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update 28/05/2018


Noble Knight monsters usually have the own set of useful effects, but this build will include the most relevant Noble Knight monsters to be used in conjunction with their Noble Arms Spells. The fastest combo is to Normal Summon Noble Knight Medraut, equip it with any Noble Arms, and Special Summon Noble Knight Drystan to the Field in Defense mode. This deck has options to either obtain Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr to allow your Noble Knight monsters to destroy set cards, or to get Noble Arms of Destiny for protection. The main strength of this deck is to utilize Noble Knight Drystan’s effect to destroy any face-up card, when it is equipped with any Noble Arms equip Spell.

Example Deck

Updated Version

Noble Knight MedrautNoble Knight MedrautNoble Knight MedrautNoble Knight DrystanNoble Knight DrystanNoble Knight Drystan
Double CycloneDouble CycloneDouble CycloneGlory of the Noble KnightsGlory of the Noble KnightsGlory of the Noble Knights
Noble Arms - ArfeudutyrNoble Arms - ArfeudutyrNoble Arms - ArfeudutyrNoble Arms - CaliburnNoble Arms - GallatinNoble Arms of Destiny
Noble Arms of DestinyNoble Arms of Destiny--------

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck.
Paradox Brothers
Paradox Brothers

Previous Version

Essential cards
(Box reset)
Crusaders BattlegroundCrusaders Battleground
Noble Knight MedrautNoble Knight MedrautNoble Knight MedrautNoble Knight DrystanNoble Knight DrystanNoble Knight Drystan
Noble Knight BorzNoble Knight BorzDouble CycloneDouble CycloneGlory of the Noble KnightsGlory of the Noble Knights
Noble Arms - ArfeudutyrNoble Arms - GallatinNoble Arms of DestinyNoble Arms of DestinyEnemy ControllerEnemy Controller
Enemy ControllerTreacherous Trap Hole--------
Noble Knight MedrautNoble Knight MedrautNoble Knight MedrautNoble Knight DrystanNoble Knight DrystanNoble Knight Drystan
Noble Knight BorzNoble Knight BedwyrTies of the BrethrenSwords at DawnSwords at DawnGlory of the Noble Knights
Glory of the Noble KnightsNoble Arms - ArfeudutyrNoble Arms - GallatinNoble Arms of DestinyNoble Arms of DestinyEnemy Controller
Enemy ControllerTreacherous Trap Hole--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand.
Vellian Crowler
Vellian Crowler

How to Use

This deck relies mostly on Noble Knight Drystan, either you can Normal Summon him from your Hand, or you can use Noble Knight Medraut to Special Summon him from your Deck. You can equip Noble Arms of Destiny to allow Noble Knight Drystan to destroy 1 face up card on the Field, and at the same time grant Noble Knight Drystan immunity to battle and card effect 1 time, each turn. You can set Double Cyclone, and use it during your opponent’s turn, to destroy your Noble Arms and destroy their set Spell/Trap, and return Noble Arms to be equipped to Noble Knight Drystan, in order for Noble Knight Drystan to destroy your opponent’s face-up card. You can also use Glory of the Noble Knights during either you or your opponent’s turn, to equip Noble Knight Drystan with a Noble Arms Spell from your Deck, and trigger its effect to destroy 1 face-up card. Depending on situation, you can choose to use Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr to destroy opponent’s set Spell/Trap, Noble Arms - Caliburn to grant 500 ATK increase, and heals 500 LP every turn, Noble Arms - Gallatin to increase your Noble Knight monster’s ATK by 1000 (but it will reduce 200 ATK during each of your Standby Phases), you can use Double Cyclone to destroy Noble Arms - Gallatin, and re-equip it to renew its ATK to 1000.

Noble Knight Medraut & Noble Knight Drystan

This deck allows you to manipulate your starting hand in such a way that, you will most likely open with either Noble Knight Medraut or Noble Knight Drystan. If you have Noble Knight Medraut, you can Normal Summon Noble Knight Medraut and equip it with any Noble Arms spell, and Special Summon Noble Knight Drystan from your Deck in DEF mode. If you have Noble Knight Drystan in your Hand, simply Normal Summon him to the Field. The goal is to have Noble Knight Drystan on the Field as soon as possible.

Glory of the Noble Knights & Double Cyclone

Both of these cards are Quick-Play Spells, which means you can either use them on your turn or set them to be used during your opponent’s turn. This gives your Noble Knight Drystan great advantage because you can equip Noble Arms to him during your opponent’s turn to destroy your opponent’s card. However, bear in mind you can only use Noble Knight Drystan’s effect once during either player’s turn.

Noble Arms

In order to use Noble Arms’ effects efficiently, you have to understand what each of them does, and which are more suitable to be used in which situation. All Noble Arms have the effects of re-equipping themselves to any Noble Knight monster you choose, when they were destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, in other words, you can keep destroying them with card effects and they will still be re-equipped as long as there are Noble Knight monsters. You can only control 1 of each Noble Arms on the Field. Generally Noble Arms of Destiny is the most used because of its ability to protect your Noble Knight from being destroyed by battle or card effects, for 1 time. You can use Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr if your opponent plays backrow heavy decks, however the ATK loss is permanent even if you remove Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr from your Field. Noble Arms - Caliburn is a general ATK boost and Healing card, Noble Arms - Gallatin provides powerful ATK boost but you will have to end the duel fast to avoid too much ATK losses each turn.

Additional Notes

Noble Knight Bedwyr

This card has a good effect to send any Noble Arms card from your Deck to the Graveyard. This effect works well with Swords of Dawn, however it does not fit well in this deck as the search engine uses Glory of the Noble Knights.


Balance is the best skill to be used in this deck because you will have a high chance to have 1 Noble Knight monster and 3 Spell cards in your starting hand.

Additional Staple Tech

Since Noble Knight decks generally does not have strong draw power, it relies mostly on protection tech cards in conjunction with their Noble Arms’ effects, to steadily destroy their opponent’s cards and monsters. You can consider using Enemy Controller or Super Rush Headlong as additional protection.

Other Useful Cards

Enemy Controller
Enemy Controller

Super Rush Headlong
Super Rush Headlong

Wall of Disruption
Wall of Disruption
Additional protection tech card


Hot New Top
Anonymous 9days ago
balance & restart nerf hit this deck pretty hard.
been experimenting this deck by adding the RESD, king of the swamp & a poly to the deck and its not that bad.
and i need to know what they mean "6 types", i mean monster types are clear, but are equip spells & quick spells considered a type or not?
<< Anonymous
MKW 2days ago Reply
On god, i opened 190 pack to get the second Drystan and one Medraut. I really think Konami make them appear in latest box to encourage to turn on paid content. (Sorry my english is not good)
<< Anonymous(MKW)
Komoneys 2days ago Reply
All ur illiterate moneys belong to us
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
hmm new balance actually works almost (maybe) like old balance.
so far it gives me 1 monster 1 spell 1 trap + 1 random and thats not bad at all

and if you wonder what 6 trap is the best, wild tornado & typhoon, since both can destroy your equip and enemy faceup trap/spell aswell.
but if you think that was too expensive (both were sr from old main box) just play oops/disarmament/interdimensional.
<< Anonymous(MKW)
Piiiiiinnnooy 11hour ago Reply
Same here!!!!!
Robert Downey Jr 1days ago
I do not have Medraut what is recommend in place his?
Anonymous 4days ago
I have 2 wild tornadoes and two walls of disruption. Other useful cards i can put in my post-nerf deck to have 6 traps? And i have another question: trap cards that are equipped on monsters like metalmorph, kunai with chain etc... will trigger noble knights effects?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Noble Knight monsters specify on their text that the Equip must be a "Noble Arms" Equip Spell.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
You don't want traps that have strict activation conditions because they clog your backrow and then you can't use glory. Try stuff like collected power and typhoon to activate Drystan.
<< Anonymous
DrillDude 3days ago Reply
What do you guys think about floodgate or paleo canadia?
As a defensive cards and to use with arfeudutyr effect

Just to add, about collected power, I believe we can target opponent monster also and as long as it is a non-warrior, thus the noble arms will be destroyed and can be re-equipped to drystan to trigger it's effect.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Floodgate. Canadia, Interdimensional Matter transporter (to banish a NK, destroy the equip and re-equip on Drystan). Do not usemetalmorph, kunai or any traps like thoose (they don't trigger NK effects).
Anonymous 12days ago
Which decks do well against noble knights?
<< Anonymous(Cucumber-kun)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Those posts hurt my brain. Drystan's effect would start a new chain after that one resolves. (Which would be the case even if you could activate an Equip Spell directly in that case.) And there's nothing you could destroy that would make Spellbook of Fate fail unless it resulted in you controlling zero cards anyway.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
So who's telling the truth, OP or you?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
cucumber kun you are wrong all the times, chain resolves one by one, you cant make a new chain when another chain is already resolving, in this case summon drystan, chain fate, you chain glory of the noble knight, glory resolves you equip something to drystan, fate resolves you banish 1 card(banish drystan obviously), end of chain, drystan actibe target 1 face up card on the field and destroy it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Saying "cucumber-kun" is a bit weird eh.
Anonymous 5days ago
Noble Knights can still run balance post nerf using traps such as Typhoon, Wild Tornado and Oops.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
>NK deck
>running 6 traps

Anonymous 15days ago
This deck is cancer. Konami please nerf
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. 7days ago Reply
I agree please nerf this crap.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Wait for the balance nerf morons
Anonymous 13days ago
Eliminating the league can also be a good card in this deck ;)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Discarding a Noble Arms spell is not the same as destroying it face-up while in the field though, so what's the point of sending your equips to grave if you can't re-use them.
Anonymous 10days ago
I've completed the deck on Friday, something like this. And I can tell you guys it is a good deck. My worst matchups were Amazoness and SB. But with the version that I'm playing i had a good chance to win against all decks. If you're F2P, i don't think this deck is a good option for you. But if you had luck in your pack openings or you are a P2W player, definitely Worth the try.

P.S: Against SB pray to be the first to play and try to equip Glory (or something else, depends on you) on Drystan as soon as they put the first blue boy or fool in the field. They can't use fate without a monster.
Anonymous 12days ago
Tier 1!!!!!
apophis 12days ago
With noble knights do not even lose 1 game against amazoness and heros Also beat easily sylvans,so what is the problem with Thé guys arrange this shitty tier list
Anonymous 14days ago
You can't use balance with no traps?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
Do you even know how balance skill works?
Anonymous 14days ago
I want more noble cards :)

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