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update 10/01/2019


Note: :To see the pass of Gravekeeper Decklist, please click the link below:

Example Deck

Gravekeeper's OracleGravekeeper's OracleGravekeeper's ChiefGravekeeper's PriestessGravekeeper's PriestessGravekeeper's Recruiter
Gravekeeper's RecruiterGravekeeper's RecruiterNecrovalleyNecrovalleyEnemy ControllerEnemy Controller
ArrivalrivalsArrivalrivalsArrivalrivalsPaleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic Canadia
Wall of DisruptionWall of Disruption--------

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand. Your first Draw will be skipped if you use this Skill.
Vellian Crowler
Vellian Crowler

How to Use

Gravekeeper’s Recruiter

When Gravekeeper’s Recruiter is sent from your side of the field to the Graveyard, you get to add a “Gravekeeper’s” monster with 1500 or less DEF from your Deck to your hand. Gravekeeper’s Recruiter can essentially search any “Gravekeeper’s” monster in the game, with the exception of Gravekeeper's Visionary, it keeps everything consistent and it helps maintaining card advantage.

Gravekeeper’s Priestess

Gravekeeper’s Priestess is your other Normal Summon, a Level 3 monster that increases the ATK and DEF of all “Gravekeeper’s” by 200. With Priestess and Necrovalley on the field, your Gravekeeper's Recruiter will reach 1900 ATK and 2200 DEF, which is pretty impressive for a Level 3.

Keep in mind that Priestess’ effect will affect all “Gravekeeper’s” on the field, including the ones your opponent controls. Depending on what will happen after the introduction of Necrovalley, this detail might become more relevant.

Gravekeeper’s Chief

Gravekeeper’s Chief is a Level 5 monster that, when Tribute Summoned, allows you to Special Summon a “Gravekeeper’s” monster from your Graveyard. You can Summon Gravekeeper’s Chief during the Battle Phase with Arrivalrivals by Tributing Gravekeeper’s Recruiter or Gravekeeper's Priestess and then Special Summon them back right away.

You can also use Double Summon or Soul Exchange to get Gravekeeper’s Chief on the field without having to wait for an entire turn.

Gravekeeper’s Oracle

Gravekeeper’s Oracle is a Level 10 monster that can be Summoned by Tributing 3 monsters or just 1 “Gravekeeper’s” monster. Depending on how many “Gravekeeper’s” monsters you Tributed to Summon Gravekeeper’s Oracle, you get to activate up to three different effects:

  • With the first effect Gravekeeper’s Oracle will simply gain ATK equal to the combined Level of the Tributed monsters x100, which can definitely be useful in certain situations;
  • The second effect allows you to destroy all Set monsters on your opponent’s side of the field. This effect is particularly strong against decks that like to use cards such as Snowman Eater and D.D. Assailant;
  • The third effect will reduce the ATK and DEF of all face-up monsters on your opponent’s side of the field by 2000.

Just like with Chief, you can Summon Gravekeeper’s Oracle during the Battle Phase using Arrivalrivals: a great way of responding to a Wall of Disruption.


Necrovalley increases the ATK and DEF of all “Gravekeeper’s” monsters by 500, it prevents cards from being banished from the Graveyard and it negates any card effect that would move a card in the Graveyard to a different place.

These are just some of the things this card does, I listed what I believed to be the most relevant. Some of your own card effects can be prevented by this Field Spell, but, if Gravekeeper’s Chief is face-up on your side of the field, you have nothing to worry about.

It’s unfortunate we can’t search this Field Spell as easily as we can with most “Gravekeeper’s” monsters.

Additional Notes


[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand. Your first Draw will be skipped if you use this Skill.
Vellian Crowler
Vellian Crowler

It’s really important to start with Gravekeeper’s Recruiter: even if you don’t find Necrovalley in your hand, thanks to this Level 3 monster, you are going to quickly thin your Deck and eventually draw into it.



The Silent GK is the best variant for this deck with Necrovalley and Gravekeeper's Assailant.
<< Anonymous(TFK-SP002)
Piff Reply
Where’s that deck list
<< Anonymous(Piff )
Anonymous Reply
Once a leech, forever a leech.
<< Anonymous
Lol 13days ago Reply
This isn’t v3rmillion dumbass
You said that Silent Magician is able to negate Necrovalley, why when I play against vampire, I can't negate vampire kingdom (when they put it on the field) even with toggle on :-/
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Do they activate it from the hand or via vampire trap card?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
When activated by Takeover, SM can't negate it.
mmh.. since there are 6 cards of each type why not using Balance instead of Restart ?
<< Anonymous(Edo)
ValleCula Reply
Because around 30% of the times you'd start with a Level 5 or higher monster and no Level 4 or lower?

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