Insect Queen: deck recipe [New Idea Updated]

you shouldn't even think to create a deck with 3 kunai.
Three kunai and three econs, a trifle excessive
I'd say suggesting as many copies of Kunai here is actually justified, even if it's rather unlikely. It's clearly a VERY powerful card here (both a defensive tool and an equip for Cocoon). These decks are just examples to build off anyway.
This is what happen when GameA didn't copy paste from Dgayed or other youtube decks.
<< Anonymous
Ojama King
haven't played this deck, but how about equipping Mask of the Accursed?
<< Anonymous(Ojama King)
Blake insect god
It does work but you end up building more of a burn deck than control. Im in legend 1 working on it
<< Anonymous
Dgayed has discord channel where a self-admitted cheater mod (and banned by Konami) was made "chief of mods"
What the hell are you talking about? There’s not a single Kunai in this deck list...
<< Anonymous
The preliminary decklist early on included 3 copies of Kunai with Chain. It's changed since then. (Also, the next-newest post in this particular set of comments was a month ago, did you really think nothing could have changed in that time?)


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Did you see that ending?!Could we be getting Aigami/Diva next month?!
lol my fortune ladys still @@@ on this deck and i drew brick hands most of my games.
Tag Duel most likely just like the other Elemental Cards (except for that wind monster.) I forgot...
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