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update 25/10/2019

Event Details

Period 25 October 2019 - 11 January 2020

Official Twitter

#遊戯王デュエルリンクス100000000ダウンロード】 皆様のおかげで「遊戯王 #デュエルリンクス」が全世界で1億ダウンロード突破! これまでのデュエルリンクスの思い出を、「#デュエルリンクス語りたい」をつけてみんなでツイートしよう!

Official Preview


Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Alternate Art Prismatic)

Every Player would receive a prismatic, alternate-artwork version of Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Don't forget to claim it from your box.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
LIGHT Dragon ★8
ATK 3000 / DEF 2500
100 Million Download Appreciation Campaign [UR]
This legendary dragon is a powerful engine of destruction. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale.

Gem: Every Player would be receiving 1000 Gems sent through the mailbox

Every Player would be receiving 1000 Gems when they log into the games.

Exclusive Card Sleeves & Game Mat

Card SleevesHow to get
Card Sleeves_100 Million Dowload
Card Sleeves_100 Million Dowload
100 Million Download Appreciation Campaign Reward
Game Mat_100 Million Dowload
Game Mat_100 Million Dowload
100 Million Download Appreciation Campaign Reward

Log-In Ticket Bonus

Log in during this event period and you will be able to obtain a ticket each day for a total of 1 SR, 1 SR Prismatic, 1 UR Prismatic, 1 UR tickets and 1 UR Dream ticket! 1 out of each ticket being a foil card.

The exchange options for the regular SR and UR tickets are Legendary Duelist card rewards, Card Trader cards, Event LDs and previous event-exclusive rewards.

You can exchange your tickets from the banner on the upper right of the screen, or go to ranked duels and select "Exchange Tickets".


Jesen Julian Suanto
How can I got Pegasus maximillion and bakura ryou character unlock mission with their deck card and skill?

Btw, Kaiba looks like... Yagami Light from death note.

His facial expression is a bit... insane lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol so spot on
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's pretty much the same person.
Where is the other math with blue eyes picture
<< Anonymous(B.)
Anonymous Reply
Kaiba with BEWD. Check leaked news date 23th
<< Anonymous
B. Reply
Oh those. They are just a possibly mat & sleeves. Not everything this site post means it's coming. But if they do add it, we will get a notice in the game.
<< Anonymous(B.)
Anonymous Reply
Ohh ok ty bro
<< Anonymous
B. Reply
That's unless it's a hidden mat & sleeve, like summon blue eyes 300 times. From the looks, my guess it may come as a "celebration/birthday" or if another Blue-Eys Structure Deck comes. Only taking a guess
Umm.. wasn't they said SR dream ticket before?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nope, gave too much access to cards Komoney would rather you paid for to balance the meta. Plus there are a couple box SR cards that have been limited. Don’t want a bunch of F2Ps running around with TTH.
excuse me, and where the SR Dream Ticket we were talking about?
yes dream ticket 2 times on the row
We should thank all those bots in the chat and multi acc players to make this campaign happen.
<< Anonymous(Pukimak)
Evil Rick Reply

Sad but true.... XD
<< Anonymous(Pukimak)
B. Reply
Way too many spam bots in the chat. 1% of people i seen use it but only commented one thing
<< Anonymous(B.)
Anonymous Reply
i see 3 things besides spam
1. RP
2. ppl setting up duel rooms
3. ppl trash talking
besides that it's all spam but it depends on what room you're in too
<< Anonymous
B. Reply
I rarely look at it. I turned it off. Once in a blue moon i may look at it to see if any normal people chat and the ones i see just comment hi. I don't think they know the others are spam bots. There should be some kind of awareness so others new players who comment there know it's full of bots. Funny thing, i contacted konami about this & they didn't do anything

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Is it me or is Sagan the only monster that can search Deep eyes ?
Well, that is great XD
Well done Konami. They took some economic lesson from Seto Kaiba himself on how to make money
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