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As the name implies, this deck is used to swarm the field with high-attack beatsticks. Keep summoning high-attack monsters to destroy your opponent's monsters until you. Summon Knight of the Red Lotus to once per turn revive a normal monster for free. Summon Fenghuang if you want to clear opponent's backrow. Always remember activate Beatdown! whenever it is available, to boost your monster's attack.

Example deck

Knight of the Red LotusKnight of the Red LotusSphere KuribohSphere KuribohFenghuangFenghuang
Goka, the Pyre of MaliceGoka, the Pyre of MaliceBlue Flame SwordsmanBlazing InpachiBlazing InpachiBlazing Inpachi
Great AngusGreat AngusSoul ExchangeSoul ExchangeSoul ExchangeEnemy Controller
Enemy ControllerEnemy Controller--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Boosts the ATK of face-up attack position monsters you control by 300 per level 5 or more monsters you control. You can only use the skill once per turn.

Seto Kaiba

How to use

Swarming the field

Always try to maintain card advantage on the field.

  • Summon Knight of the Red Lotus to keep reviving your normal monsters from the grave. In addition Knight of the Red Lotus can be special summoned from your hand by removing from play 2 normal monsters in your grave while you have exactly 3 normal monsters in your graveyard. Blue Flame Swordsman also supports this card well by reviving him from the graveyard or increasing his attack if needed.
  • Summon Goka, the Pyre of Malice and during each of your standby phases you can special summon a token defense position. These tokens have many uses since they can be used as tribute. You can use them to tribute summon Fenghuang every turn to continuously clear your opponent's backrow. They can also be used as tribute for using Enemy Controller's second effect.

Use enemy monsters as tribute

Use soul exchange to get rid of enemy monsters you can't overpower. Soul Exchange allows you to use one of your opponent's monster as tribute, and since this deck has many level 6 monsters it won't be too difficult to use this effect. However, be reminded that you can not conduct you battle phase the turn you use this effect. You can also use the second effect of Enemy Controller to take your opponent's monster then use it as tribute, but you must first tribute one of your own monsters to use this effect. Tributing your monsters for this effect would not be a problem if you already have Knight of the Red Lotus or Goka, the Pyre of Malice on your field. Knight of the Red Lotus can revive your tributed monster, while Goka, the Pyre of Malice gives you free tokens to tribute.

Protect your monsters

Use Sphere Kuriboh and Enemy Controller to protect your monsters from stronger monsters your opponent might have, make sure to protect your key monsters like Knight of the Red Lotus and Goka, the Pyre of Malice. Changing opponent monster into defense position is also an effective way of getting rid of monsters with high attack but weak defense.

Other useful cards

For versatile cards that can be used in any deck, check the link below.

Adhesion Trap Hole
Adhesion Trap Hole
Weakens your opponent's monster if ever they manage to summon something stronger than yours.
Mirror Wall
Mirror Wall
Can be used to destroy an attacking monster and deal damge to your opponent.
Symbols of Duty
Symbols of Duty
Can be used to special summon any monster from your graveyard, or your opponent's graveyard by tributing one of your normal monsters


Hot New Top
I only have 2 soul exchange, what card should I use instead of the 3rd, anti-magic arrows perhaps?
<< Anonymous(PK)
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
whatever you want
I'll sell my car and get this deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes that was good choice!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'll sell my body.
Since this deck basically does not run backroll, maybe a Frog would be useful.
Restart istead of beatdown...too many possible bricked hands...
Ah. This is gravekeeper's 2.0 except WAY more expensive
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I mean, why use this deck when you can basically use gravekeepers, which uses very similar strat (SE into Chief/lotus) but is obviously cheaper AND more competitive?
<< Anonymous
Daemon Blitzkrieg Reply
Oh, idk, to say fuck the Meta? To be different? To actually PLAY something different? I mean, not everyone wants to play with the GKs, and that's like the most obvious reason.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Because it's fucking different? Don't tell me you don't get sick of seeing harpies,toons, 3sd dark magician. All those decks do the same thing. At least this is adding a little more variety
<< Anonymous
VictorValois Reply
HelloMan, whatss this version of yours?
I can buy this deck with half my lunch money.
Awful deck, needs more UR!
<< Anonymous(Joker)
Anonymous Reply
This deck need 2/3 Tatsunootoshigo. Then it would be the next cancer
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
and gamea needs to find a new joke besides tatsunootoshigo because i'm fucking tired of seeing people trolling him everywhere.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
be original! use sand stone sometimes!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Heyy, dont be so mad bruh!! U can use Monster Tamer if you cant get Tatsu
A cheaper, yet at this time buggier, way to go is use hazy flame sphinx and Mai Valentine's ability aroma strategy.
Deck builder Bill Gates?
<< Anonymous(alv....)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(alv....)
Anonymous Reply
Sphere ebola
damn. 3 blazing, 3 soul ex, 2 red lotus, and 2 sphere ebola
Its not like they actually SAID it was gonna be cheap to rock this set. -_-
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But I DO like the basics of this deck. Might see if I can remake it, definitely don't have Joey maxed yet tho...
You should put 3 mirror wallets.

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