels lmao stop complaining and get good
It's honestly a bother the addition of new ranks. Did they at least removed the possibility to be demoted while climbing the legendary ladder?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nope prepare for a longer grind
I was in gold 1 why am I silver 1 now , I thought if you were gold 1 u stay in gold one, not back to silver 1!!!
<< Anonymous(Maggie)
Anonymous Reply
Players will no longer be demoted for losing, except Legend 2 and 3. However, the players' rank will still be demoted at the end of the season.

It was written everywhere...
they keep raising pvp rank but their reward update is trash. it's been a year already we didn't get ANY new UR from pvp UR ticket, I got all the shiet UR there already.
the highest i been was gold but that was many months ago so adding more doesn't change much things to me. right now i'm rookie 2 but don't feel like climbing up the ranking ladder.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
wouldn't it be easier to just say "I don't play this game"
Legend rank is full of neos fusion abuse, ban when? Neos subterrors, neos desperado, neos cyberdark, neos fortune lady. NO JUST NO
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
BWC Reply
Neos is easy to counter the other matchups are situational just have to adjust your deck.
<< Anonymous
Gravekeepers Reply
Gravekeepers are a pretty good counter for neos. I made a neos main cry once
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Neos Fusions are a balance to machines so use those if you're desperate.
I can no longer stay in Gold rank for farming wins and playing fun decks. :((
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What's wrong in ranking up to legend or platinum?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The amount of meta decks you found increases when you reach higher ranks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
nope in legend up you will find only neos in many form, what so booring day
<< Anonymous
Gravekeeper guy Reply
Obviously just use gravekeepers man.
I just started the game, but does this apply to Silver as well? +2 or something? I'm just trying to complete Mokuba bingo :,>
You need 5 consecutive wins to promote to KOG? So, theoretically you could have +100 wins and still don't get the promotion? This is very stupid. I have no idea why nobody here seems to complain about that. I keep losing after my fourth consecutive wins over and over again. The 🔥, this ranked system is stupid.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nobody complains because when someone complains, the simply get told "Git gud".

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I will make a list telling your guys why Komoney is a criminal group, mercenacy, greed and sh1t c...
I will make a list telling your guys why Komoney is a criminal group, mercenacy, greed and sh1t c...
I will make a list telling your guys why Komoney is a criminal group, mercenacy, greed and sh1t c...
I will make a list telling your guys why Komoney is a criminal group, mercenacy, greed and sh1t c...
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