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Duel Links Insect Queen deck, Insect Queen in the meta, Insect Queen Skill.
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update 16/06/2018


The latest box Rampage of the Forest is focused on Plant and Insect monsters. One of these Insect monsters, Metamorphosed Insect Queen, is actually a monster that was released not so long ago in the OCG/TCG, giving us the impression that Konami is making new cards while having Duel Links in mind (because cards like Metamorphosed Insect Queen have no impact on the meta in the TCG/OCG).This Guide will focus on Metamorphosed Insect Queen.

Example Deck

Insect Uprising

Deck Idea from Takeる@Takerunrun_Duel

Metamorphosed Insect QueenMetamorphosed Insect QueenMetamorphosed Insect QueenDoom DozerPerfectly Ultimate Great MothBeetron
Resonance InsectResonance InsectResonance InsectBee List SoldierBee List SoldierGold Sarcophagus
Gold SarcophagusGold SarcophagusD.D.R. - Different Dimension ReincarnationOverdone BurialOverdone BurialCocoon of Ultra Evolution
Cocoon of Ultra EvolutionTreacherous Trap Hole---

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Insect Uprising
You can use the skill when you control 3 or more Insect-type monsters. Decreases the ATK of face-up attack position monsters your opponent controls by 800. You can only use the skill once per turn.
Weevil Underwood
Weevil Underwood

Restart / Parasite Infection

Metamorphosed Insect QueenMetamorphosed Insect QueenMetamorphosed Insect QueenArmored BeeArmored BeeArmored Bee
Pinch HopperPinch HopperPinch HopperResonance InsectResonance InsectResonance Insect
Cocoon of Ultra EvolutionCocoon of Ultra EvolutionCocoon of Ultra EvolutionMetalmorphMetalmorphMetalmorph
Spikeshield with ChainSpikeshield with Chain

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Parasite Infestation(skill)
After starting hands are dealt, 1 or 2 "Parasite Paracide" cards are added to your opponent's deck face up.
Weevil Underwood
Weevil Underwood
[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand.
Yugi Muto
Yugi Muto

How to Use (Insect Uprising Version)

Metamorphosed Insect Queen

The Boss monster from the deck, which you’ll either summon with the effect of Cocoon of Ultra Evolution, or with the effect of Pinch Hopper.

Something a lot of people don’t seem to understand about this card is that it can only make a second attack if there is another monster on the field, you cannot destroy a monster and then tribute a monster on your side of the field to make a direct attack.

If you control Insect Queen and one other Insect monster (for example one of her tokens), your opponent can’t target your insects with card effects or destroy them with card effects, this is a very strong effect so you’ll want to always have at least one insect monster by her side, which shouldn’t be too hard because she can summon an insect token during every end phase (this means also during your opponent’s end phase).

Resonance Insect

Another great insect to be included in this deck because you can add an Insect Queen (or Doom Dozer/Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth) to your hand if it’s sent to the graveyard.
It also has a secondary effect when it’s in the graveyard where you can banish it to send another insect monster from your deck to the graveyard, the monster you would usually want to mill with this effect is Insect Queen. Both of these effects set up your play to revive Insect Queen from the graveyard with Overdone Burial.

Bee List Soldier

Bee List Soldier Provides your deck with some good draw power by tributing himself along with a token summoned by Insect Queen to draw 2 cards.

Gold Sarcophagus

Gold Sarcophagus is able to search out any card in your deck but with a long wait time that could get you killed. Therefore, the best use would be to banish Insect Queen and special summon her with D.D.R. Only after you have an effective setup on the board that you can really use Gold Sarcophagus to search safely.


Metamorphosed Insect Queen can only be special summoned, and the fastest most cost efficient way to special summon her is by reviving her. Resonance Insect already sets up most of what you need by adding Doom Dozer/Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth to your hand. Use Overdone Burial to discard the high-leveled Insect monster and revive Insect Queen. When you banish Insect Queen with Gold Sarcophagus, you can immediately bring her back with D.D.R.

Cocoon of Ultra Evolution

A monster revived with D.D.R. or Overdone Burial is quite fragile because it would also be vulnerable to backrow destruction. Use Cocooon of Ultra Evolution to special summon a copy from the deck that is not tied to an equip card. Cocoon of Ultra Evolution can then be banished from your graveyard to return an Insect monster from your graveyard to deck and draw a card. You can use this to return Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth back to deck, if you want to special summon him with another Cocoon of Ultra Evolution.

Other Powerful Insects

This deck also contains other powerful Insects, usually they are used with Overdone Burial to revive Insect Queen but when summoned on the field they can be excellent beaters. When you already have Insect Queen on the field, you can use extra copies of Cocoon of Ultra Evolution to special summon Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth to your field, which is a 3500 attack beater. Doom Dozer can be special summoned by banishing 2 Insect-type monsters from your graveyard, although his effect might be helpful to your opponent depending on what deck you are against.

How to Use (Restart Version)

Armored Bee

Beside Metamorphosed Insect Queen the other UR in the latest box is this Insect, and it’s very deserving of its UR status. Once per turn this bee can halve the attack of a monster on your opponent’s field and with its 1600 attack this means it can take out a monster with 3200 attack. This monster has a lot of potential to be used in control decks as well and not just insect themed decks. This monster equipped with Metalmorph or Spikeshield with chain can do a lot of damage on its own.

Pinch Hopper

To start of it’s important to know that Pinch Hopper can miss the timing, because his text reads “When… You can....” . This means that Pinch Hopper being sent to the graveyard needs to be the last thing to happen. For example if you tribute summon a monster and use Pinch Hopper as that tribute, the last thing to happen is for the tributed monster to be summoned (first Pinch Hopper goes to the graveyard, then your tribute monster hits the field), meaning you can’t activate Pinch Hopper’s effect.

However the effect of Pinch Hopper DOES work Cocoon of Ultra Evolution because him being sent to the graveyard and an insect being summoned from your deck happen at the same time, BUT if you activate Cocoon of Ultra Evolution in a chain it will miss the timing. This means that if you have an Insect Queen in your hand and still 1 or more in your deck, and you want to summon 2 Metamorphosed Insect Queens this turn you need to put your toggle to ON and activate your Cocoon as soon as possible before a chain starts. If your opponent activates a card and you would chain Cocoon of Ultra Evolution to it, you will still be able to summon an Insect Queen from your deck but not from your hand, because Pinch Hopper being tributed was not the last thing to happen (the last thing to happen will be the first card your opponent activated (the one you chained Cocoon to).

If you tribute a Pinch Hopper for Insect Queen’s effect to make a second attack, you will not be able to activate Pinch Hopper’s effect because first Pinch Hopper will be tributed, then Insect Queen will gain her effect, meaning Pinch Hopper being sent to the graveyard was NOT the last thing to happen.

Cocoon of Ultra Evolution, Metalmorph & Spikeshield with chain

If you want to activate metalmorph/Spikeshield with chain and equip it to an insect and then use the Cocoon of Ultra Evolution to special summon a Metamorphosed Insect Queen during the battle phase you NEED to put your toggle to “ON”, otherwise you’ll only get a prompt during the Damage Step to activate your traps at which point you can no longer activate Cocoon of Ultra Evolution (you can only activate it at the latest during the battle step).

Cocoon of Ultra Evolution, just like Resonance Insect, has a secondary effect when it’s in the graveyard where you can banish it to put an insect from your graveyard in your deck and then draw 1 card.

Metalmorph or Spikeshield with Chain equipped to Armored Bee can hold of your opponent or put pressure on them while you are waiting for your Cocoon of Ultra Evolution.

If you have an insect equipped with one of these traps, you can attack your opponent or his monsters, and when you destroy one of their monsters, or your opponent activates a spell/trap card like Wall of Disruption, Super Rush Headlong, Enemy Controller, you can follow it up with your Cocoon of Ultra EVolution to effectively negate those effects and get out your Insect Queen to either attack once more, or protect yourself against Super Rush Headlong/Wall of Disruption.

If you use the Parasite Infestation skill and your opponent drew into a Parasite Paracide, you can also equip one of your opponent’s monsters with one of your trap cards (because all his monsters will be treated as insect monsters) and use Cocoon of Ultra Evolution to send that equipped monster to the graveyard in order to summon your Insect Queen.

Other Useful Cards

Kunai with Chain
Kunai with Chain
Can both stop one of your opponent’s attacks, and serve as an equip card to help summon Insect Queen.
Worm Bait
Worm Bait
If you control an Insect monster you can summon two insect tokens, these can be used to draw cards with Bee List Soldier or equip them with a card to and use Cocoon of Ultra Evolution to summon your Insect Queen.
Overdone Burial
Overdone Burial
With this equip spell you can get back an insect monster from your graveyard and it will be equipped with this card (at the cost of discarding 1 monster), at this point you can use Cocoon of Ultra Evolution to summon an Insect Queen.
Jade Insect Whistle
Jade Insect Whistle
If you are using the parasite infestation skill this would be a great card to include at least one copy of. Even though this isn’t a burn deck, not only do you block one of your opponent’s draws and deal 1000 lp with this card, you also make sure there will be at least one insect on the field to equip with one of your traps and to use Cocoon of Ultra Evolution on. So if you would be in a situation where you have one of the trap cards set, and Cocoon of Ultra Evolution, it would be better to draw into Jade Insect Whistle then into a random insect monster. (unless you have an Insect Queen in hand it might be better to draw a Pinch Hopper).


Hot New Top
tributing a monster triggers when GY effects, the resolution of the summon has no spell speed & no effect, it just happens, the cost of the tribute Does happen during the same instance as the summon, it's simply ordered to 1st send monsters & then resolve the summon within that instance, & things sent to the GY as cost during the resolution of summon effects absolutely miss timing on when effects, the send happens while an effect is still resolving, & nothing can chain during the resolution of an effect.
<< Anonymous(Kard)
Anonymous Reply
holy 🔥 dude try to make some clear sentences with proper punctuation, this was one incomprehensible ramble ...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
He can't. He is a rapper. He gotta go fast.
<< Anonymous(Kard)
Anonymous Reply
Hola hola, oh nana na
Nobody uses this with Inzektor?
<< Anonymous
Insect Dude Reply
I use it with Inzektor and it works very well. The only thing which hurts this deck is Wall of D.
this queen always pop in my inzektor deck first hand like wtf rng i only run one in my deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it hurts
Super p2w and super bricky deck Hahahaha
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I remember a time when you could get king of games with only jerry beansman and mirror wall was the most power full card but f2p players could get it because we dint had new pack every single month
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You forgot UR Axe Raider and SR Judge Man.
Good old day.
Can someone please explain why spellbook of fate can banish this card when I have another insect on the field?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Fate doesn't target.
with inzektors, can this deck be good ?
Ojama King
anyone tested "A Hero Emerges" with Insect Queen?
<< Anonymous(Ojama King)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah A Hero Emerges can summon it. But if the enemy picks something else like Doom Dozer it gets thrown to the graveyard. Too risky.
you shouldn't even think to create a deck with 3 kunai.
<< Anonymous(Ojama King)
Blake insect god Reply
It does work but you end up building more of a burn deck than control. Im in legend 1 working on it
<< Anonymous
gambajo Reply
Dgayed has discord channel where a self-admitted cheater mod (and banned by Konami) was made "chief of mods"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What the hell are you talking about? There’s not a single Kunai in this deck list...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The preliminary decklist early on included 3 copies of Kunai with Chain. It's changed since then. (Also, the next-newest post in this particular set of comments was a month ago, did you really think nothing could have changed in that time?)
Remember that while the new queen can't have Hopper activate his effect when she sacrifices him, the original Insect Queen does. Might want to have one of each queen and a Doom Dozer for a triad of boss monsters.
Ojama King
use insect queen with "hazy flame cerberus" + "insect imitation" or "hundred footed horror" + "exe of fools" use "cocoon of ultra evolution" only when they are about to 🔥 equipped "hundred footed horror", to counter removals etc. very brickable but fun strategy.
You guys got a new writer recently? The articles are pretty good.
is BOXer good with this deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maybe but boxer not insect though he require 🔥 2 monster to summon insect queen

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