Ballista Squad

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update 27/03/2020

Ballista Squad

Ballista Squad
TypeNormal Trap


Tribute 1 monster, then target 1 card your opponent controls; destroy it.

How to Get

PackFortress of Gears [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Removal effect.


  • Requires you to tribute one of your monsters.


Tribute Cost

Tributing a monster can sometimes help that monster activate its effect adding utility to Ballista Squad’s effect. Here are some examples of monsters whose effects trigger when they are tributed.


The main deck Nekroz monsters have effects that activate when they are tributed by a card effect. These effects allow you to gain resources after their tributing.


Tributing some Hieratic monsters allow you to Special Summon a Dragon-type Normal monster. This gives you resources but the monsters will be at 0 ATK and DEF.


... 27days ago
is this worth running in a burn deck with cards like amazoness swords woman winged kuriboh and fortress?or needle ceiling worth it?
<< Anonymous(....)
... 26days ago Reply
*fuse it/syncro it
<< Anonymous(...)
... 26days ago Reply
not to mention lots of times they have backrow thats why im not using traps like wall of d anymore.they fkn remove it every fkn time or 1 time not out of 100.totally not worth it.
<< Anonymous(...)
... 26days ago Reply
at least the floodgate stops the monster which has br removal.still vulnerable to cosmic but better than vulnerable to i cant put all monsters in my deck.its not working out well.tried a version but lady bug bricked along with mithras.(it had few traps)
<< Anonymous(...)
... 26days ago Reply
and if you put in too many handtraps its not good either as u cant hold him off and he will have card advantage on field and in attacks too.
I've seen this card in many different decks. Top tier material.
Any substitutes for this in shiranui?
<< Anonymous
WoodFrJared Reply
You can substitute this card with Raigeki Break but I think Ballista Squad has a better synergy ability with Shiranui.
<< WoodFrJared
DHL Reply
Is there much difference between the two apart from the tribute. Im asking the question because I have 3 raigeki already so don't want to waste the gem if I don't really need it.
<< Anonymous(DHL)
Anonymous Reply
This one can help you to get rid of Lava Golem. And you can also tribute a Floodgated card or anything else that clogs your monster zone.

But other than that, both cards are very similar. Raigeki Break even has its own advantages.
Sounds excellent for dealing with lava golem decks!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Agreed and watch they scoop as their backrow is destroyed during the end phase they summon it to your side
shiranui tier 0 because of this card , lul !
not KoG
Tribute your weakened monster to destroy your opponent's back row or field spell.
Trubute Kidmodo during your opp. Turn

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isnt Brodies ace monster already exist in main box in that case what will be his monster.???
Dragunity works well with this card
LoL, so true. In 3-5 years Levianeer might become the next Hitotsume Giant, going from $50 per co...
That spell card is Photon Booster
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