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update 05/06/2017

Spell Strider

Spell Strider
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeIgnition Effect


If this card is in your hand: You can target 2 face-up Spell Cards on the field (1 from each side of the field); banish them, and if you do, Special Summon this card.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader
  • Tradable [UR]
  • 100,000 Gold
  • UR Jewel x4
  • Stone of Earth x80




  • Able to banish opponent’s important face up Spell Card
  • Can be Special Summoned after banishing face-up Spell Cards from each sides of the Field.


  • You need to banish your own face-up Spell Card as a result.
  • Weak DEF stats.


  • This card’s effect is only limited to face-up Spell Cards, which means only Equip/Field/Continuous Spells are affected, not very versatile against Quick-Play Spells, or Trap cards.
  • This also makes it situational to Special Summon Spell Strider as your opponent may not play any of the aforementioned face-up Spell cards.


You can equip Big Bang Shot to your opponent’s face-up monster, and use Spell Strider to banish your Big Bang Shot and 1 of your opponent’s face-up Spell card, to banish your opponent’s face-up monster that was equipped with Big Bang Shot, and potentially allow you to direct attack.

Crystal Beasts

Any of these Crystal Beast monsters can be moved to your Spell/Trap zone as Continuous Spell Cards, when they were destroyed while in Monster Card Zone. You can use Spell Strider’s effect to banish your own Crystal Beast monsters from your Spell/Trap zone to banish your opponent’s face-up Spell cards.

Useful Skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
Meet My Family!
At the start of a Duel, the followin cards are added to your Deck and shuffled: "Rainbow Dragon" "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus" "Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle" "Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle" "Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise" "Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth" "Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat". You will be considered the original owner of these cards.
Jesse Anderson
Jesse Anderson
[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand.
Bandit Keith
Bandit Keith




Banished categoriesBanishes from field for cost
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons itself from your hand


Hot New Top
But what decks actually have 2 face up spell cards to spare? Cause usually, if they have them, they will depend on them aswell...
<< Anonymous
Joe Mama Reply
Maybe those Earthbound monsters, Necrovalley oriented Gravekeepers deck, and Elemetsabers. That's the only ones that I can think of right on the spot
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The other one is on your opponent's field, so you only need one spell.
*sees card description*
but why...
Pretty efficient when dueling against a toon user. Made a couple of them rage quit out of surprise when I banished toon kingdom (they mostly had summon skull and toon dragon on the field) and my own spell card
>Card: Target 2 face-up SPELL cards
>People talks about SSA
>SSA is a trap.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Umi/ALO, however, are not.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Remove Umi or ALO from the field. SSA's effects can only be activated while Umi is on the field, so you indirectly shut it down.
Can’t find spell strider. Is there a level requirement?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
UR's in general have a (low) level requirement, but they still show up if you're below it, just greyed out. (At least, this is how it worked before the Trader rework, I'd assume it's still the case.) It's in the active stock, so won't always be there. Just keep trying.
Are field spell also count?
<< Anonymous(Me)
akubane Reply
yes, all spells that are open. field, equip, continous, crystal beasts and cards that count as equips.
<< Anonymous(akubane)
Anonymous Reply
*slight correction, it's "cards that counts as equip spells".

Equip cards aren't always Spells.
Some monsters equip others to theirself as spell cards like union monsters, relinquish,red eyes slash, and Plasma but idk how they will benefit from this card.
<< Anonymous
Turbo Reply
Equip a monster to Plasma one turn, use it to summon Strider, then Absorb another opponent monster?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
assuming your opponent is playing equips(lol, no.), or continuous spells(maybe). your best bet is to use him as 1800 beater, but benefit if opponent plays field spell
Why these comments said about SSA? They should talk about ALO either since it affect spells only.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Scroll down please
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, it seems Konami is nerfing SSA 🔥 not through the banlist like what most people expected, but by putting in cards that easily deal with SSA.

This thing easily remove Umi/Ocean and turn SSA, for one turn at least, into a dead card lol

Not to mention it banishes the spell card making them harder to retrieve back.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Personally, I actually like this way of dealing with overpowered cards, compared to just slapping them to the banlist.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you have played SSA, when you got 5* monster, ssa, and alo on the field. you practically begging the next draw is a monster. Any monster. More often than not, you will have multiple copies of alo and ssa on your hand.

This card is nothing compared to cosmic cyclone. Not to mention that you need your own face up spell card to activate it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Why would they ban SR cards from main box? it's different from normal cards like woodland sprite or golden bamboo, or even free cards like dakini and MAR.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Game balance is more important than keeping a single SR relevant.

Also, it's not like hitting "cheaper" cards doesn't impact sales anyway. If Cyber Angels were no longer viable, less people would go for Saffira and Senju, for instance.

The only reason it hasn't happened yet is because it hasn't been needed. I feel like the next time we get a list update, a pack holo will be hit.
<< Anonymous
Syfodias Reply
at the card trader, starting from today ( 18 - 04 2018 )it's an ultra rare so it will require ( I think ) 100.000 gold and 4 ultra rare gems
<< Anonymous(Syfodias)
Anonymous Reply
Yep, it's 100k coins, 4 UR Gems and 80 Stones of Earth.
<< Anonymous(Syfodias)
?!?!? Reply
4 UR stones**
<< Anonymous(?!?!?)
Anonymous Reply
The official term's actually UR Jewels. (They're called that in the item list.) If you're going to correct someone, at least get it right yourself. ;p I just said UR Gems because it sounds better.
The best part of it is that it has 4 star so you can normal summon it easily if there's no face up spell card.
This card is good. Good for dueling against SSA. Take note that this card is useful. SsA trap card needs Umi to function.

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