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Using Mako's skill Mythic Depths, you can use WATER monsters to make a beatdown deck by swarming the field and simply relying on their high attack. It's relatively cheap to make since many of them are low rarity or from the card trader.

Example deck

Hammer SharkHammer SharkHammer SharkAtlantean MarksmanAtlantean MarksmanAtlantean Marksman
Atlantean Attack SquadAtlantean Attack SquadSpined GillmanSpined GillmanSpined GillmanHey, Trunade!
Hey, Trunade!Hey, Trunade!Super Rush HeadlongSuper Rush HeadlongEnemy ControllerEnemy Controller
Wall of DisruptionWall of Disruption

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Mythic Depths
Begins Duel with the Field Spell "Umi" activated.
Mako Tsunami
Mako Tsunami

How to use

Hammer Shark's effect lets you special summon a lvl 3 or lower WATER monsters. Atlantean Attack Squad and Spined Gilman are good monsters to summon in a Beatdown deck since they have high attack, but they often work best in pairs instead of by themselves. This is why you need Powerful Rebirth to bring them back. Atlantean Marksman can special summon Attack Squad from your deck when he inflicts battle damage. Since Atlantean Marksman is a Sea-Serpent-type monster Atlantean Attack Squad will gain his attack boost.

Since the monsters in the deck already have some pretty good attack, Hey, Trunade! is good to make sure your attack goes through by returning all your opponent's backrow cards to their hand. Enemy Controller also further helps with some OTK potential by tribute taking your opponent's monster so you can direct attack. These two cards work well together since (if you turn activation confirmation to on) you can go into battle phase and use Enemy Controller to tribute take your opponent's monster, and chain it to your Anti-Magic Arrows so your opponent can't respond with any spell/trap cards.

Use Super Rush Headlong for protection against monsters your opponent summons that you can't go over. It's a quick-play spell so you can use it as protection, or offensively during your turn. This gives you some room for flexibility. Wall of Disruption debuffs your opponent's attack position monster when one of them attacks. This debuff gets stronger the more monsters your opponent controls. This debuff could then help your weaker monsters overpower stronger monsters your opponent uses.

Other useful cards

The example deck is used to show a more F2P friendly deck, but an alternative and more expensive version can use these cards to improve on the deck. Cosmic Cyclone is used to snipe dangerous spell/trap cards from your opponent, as well as lowering your LP so you can use Bastion's Silent as WATER skill for an even higher attack increase than Umi. Using Ties of the Brethren lets you swarm the field VERY early, but you will need to remove Hammer Shark for another lvl 3 monster like Lost Blue Breaker.

You will need at least 2 or 3 one or the other to be more consistent, which will bump them from a "somewhat F2P deck" to a "Credit Card deck".

Cosmic Cyclone
Cosmic Cyclone
Very useful for getting rid of cards like Sea Stealth Attack or other potentially dangerous set card. Also can be used for Bastion's "Silent as WATER" skill.
Beautunaful Princess
Beautunaful Princess
Only card it can search is Hammershark, but if you use 3 of it, then this is a good alternative if you are missing some cards.
Double Summon
Double Summon
Helps with swarming the field, especially if you have Spined Gillman.
Abyss Soldier
Abyss Soldier
Can be better than Warrior of Atlantis despite lower attack in a beater deck, but it's more difficult to obtain several copies of.
Gives piercing effect to your other monsters.
Ties of the Brethren
Ties of the Brethren
With another 3 star monster, you can use this to easily swarm the field. Works better with Bastion's water skill.
Lemuria, the Forgotten City
Lemuria, the Forgotten City
Use this with Beatdown! (skill) to increase your monsters' attacks by 300 each by increasing their levels.
Water Hazard
Water Hazard
Can be a dead card at times, but it can also let you summon 3 monsters from 0 in a turn.
Lost Blue Breaker
Lost Blue Breaker
Low atk but it can destroy a spell/trap card.


I have almost the same deck setup I use Oyster meister instead for better synergy with hammer shark the only thing this deck is good for is auto dueling SD and roaming LD to get stuff like exp gold keys etc.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
If you use Oyster Meister and Hammer Shark, you might as well run a Golden Flying Fish deck instead.
Anonymous 15days ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Anonymous 15days ago
awesome setup, marksman allows u to remove backrow like crazy
Anonymous 15days ago
Another water crap deck.
Anonymous 16days ago
flying fish is better. this is just $300 of trash
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Agree, this deck stinks
Whitebeardyo 17days ago
tried nearly the same but it sucked balls against all decks from tier1 and tier 2... but easy wins against those bronze-gold players
<< Anonymous(Whitebeardyo)
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
You can win in bronze-gold using a structure deck...
<< Anonymous
Whitebeardyo 17days ago Reply
so then you know its as good as a structure deck. have fun
Anonymous 17days ago
The "normal" Water Beatdown deck isn't good, Aquatresses are doing the unga bunga job way better.
Vinnah 17days ago
First I thought: how can you use beatdown. But the name of the deck didn't refer to the skill :P.
Before aerial bombardment comes on comment section. This is a good beatdown deck Gamea.

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