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update 05/04/2017

Risebell the Star Adjuster

Risebell the Star Adjuster
Monster TypePsychic
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect


When this card is Special Summoned: You can target 1 face-up monster on the field; increase its Level by up to 3 until the end of this turn.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherEspa Roba Unlock Event [SR]









Stat changesYour monsters gain Levels / Your opponent's monsters gain Levels


Hot New Top
Anonymous 10days ago
RIP Players that spent a ticket on this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
This, they just wasted a prismatic ticket lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
*prismatic EVENT ticket
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
New cards that show up in these tickets have all been from near-future events. The only reason this caught some people off-guard is presumably the fact Risebell is simply not a super-obvious Espa card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
No, they were talking about how this card was a Prismatic R.

But now that it is SR and be made available in an event, it loses all the value it had.
Anonymous 7days ago
very cool card, reminds me of those characters from PERSONA 5
How to 10days ago
Best way to Special Summon this card with another monster in field. Limit Reverse?
<< Anonymous(How to )
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Nah psychic witch.
Anonymous 9days ago
wew i have 3 already
C.Nietzsche 10days ago
Lol I missread, thougt pendulums were being implemented lol
Anonymous 10days ago
Anonymous 10days ago
I lucky not choose this card from that SR ticket since it's available now at espa roba event. Toon DMG is the best choice
Anonymous 12days ago
If they fixed it and change this card's rarity into SR.....well, let's just say I'm glad I picked Toon DMG.
Anonymous 17days ago
Looks like this can't be got with other SR tickets, looks like it was a choice between this and toon DMG and can't get the other!
<< Anonymous
Luke 15days ago Reply
Omg I have the same dilemma...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
You know you want it!
Anonymous 12days ago
Prismatic R drops aren't a new thing. Rare hunter in Marik's event dropped prismatic R cards too. Don't waste a ticket!
SAccolla 21days ago
Should I get this card with the 5DS Prismatic SR Ticket that I have now. It looks very useful for Synchro Summoning, don't you guys think?
Anonymous 23days ago
Maybe if we get multiples we can have like an Overdrive Teleporter Beatdown Turbo

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Will it be good with Geminis??
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