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update 23/07/2018


A great control deck that is very disruptive and never loses card advantage if you manage to complete your setup. Saffira, Queen of Dragons is an extremely versatile boss monster with multiple effects, therefore she is the key to maintaining your advantage. Use balance with at least 6 monsters, 6 spells, and 6 traps in your deck to hopefully get Saffira, a ritual spell, and ritual cost in your starting hand.

Example deck

Saffira, Queen of DragonsSaffira, Queen of DragonsSaffira, Queen of DragonsCyber Angel BentenCyber Angel BentenCyber Angel Benten
Senju of the Thousand HandsSenju of the Thousand HandsSenju of the Thousand HandsZeradias, Herald of HeavenHymn of LightHymn of Light
Hymn of LightThe Sanctuary in the SkyFairy's Blessing
Fairy's Blessing
Divine PunishmentDivine Punishment
Divine PunishmentLight of JudgmentLight of JudgmentLight of Judgment--

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck. This Skill will not activate unless you have at least 6 of each type of card (Monster, Spell, and Trap) in your Deck.
Alexis Rhodes
Alexis Rhodes

How to use

Saffira, Queen of Dragons

Saffira is your boss monster that you want on the field as quick as possible. Ritual monsters are usually costly to summon but luckily Saffira will pay for herself and gain you more advantage overtime. The times she can activate her effect are when she is ritual summoned, when another monster is ritual summoned, when you discard Zeradias to search out The Sanctuary in the Sky, and When you discard a LIGHT monster for Light of Judgment.
The effect you usually want to use is to draw 2 cards and discard 1 to gain some resources. If your opponent is using a deck without much graveyard recursion. The retrieve from graveyard effect is best used after discarding Zeradias so that you can use him as a beater, otherwise you can also use it to retrieve Cyber Angel Benten to use as ritual fodder.
Saffira's ritual spell Hymn of Light also has a graveyard effect to protect a ritual monster on your field from destruction via battle or card effects.

Ritual Support

These cards are used to help you summon Saffira, Queen of Dragons. Cyber Angel Benten is to be used as cost for ritual summoning Saffira. She replenishes herself by searching out another LIGHT Fairy-type monster when she is tributed. In desperate situations where you draw multiple Cyber Angel Benten in your starting hand, you can summon her to use as a beater and then later as cost to summon Saffira. You can use this to search out Zeradias, the Herald of Heaven. Senju of the Thousand Hands searches out Saffira for you to summon or Cyber Angel Benten for you to use as cost. Fairy's Blessing is a generic ritual spell for LIGHT monsters but with the drawback that your cost must equal exactly the level of the monster you plan to summon, no more no less. Therefore you will be forced to use Cyber Angel Benten or another Saffira as cost.

The Sanctuary in the Sky

The Sanctuary in the Sky itself does not do much to help this deck. But it does bring with it powerful support cards like Divine Punishment and Light of Judgement which can only be used when The Sanctuary in the Sky is on your field making it a key card.
Zeradias, the Herald of Heaven can discard himself to search out The Sanctuary in the Sky. Discarding Zeradias will also allow you to use on of the many effects of Saffira. Also Zeradias himself can be searched from your deck by Cyber Angel . Meaning you can leverage your ritual summoning into searching The Sanctuary in the Sky.

Sanctuary Support

Both of these trap cards have extremely powerful effects but require you to have The Sanctuary in the Sky on the field to activate them. Divine Punishment basically says no to any card effect your opponent activates, negates them, and destroys the card it negates all for no cost except itself.
Light of Judgment sends (does not target and does not destroy) any card in your opponent's hand or field to the graveyard. All while looking at their hand to reveal information. The discard cost could even benefit you with Saffira on the field so that you can replenish the cost or knock another card out of your opponent's hand.

Other Useful Cards

Cyber Angel Idaten
Cyber Angel Idaten
Can be summoned to search a Ritual Spell card, combo with Cyber Angel Benten to search out Saffira with her ritual spell. Can also be used as tribute and boost your Ritual monsters by 1000 attack.
Ritual Weapon
Ritual Weapon
Since all your ritual monsters are level 6, you could use this as a good attack boost.


Hot New Top
Mid-expensive lmao
so is this version or the CA/Saffira version better?
So cyber angel won't die anytime soon, won't they?
<< Anonymous(Khalil)
Hanzme Reply
They are already dead
<< Anonymous(Hanzme)
Yang Reply
No, if you know the theme well, you can figure out the core and modify the techs to suit the meta. It works in theory and experiments, but the main problem here is Fur Hires...
(If you noticed, this is Saffira, not CA optimisation)
<< Anonymous(Khalil)
Anonymous No. 2 Reply
I went from Gold 5 to Legend 2 with CA Saffira alone, but it proved inadequate to reach KoG.
I rekt like 90% of full power Fur Hires super hard.
Amazoness was the worst matchup.
Is this new deck spread any good?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Inconsistent. Just a fun deck idea
Grand Danton
Very interesting
Now those decks are unplayable :(
This pack does not want me to have this dragon. :(
down to 40 packs left and still no Saffira. It's like they know I'd like to build a deck with it. I'm starting to think they rig the current meta cards to be at the bottom of the box!
LMAO who cares if CA is getting nerfed again if you can play this variant.
<< Anonymous
Captain Obvious Reply
You can't have 2 Daikinis and 1 MAR.
<< Anonymous
Nibberfgt Reply
I care nibber
Can u run this deck without any senju?
Federation Reply
give me your id please

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