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update 05/12/2018


This deck consists of high-leveled monsters to use as beaters and low-leveled monsters to serve as support.

Example deck

Updated Version

Black Luster SoldierBlack Luster SoldierSenju of the Thousand HandsSonic BirdSonic BirdGishki Chain
Gishki ChainGishki ChainThunder DragonThunder DragonThunder DragonDjinn Demolisher of Rituals
Djinn Demolisher of RitualsGateway to ChaosGateway to ChaosCosmic CycloneCosmic CycloneSuper Soldier Synthesis
Super Soldier SynthesisTreacherous Trap Hole--------

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1000. Return 1 card in your hand to your Deck and draw another. This skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.
Bandit Keith
Bandit Keith

Three-Star Demotion Version [Pre-Banlist]

Black Luster SoldierGuardian Angel JoanGuardian Angel JoanSonic BirdSenju of the Thousand HandsSphere Kuriboh
Swift Gaia the Fierce KnightDjinn Disserere of RitualsDjinn Disserere of RitualsDark Mimic LV1Dark Mimic LV1Gateway to Chaos
Gateway to ChaosSuper Soldier SynthesisSuper Soldier SynthesisStormStormStorm
Wild TornadoWild Tornado--------

How to Use [Pre-Banlist]

Deck search

Senju of the Thousand HandsSonic BirdGateway to Chaos

Search your deck for Black Luster Soldier and Super Soldier Synthesis.

Summoning Black Luster Soldier

Black Luster SoldierWild Tornado

With 3000 attack almost nothing can overpower Black Luster Soldier, so your goal would be to summon him to use as a beater. It would be best to clear the field of any spell/traps if possible before summoning Black Luster Soldier, and always use Djinn Disserere of Rituals as cost when summoning him to make him immune to trap cards like Mirror Wall and Windstorm of Etaqua.
Instead of using the usual Black Luster Ritual that requires monsters from hand or field, we will be using Super Soldier Synthesis which sends 1 card from hand and 1 card from deck to the grave as cost, with this we will not lose too many cards just to summon one monster. In addition Black Luster Soldier can be ritual summoned from the grave when using Super Soldier Synthesis.
With all the advantages of using Super Soldier Synthesis, it does have it's limitations. Super Soldier Synthesis has strict rules for it's cost, you must send 1 monster from hand and 1 monster from deck and they must be 1 light and 1 dark monster. Keep this in mind when building your deck to maximize your efficiency in ritual summoning.

Summon with 3SD

StormWild Tornado

Use Three-Star Demotion to turn your level seven monsters to level four monster for one turn by sacrificing 3000 life points.

Storm Wild Tornado

StormWild Tornado

Set Wild Tornado then use Storm to destroy it. This will trigger the effect of Wild Tornado to destroy a face up card while using Storm to destroy opponent's spell/trap, allowing you a chance to OTK your opponent.

Other useful cards

For versatile cards which can be used in any deck, check the link below!

Add to your deck if you want a more 4-star oriented Black Luster Soldier deck. Only add to your deck if you also added Sishunder. Can search your deck for more resources to use for rituals.
Cyber Dinosaur
Cyber Dinosaur
A level 7 light monster to pair with any level 1 dark monsters in this deck as cost for super soldier synthesis. Can be special summoned from hand when your opponent special summons a monster from their hand.
Darkflare Dragon
Darkflare Dragon
Easy to summon since most of the monsters in this deck are light and dark attribute. Can be comboed with Super Soldier Synthesis by removing from play the ritual cost to special summon this card.
Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive
Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive
Allows you to draw a card when flipped face-up. Can be partnered with Senju of the Thousand Hands as cost for Super Soldier Synthesis.
Des Kangaroo
Des Kangaroo
Can destroy be used to destroy unsuspecting enemy monsters that attack this set card. Pair with level 4 light monsters as cost for Super Soldier Synthesis.
Sanga of the Thunder
Sanga of the Thunder
Another level 7 light monster. Like Guardian Angel Joan can be partnered with Guardian Angel Joan for Super Soldier Synthesis, and summoned without tribute by Three-Star Demotion. Can reduce your opponent's attack to 0 if they are not careful.
Add to your deck if you want a more 4-star oriented Black Luster Soldier deck. Only add to your deck if you also added Brohunder. Can retrieve Brohunder from your grave to hand.
Twin-Barrel Dragon
Twin-Barrel Dragon
A level 4 dark monster to be paired with a level 4 light monster for Super Soldier Synthesis. Can serve as a 1700 attack beater and with the added bonus of possibly destroying an opponent's card when summoned.
Ascending Soul
Ascending Soul
Retrieves monsters you used for a ritual summon. Use with Super Soldier Synthesis to act as a deck search.
Black Luster Ritual
Black Luster Ritual
Used to special summon Black Luster Soldier by tributing monsters in your hand and/or field. Can be added to deck to replace Super Soldier Synthesis but would exhaust your resources faster.
Earth Chant
Earth Chant
Exactly like Black Luster Ritual but with the added condition of requiring your tributes having the exact number of stars. Only use if you don't have Black Luster Ritual.

If you want to use with Yami Yugi


Hot New Top
This + power of the guardians.
Looks like they are going to give some support to this archetype and you won't require synthesis in order to summon it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Synthesis is still by far the best Ritual Spell for the Deck anyway. The only advantage to Super Soldier Ritual is triggering Awakened/Charging Gaia. And I guess not being limited to one activation per turn.
"If you want to use with Yami Yugi"

Aaaaand...? I want to know...
Wat cards to use if want to use as yami yugi
What do u think of this beauty
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Works pretty good in platinum but I need some advice to create a little more consistency. Basically u use fiend farewell to send the pigs to the graveyard to build strong easy tribute fodder and Gaia is basically there cuz u can search him and easy tribute with 1 pig. Been testing riryoku field to block econ and new monster removal cards but unsure about it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Deck is pretty good but relinquished has to go. I built a better one with BLS only. Will post it after I work out the balancing. Hopefully super soldier shield comes out in the next 200 box and djinn demolisher of rituals would pair great with thunder dragon and supersoldier synthesis. If they bring him out.
<< Anonymous
Fyi Reply
Its trash
This could be really good vs amazones.

Hello trapimmune.
<< Anonymous
akubane Reply
def could be fun, but id change something in the 3sd version. remove the 2 joan and add 2 sanga instead, since you can summon them easier with 3sd.
Hey, I came from the future just to tell that this deck is outdated.
I want to go crazy and add another bls and portal + bacon saver and Idaten (dont know if works) or what tech could I add? Thnks ppl
Well I use bls and bewd combo I’ll use bewd as tribute to get bls out then dragons rebirth to get bewd back that’s two 3k monsters out then the rest of my deck is high atk lvl 4s mostly dragon tho and I run 3 horns to boost atk of my lvl 4s if things go wrong but with bandits new hand skill it’s easy I always have bewd or bls out on first turn gateway to chaos is a must and use 2 Swift Geias I’m adding a few tweaks but so far this deck is boss it’s crazy how fast u can demolish ppl with it
Here is my new BLS deck. It can make legend no problem in the current meta. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The 2 riryoku work good but they're just holding the place for super soldier shield. Djinn is a huge focus in the deck. Not sure what id do to reduce it to 20 cards. Runs extra fast when you're dealt gateway.
I'm working on grinding out a BLS deck but my main issue is what do u do about mirror wall. How do u get around it. Do u have to run it with storm last gamble. And I feel trap jammer is sketchy cuz it's easy to remove for your opponent.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
that's what djinn is for. mirror wall wont work on BLS if u used it
This is my current luster soldier deck. Any thoughts?
<< Anonymous
Otong Reply
I see this deck weak against BEWD, Dark Paladin and Relin deck. And you need to relies on draw power instead on Destiny Draw. My suggestion is -1 BLS, -1 Darkflare, -1 BL Rite, -1 Gateway, -3 Apocralyph, then +2 storm, +1/2 Sonic Bird (though it's not dark/light, you still can use it via BL rite) and +3 Dekoichi (draw power and BLS fodder)
<< Anonymous(Otong)
Anonymous Reply
Cool, thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it out
<< Anonymous(Otong)
Anonymous Reply
But seriously, if only trade in was in the game
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
U gotta run 3 ritual spells to deal with champions vigilance and magic drain in high level I find.

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Good i get one ur in my 845laps 0sr 17n 3r
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