D.D. Tower Fire Enemy Decks 【21st to 30th floor】

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update 22/09/2017

Tower monster's decks [21st to 30th floor]

Scarlet Phoenix Deck

You'll encounter this deck at:
Floor 21 1st Tower Monster.
Floor 23 1st Tower Monster.
Floor 25 2nd Tower Monster.
Floor 28 2nd Tower Monster.
Floor 30 2nd Tower Monster.

Scarlet Phoenix Knight Deck

You'll encounter this deck at:
Floor 21 2nd Tower Monster.
Floor 24 1st Tower Monster.
Floor 27 1st Tower Monster.
Floor 29 3rd Tower Monster.

Scarlet Black Flare Deck

Note: Scarlet Black Flare Deck is now complete. Thank you for all of your contributions!

Added 1 Stamping Destruction. Thanks to 1 anonymous comment!
Added 1 Level Up!. Thanks to 1 anonymous comment!

You'll encounter this deck at:
Floor 21 3rd Tower Monster.
Floor 23 2nd Tower Monster.
Floor 26 2nd Tower Monster.
Floor 27 3rd Tower Monster.
Floor 29 1st Tower Monster.

Scarlet Frost Dragon Deck

You'll encounter this deck at:
Floor 22 1st Tower Monster.
Floor 24 2nd Tower Monster.
Floor 26 3rd Tower Monster.
Floor 28 3rd Tower Monster.
Floor 29 2nd Tower Monster.

Scarlet Ninja Deck

Note: Scarlet Ninja Deck is now complete. Thank you for all of your contributions!

Added 2 Red Dragon Ninja. Thanks for 2 anonymous comments!

You'll encounter this deck at:
Floor 22 2nd Tower Monster.
Floor 23 3rd Tower Monster.
Floor 25 3rd Tower Monster.
Floor 27 2nd Tower Monster.
Floor 30 3rd Tower Monster.

Scarlet Lotus Knight Deck

Note: Scarlet Lotus Knight Deck is now complete. Thank you for all of your contributions!

Added 1 Fenghuang. Thanks to 1 anonymous comment!

You'll encounter this deck at:
Floor 22 3rd Tower Monster.
Floor 24 3rd Tower Monster.
Floor 26 1st Tower Monster.
Floor 28 1st Tower Monster.
Floor 29 1st Tower Monster.

Deck used on the 30th floor [Boss]

Deck Sequence Table

FEnemy decks
  • Scarlet Phoenix Deck
  • Scarlet Phoenix Knight Deck
  • Scarlet Black Flare Deck
  • Scarlet Frost Dragon Deck
  • Scarlet Ninja Deck
  • Scarlet Lotus Knight Deck
  • Scarlet Phoenix Deck
  • Scarlet Black Flare Deck
  • Scarlet Ninja Deck
  • Scarlet Phoenix Knight Deck
  • Scarlet Frost Dragon Deck
  • Scarlet Lotus Knight Deck
  • Gemni deck
  • Scarlet Phoenix Deck
  • Scarlet Ninja Deck
  • Scarlet Lotus Knight Deck
  • Scarlet Black Flare Deck
  • Scarlet Frost Dragon Deck
  • Scarlet Phoenix Knight Deck
  • Scarlet Ninja Deck
  • Scarlet Black Flare Deck
  • Scarlet Lotus Knight Deck
  • Scarlet Phoenix Deck
  • Scarlet Frost Dragon Deck
  • Scarlet Lotus Knight Deck
  • Scarlet Frost Dragon Deck
  • Scarlet Phoenix Knight Deck
  • Scarlet Black Flare Deck
  • Scarlet Phoenix Deck
  • Scarlet Ninja Deck


Hot New Top
Para os brazucas de plantão, eu usei meu deck de mago padrão, e consegui passar tranquilo por todas as fases, repetindo no máximo duas vezes algum inimigo mais difícil. O boss eu venci de primeira, pra completar.
Stuck on 21F. Sucks I guess I could waste time looking for a specific deck to defeat the phoenix monster that keeps destroying all my crap but im tired of wasting my time on this event it's boring and to difficult for the crappy rewards it offers.
<< Anonymous(Mastakui)
Trunks Reply
Doesn't work. I don't have any econ cards. I wasn't able to summon blue eyes even once. And only 9 minutes left and only made it to the first one on F 23 so im kinda pissed off at this event.
<< Anonymous(Trunks)
Trunks Reply
And now I was screwed. Even my last duel I got a crapy hand and ended up with 3 blue eyes in my hand and one support card and got destroyed. Really hate this game sometimes because you get punished so much sometimes for not having every damn card in the game.
<< Anonymous(Trunks)
W.H. Reply
Did not finished it too; kinda busy early on and underestimate the event; thought I could cakewalk through it. Try to speed through but end up at the middle of 28th floor =(

This would be too late but I use Disappear to remove Phoenix from graveyard. Seeing the AI is stump after all the Phoenix's gone for good is quite satisfying.
<< Anonymous(W.H.)
Anonymous Reply
Phoneix is not that hard, compared to fighting ninja deck in this event.
Elements unite actually work for the final boss. I managed to do all 3 missions in one duel using this list:

1x Pyrorex
1x Beast of Serket
3x Brushfire Knight
2x Crystal Seer
2x any normal FIRE monster
1x Riryoku
1x Shooting Star Bow - Ceal
1x Temple of the Kings
2x White elephant's gift
2x Any field spell
1x The Humble Sentry
1x Gift of the Martyr
3x Jar of Greed
1x Ble-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

The decks works like most normal Elements Unite decks, get Gate Guardian out and draw into your combo. In this case, however, set your crystal seers and your fire monsters and let the boss destroy them, but be very careful so that you won't be forced to mill Pyrorex with Brushfire. The final combo works by summoning pyrorex, activating Temple, tribute Gate Guardian to normal summon Serket, activate temple's effect to summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate from the fusion deck, use rirsoko on ultimate, give power to pyrorex, then use gift of the martyr, tributing Ultimate and giving power to Pyrorex, finally give ceal to pyrorex and attack directly for 8550 direct damage.

If you managed to activate both field spells and waited until it was 3 or less cards in your deck you should have all 3 missions done.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this isn't a perfectly safe build, it's still possible that the boss summons Pyre of malice and destroys one of its own monsters to pop the Michizure on your monster.

I hope this still helps someone. gl for those still doing the event.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It workss TY dude!
<< Anonymous
D_stu_la Reply
Thanks in the third tried, i make the 3 missions with this deck :D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
oh my gosh it worked on first try! Thank you!
<< Anonymous
Medikando Reply
Use last 10 mins before finish event and get 9+7 points thnks
Err.. I just finished the last mission on the final boss 2 minutes after the server reset. Will that still count?
duel links 2.0 professional mod with +8000 points in pve and disable cheat detector in pve

fix a bug where you cannot pass some missions like lp remaining

more information in

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<< Anonymous(LISA)
Anonymous Reply
who cares slut
Against the final boss, if you play only def with labyrinth wall and neo-aqua Madoor, it's very easy because the boss use trap versus your attack... You win when his deck is empty :)
Is there anything special you get if you finish all missions?
<< Anonymous(Unknown)
Piroca Reply
No. Just the guarantee of gettinh everything on the box 3 times. And a "outta boy" from D. D. Guide
Superior Than You
Lifeless fuckers playing this pathetic card games. Kill yourselves for the sake of humanity
<< Anonymous(Superior Than You)
Anonymous Reply
you got a good point, ok I will
<< Anonymous(Superior Than You)
The Machine Reply
You're so cute
<< Anonymous(Superior Than You)
Anonymous Reply
Take it somebody still hasn't gotten an E-con...
Scarlet Phoenix --> Unhappy Girl
Scarlet Horus -->Buster Blader Red-Eyes Fusion
Scarlet Lotus --> Silent Magician
Still working on the others
<< Anonymous(Piroca)
Piroca Reply
Scarlet Frost Dragon:
Unhappy Girl with Riryoku Field. For the "Destroy 6 monsters" mission use a Ninja deck with Riryoku Field and ninja traps to dodge Tribute to the Doomed and Frost Dragon Effect (keep in mind that you'll lose some LP due to Reaver and Sunfish effects). For the fusion mission use Paladin, summon him as fast as you can
<< Anonymous(Piroca)
Piroca Reply
Scarlet Sacred Phoenix of Nephtys:
Red-Eyes Zombie deck (the pvp one with Gozuki, Insights and stuff) with Dimension Gate to counter Wild Tornado. Beatdown skill is also required to beat Phoenix attack
<< Anonymous(Piroca)
Piroca Reply
Scarlet Ninja:
Again the same PVP RE Zombie deck. The Ninja is by far the hardest to counter so let this be the last to be beaten. Add Wild Tornados to destroy the traps and Kuriboh to avoid Red Ninja. The effect damage challenges in the 30F is the hardest, all I could think was Grave Vassal so I exhausted his resources (2 Etaqua), brought 2 Union (in case of Kuriboh) and attacked praying...
<< Anonymous(Piroca)
Piroca Reply
... to God, SPhere Ebola wasn't in his hand and luckilly it worked. For the 7000 Battle damage: again use REZ, exhaust his etaquas and use Inspiration (2 or 3) in the last attack IN THE DAMAGE STEP (atesting that Ebola is still in his deck)
Hi there! I'm just stuck on the 29th floor and I can't do the Frost Dragon deck mission, any good decks to use, please?
These decks have way to much synergy to do the missions in one go. It's pretty much bullshit imo. Can't do a good amount of missions from F22 and up.

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