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The Ghostrick archetype is an archetype with only level 1,2 and 3 monsters (with the exception of one level 4 monster currently not available in Duel Links) and all monsters are based off of Halloween characters or monsters.

Although this deck works better In the TCG with the added XYZ-monsters and their support cards like the field spell Ghostrick Mansion, there's a way to make them somewhat work in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links in case you really wanted to play with these funny looking cards.

Currently the only way to make this deck work is to mill your opponent with the effect of Ghostrick Skeleton (milling is removing as many cards as possible from your opponent’s deck until they can’t draw anymore and automatically lose the duel).

Example deck

Ghostrick SkeletonGhostrick SkeletonGhostrick SkeletonGhostrick MummyGhostrick MummyGhostrick Mummy
Ghostrick GhoulGhostrick GhoulGhostrick Yuki-onnaGhostrick YetiA Feint PlanA Feint Plan
A Feint PlanAstral BarrierAstral BarrierSpirit BarrierSpirit BarrierGhostrick Scare
Windstorm of EtaquaCurse of Anubis----


[Skill] descriptionUser
Destiny Draw
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw the card of your choice.

Yami Yugi

How to Use

All Ghostrick monsters share a common effect that reads “Cannot be Normal Summoned, unless you control a ‘Ghostrick’ monster. Once per turn: You can change this card to face-down Defense Position.”

This means that when you control no monsters on the field you have to “set” you Ghostrick monsters, this is one of the main weaknesses of this archetype and is the reason you need to run cards that prevent your opponent from attacking your monsters. Once you are able to defend a set Ghostrick monster for one turn you can flip it up and start normal summoning your other Ghostrick monsters (because at that point you ‘control a Ghostrick monster’).

When you control a monster, Astral Barrier and Spirit Barrier at the same time your opponent can’t deal battle damage and can’t attack your monsters meaning you win the game unless they have a way to mill you, deal effect damage or a way to remove your backrow (the latter being the most likely counter to run into). But because you’ll remove cards from your opponent’s deck they’ll deck out before you do.

Ghostrick Skeleton

As mentioned before the only viable win condition this archetype currently has in Duel Links is to stall the duel and banish as much cards as possible with the effect of Ghostrick Skeleton.
Every turn you control this monster you’ll want to flip it face up to activate its effect and then activate its second effect to flip it face down again.
Don’t forget to first flip all your other Ghostrick monsters before this one so that you can banish the most amount of cards possible from your opponent.

Ghostrick Mummy

Has a great effect because he allows you to swarm the board more easily with Ghostrick monsters. Being able to normal summon or flip this card face up on your second turn means you could potentially have a full board of Ghostrick monsters already.

Ghostrick Ghoul

Although this deck doesn’t rely on beating your opponent through Battle Damage, there are situations where you need to destroy a certain dangerous monster, or situations where it is safe to attack, if that is the case you could potentially get the attack of one of your monsters to 4000 (or close to). Once you have a full board, the best target to use this on is Ghostrick Mummy because even if he would die he has the least useful effect at that point in the duel.
This card’s effect remains until the end of your opponent’s next turn, so you can safely keep that monster in attack position and chances are your opponent won’t be able to attack over it.

Ghostrick Yuki-onna

One of the new Bonz level rewards (currently only one available), this card’s effect puts the monster that destroyed it in face-down defense position, after which it can’t change its position anymore, just like the effect of “Floodgate Trap Hole”. A very good effect in a deck that aims to stall.

Ghostrick Yeti

This card has a very good defense of 2000. This means that if you set this card and your opponent attacks it, there will be a lot of times where there is no need to activate any of your stall cards to protect it. He also has a useful effect that can help you keep alive your Ghostrick monsters.
Important to note; you cannot prevent this card from being destroyed by a stronger monster with its own effect when it’s still face-down because your Yeti will be flipped, the damage calculations will happen and only afterwards can you choose which monster to protect.

Ghostrick Scare

Probably the only decent Ghostrick trap we currently have available. If you have the same amount of monsters (or more) as your opponent (yours must be in face-down defense position), you could stop all attacks from those monsters this turn by flipping them face-down at the start of your opponent’s battle phase. This card could be compared to a more situational (and worse) ‘Windstorm of Etaqua/Curse of Anubis’. You could also try and destroy your opponent’s monsters next turn because they’ll be in defense position so it’s safer to attack (and most monsters have a lower defense than attack as well).

Feint Plan

One of the most effective ways to prevent your opponent from attacking your monsters in this deck, it has great synergy with the Ghostrick monsters because they can flip face down every turn making them protected with Feint Plan.

Astral Barrier & Spirit Barrier

When you have these two cards active at the same time it makes you almost unbeatable (in case your opponent has no way to destroy your backrow). But because it can be difficult to have both at the same time , you’ll want to run the skill Destiny Draw, allowing you to draw whichever one you are missing.

The way this combo works is that when your opponent tries to attack one of your monsters you can make that attack become a direct attack instead by activating the effect of Astral Barrier, and Spirit Barrier makes it so that you don’t take any battle damage while you control a monster.

Windstorm of Etaqua & Curse of Anubis

Both of these cards have a similar effect that under most circumstances buys you an extra turn and defends your monsters, which is important to get your Ghostrick monsters going.

Additional Notes

Don’t forget to flip your Ghostrick monsters back in face-down position before you end your turn so that they can be protected with Feint Plan and Ghostrick Scare.

Even if you don’t control Spirit Barrier but have Astral Barrier available, it could be necessary to take a direct attack so that your monsters can live an extra turn.

Other Useful Cards

Ghostrick Witch
Ghostrick Witch
This card can switch one of your opponent’s monster in face-down defense position each turn. Because most monsters currently used in the meta have a weaker defense than attack this could be a safe way of destroying some of your opponent’s monsters (attacking when they are in face-up attack position can be very risky).
Ghostrick Stein
Ghostrick Stein
Has a useful effect that allows you to add one Ghostrick spell/trap card from your deck to your hand when you deal battle damage with this card and because he has the highest attack of all Ghostrick monsters currently available this could be feasible, although it might not be consistent enough.
Wall of Disruption
Wall of Disruption
As soon as your opponent realizes you are trying to mill him he’ll try and summon as many monsters as possible to clear your field (or make Ghostrick Skeleton banish less cards each turn). This might cause your opponent to overextend in which case Wall of Disruption will slow them down even more.
Impenetrable Attack
Impenetrable Attack
Makes one monster on your field unbeatable for one battle phase. However this only applies to one monster.
Floodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap Hole
Another great way to slow down your opponent and possibly lock down one monster zone on their field.


Guys, theres a deck that is probably the most competitive viable ive seen. Go to playmaker's channel .
I worked on my own version of it since I didn’t have all the cards that was suggested in the example deck and this version works pretty well.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
replace frankenstein with yuki onna
Midnight Soup
I'm sick of Konami sponsor these deck out bs decks. Just split these cards up into separate packs, it's not that damn hard.
Imagine if Bonz had a Ghostrick Mansion Skill. This deck would be full with Floodgates, GT Witch and Gravity Axes
<< Anonymous(TrialnError)
Anonymous Reply
I'm kinda surprised they didn't give a copy of Ghostrick Night as a level reward, especially since Witch is fairly worthless without it.
I'll admit she's niche, but Ghostrick Witch has helped me win a couple duels. Flipping an opponent's monster facedown removes gemini summoning and any counters or buffs they have, as well as giving you a second chance to floodgate something powerful if you couldn't the first time it was summoned.
Restart is a necessity in order to skeleton in your starting hand. I would say use total stall cards, like floodgate, yuki onna, a feint plan, etc. try to get out mummy and summon a full field of ghostricks. Stall their field and flip skeleton every turn. I would run only one ghoul as backup but I wouldn’t use witch at all. So maybe 2 ghouls, you can decide. Basically, while this isn’t a great mill deck as of now, it’s a fun deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
did you just make a tl;dr from this guide? atleast i hope that's what you were trying cuz if not you just copied what was written above, so ....thanks ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wasn’t my intention. That first part is copy paste sorta but the last part is from experience.
<< Anonymous
TrialnError Reply
No Destiny Draw is the necessary skill for this deck. Unless your restarted hand is both Barriers and Skeleton you will potentially brick yourself and lose all your monsters
Ghostrick monsters don't have the support in Duel Links that is necessary to make a good control deck not worth anyone's time at the moment I don't understand why every Archetype eventhough they are missing pivotal cards in Duel Links have to have their own half assed deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"Although this deck works better In the TCG with the added XYZ-monsters and their support cards like the field spell Ghostrick Mansion, there's a way to make them somewhat work in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links in case you really wanted to play with these funny looking cards."

maybe read you genius, it's for people that want to have fun
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You made Duel Links a better place simply genius by being a genius
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
because people play this game for fun and wanna try new cards, instead of people like that accept 3 decks as the current meta and tryhard around not understanding what fun is
Check out ytDan on you tube he made a ghost trick deck for attacking and it's pretty good, but also just for fun
Without mp2 & ghostrick are trash
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah because there is no MP2 you are forced to focus on milling, and not attacking
The problem with this deck is it's lack of mining cards you need for a successful consistent victory.

You'll brick hard on all Traps constantly, and Ghostrick Scare doesn't stop your opponent hard enough.
So i have 3 Floodgate Trap Hole, 3 Ghostrick Stein and 3 Ghostrick Witch but i don't have Ghostrick Yuki-onna or Ghostrick Scare as of yet as i am leveling others up. how should i build my version? also may i ask why don't we play Call of the Mummy; Ghostrick Yuki-onna and Ghostrick Witch are the only non zombie Ghostrick monster cards?
<< Anonymous(MrTommo999)
MrTommo999 Reply
ohhh i also only have 1 A Feint Plan as well :P
<< Anonymous(MrTommo999)
Number 66: Novoxism Reply
You need to git gud
<< Anonymous(MrTommo999)
Anonymous Reply
because you would at most run 1 copy of call of the zombie, because there will be way too many times that it's useless, you are better off running the defensive cards like feint plan instead

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Our last office party,eat your hearts out you worthless plebs PS. buy our shit
Our last office party,eat your hearts out you worthless plebs PS. buy our shit
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