KOG Yosenju Deck by Stormdell on Mar 5, 2021

Duel Links Yosenju KOG deck by a player, Stormdell. Decklist, tips, skills, and back-rows.
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update 05/03/2021

Thank you for sharing your tips with us IGN: Stormdell !

KOG Yosenju Decklist by Stormdell


IGN: Stormdell, Skill: Quick as the WIND, Date Submitted: Mar 5


The deck itself has plenty of options during gameplay and I was surprised to see that, for the most part, works well against the current meta. It has the hability to search, attack directly, raise ATK, draw cards, stall and bounce stuff (the most powerful part of this deck).

Skill Used

[Skill] descriptionUser
Quick as the WIND
Can be used after your Life Points are at 3000 or below. Play the Field Spell "Rising Air Current." If there already is Field Spell on your side of the Field, rerturn it to your hand. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
Bastion Misawa
Bastion Misawa

The skill I used was Quick as the Wind because it gives an awesome boost of ATK to the monsters and it’s easy to activate (suffering one attack or activating a CC is enough). Other skills such as The Tie that Binds, Ready for Victory and Overlay Gain also work with this deck.

Main Matchups

I find this is 50/50. If you open well, with Yosenjus Sword Sting and Kiteroid/Yosenju Oyam, you have a good chance of winning. Otherwise, it might be harder. The most dangerous obstacles are Chaos Dragon Levianeer which will destroy your backrow, forcing you to use it, Photon Strike Bounzer which will negate your Kama’s effects and Thunder Dragonduo that can raise its ATK above the original, which will destroy Oyam by battle. My advice is to decide well what to bounce (e.g bounce levianeer or not). If you can’t bounce anything, rely on Kama 2’s direct attacks. Yosenju Kama 2 + Yosenju Tsujik runs over Bounzer and Oyam + Tsujik runs over every monster.

This is a pretty favorable match-up. It summons Bounzer and M7 which you can deal with by using Sword Sting and then summon monsters and attacking for game in the next turn. Kama 2/Oyam + Tsujik also deals with Bounzer. Keep in mind that Photon Strike Bounzer can negate your Oyam’s effect on the field. preventing you from stalling. Also, Constellar Ptolemy M7 can return your Oyam to hand, making you discard another Yosenju if you want to resummon it. Another threat is Hey, Trunade!, which will prevent you from using your backrow that turn and you will most certainly be OTKed if you don’t have a Kiteroid/Oyam. Also, some Onomats run backrow such as Karma Cut, which can disrupt your plays. In case your opponent has backrow and you don’t have a Cosmic Cyclone, I suggest summoning the Yosenju you don’t mind being removed first because this can make your opponent Karma Cut it and then you summon the Yosenjus you really want.

Another favorable match-up. Abyss Dweller can negate your Oyam and Kiteroid in the graveyard and if Atlantean Heavy Infantry is detached from an Xyz monster, it can destroy your Oyam on the field. Beware of Number 37 as it will decrease your monsters’s ATK when you attack. They usually run Forbidden Lance which will partially stop your Sword Sting and cards such as Book of Moon, Paleozoic Canadia and Treacherous Trap Hole which will disrupt your normal summons. Although they can do all this, you can pretty much go with the usual bouncing and stalling until you can shave away their LP with attacks. Staples such as CC, Drowning Mirror Force and Fiendish Chain also help of course. In my experience, I won most if not all the matches against them.

This is almost always an intense match. Thanks to their monster effects and their trap, they can almost always have monsters on the field and make them indestructable, so the main strategy ends up being trying to disrupt their plays with bouncing (especially when they Xyz a monster), and relying on Kama 2’s direct attacks to win. Keep in mind that if they have a Merlin in the grave, they will chain it to your bouncing effects and Xyz summon a monster.

This is, by far, the worst match-up for the deck. They will Karma Cut you, negate your monster’s effects with Ultimate Providence or Fiendish Chain, negate your Kiteroid and Oyam in the graveyard with Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon, remove your backrow with Dragon Spirit of White, make your bouncing useless for a turn with Spirit Dragon + Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon combo and have 3k beatsticks on the field that are hard to deal with because of Yosenju’s low ATK. What you can do is remove their backrow with CC, protect yourself with Oyam and Kiteroid, run monsters over with Oyam + Tsujik or ATK boost the monsters with the skill + Tsujik, direct attack with Kama 2 and bounce with Kama 1 and Sword Sting when possible. If your opponent bricks or has no backrow, your chances of winning increase and the match becomes fairly possible to win. If Drowning Mirror Force works against them, it also gives you a good chance to OTK them later.

This is pretty favorable as well. Since Desperado Barrel Dragon needs a monster destroyed to activate, you can counter this by bouncing the monsters instead. When monsters like Ms. Judge come into play, it’s better to bait it’s effect to activate and then you activate the card you really want to activate. When Head Judging appears I just say this: Good Luck, because there is nothing else to it.

T.G can be pretty dangerous. If you don’t bounce their monsters, they might synchro a Black Rose Dragon during your turn, leaving your entire field empty and leaving you with zero plays left. T.G. Halberd Cannon is also a problem if they pull it off, but with some stall, you can possibly bounce it later. Oh, also, Book of Moon and Forbidden Lance are common in these decks, so watch out.


That’s about it. In short, it’s a good deck with many plays but can also be countered hard with High ATK points, play disruptions and effect negation. Also, a bad hand shows up sometimes.


Well congratulations. M'y question is : why 2 yusenju monster? Ppl run 3*.
How many games for kog !?
<< Anonymous
Stormdell Reply
Hello, thanks. I tried builds where I ran x2 Kama 2 and x2 Kama 3 but I felt my hands were generally worse. Then I felt the deck needed some staples like backrow removal. I would run x3 Kama 1 but I only have 2. I also only have 1 cyclone but I would use 2. Cyclone is good because it fulfills the conditions to activate the skill. I started in Plat 6 this season and it took me 86 wins to reach KoG.
<< Anonymous(Stormdell)
Anonymous Reply
How often do you use extra deck monsters? and do they help in any particular matchups?
<< Anonymous
Stormdell Reply
Very rarely. I use Gagaga Cowboy as a finisher and Gagaga Samurai to OTK if I don't have the skill activated. Tie that Binds and Ready for Victory are good skills to OTK with Samurai too. I use Delteros to get rid of a card if I can't with anything else and Utopia to delay some attacks if I need to. In general, they are very situational and not particularly good against anything.
<< Anonymous(Stormdell)
Stormdell Reply
Oof, I just noticed I said I tried to run x2 Kama 2 and x2 Kama 3 but I meant that I tried to run 3 of each.

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sadly newb casuals always complain about this all-purpose farm deck since they can't afford ...
Great!! Dna Surgery - water A legendary ocean - minus 1 level Stygian Dirge - minus 1 level ...
Or maybe an "Utopic" Xyz, so that Halfway to Forever actually can summon one.
I read that in Echoes Act 3's voice
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