WCS 2019 Final Stage [11 August 2019 Updated]

Duel Links WCS Final decks, the top meta of Duel Links in WCS 2019.
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24th Mini Box: Soul of Resurrection
update 11/08/2019

Updated Information

  • Day 2 Final Result Updated

WCS 2019 : Final Stage

DateAug 10~11 [2018 13:00~18:30]
LocationBerlin, Germany

Streaming Schedule

WCS 2019 Day 1Aug 10 19:00 ~ Aug 11 16:00
WCS 2019 Day 2Aug 11 14:45 ~ Aug 12 00:30

WCS 2019 Appreciation Campaign

Rules for WCS 2019 Finals

♦ About the Deck:

  • 5 Decks, each set to a different Legendary Duelist with a different Skill.
  • Duelist can only have 3 copies of the same card across their 5 Decks.
  • In addition, they can only have 1 copy of a Limited card and 2 copies of a Semi-Limited card across their Decks.

♦ Regulation:

  • Each Match consists of 5 Duels and the Duelist who wins 3 Duels first will be the winner of the Match.
  • Duelist cannot use the Deck they have used in the Duel for the rest of that Match.
  • Duelists must change their Deck after a Duel.
  • Standard and Legendary Decks must be used in the following order:
1st DuelStandard Deck
2nd DuelLegendary Deck
3rd DuelStandard Deck
4th DuelLegendary Deck
5th DuelStandard Deck

Day 1

♦ Day 1 :

  • The tournament will have Duelists split into 2 blocks, Block A and Block B. Duelist will take part in a round-robin tournament within their respective blocks.
  • The Top 2 Duelists (most Match wins) from each block will proceed to Day 2.

Competing Duelist in Block A

Block AA1: Andy Tsang
A3: Dkayed
B2: FM Vino
C1: Suhnrysanti
C3: RaW
D2: まあ
E1: Yukoo
F2: Nightingale
Kii: しもん
Kiii: TsunTsun

Competing Duelist in Block B

Block BA2: Jason
B1: Zeeta
B3: Eduu16
C1: φ Belban φ
D1: コバヤシ
D3: March
F1: Raymond
Ki: Eugen
Kiv: (松)
Wc: あれ。

Day 2 Result [Final Tournament]

Final Tournament

1st PlaceD1: コバヤシ
2nd PlaceWc: あれ。
3rd DuelD2: まあ
4th PlaceB1: Zeeta

Day 2 Result [Semi-Final Result]

Top 4 Duelist [Semi Final]

Block AD2: まあ
Wc: あれ。
Block BB1: Zeeta
D1: コバヤシ

Day 2 Livestream

Day 1 Result [Round-Robin Tournament by Block]

Top 8 Duelist

Block AD2: まあ
C1: Suhnrysanti
C3: RaW
A1: Andy Tsang
Block BB1: Zeeta
Wc: あれ。
D1: コバヤシ
Kiv: (松)

Block A Result

Block B Result

Day 1 Livestream


Hot New Top
the SR ticket you get from the winner guessing has Pair Cycroid, good for those who still haven't unlock Zane
That mess up how I choose the right person who was gone win the cup and didn't get no gems only tickets n 5 pack of some bs where my gems
sean masterz
where is my 5000 gems
<< Anonymous(sean masterz)
Anonymous Reply
late august
I liked how a different person won this time. I don't really care about the nationality of the winner
That's the saddest Final ever
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
dude got clapped
Dkayed is OP... Tier 0... BROKEN!

<< Anonymous(VOTE FOR DKAYED)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(VOTE FOR DKAYED)
Anonymous Reply
Well, he ain't nothing but broken now. He only won 2 duels out of the 9 duels this WCS and missed out on a Top 8 spot. LOL
<< Anonymous(VOTE FOR DKAYED)
Darth Reply
<< Anonymous
A.T.L.A.S Reply
Dude what time can get the 5000 gems
<< Anonymous(A.T.L.A.S)
Anonymous Reply
Gems aren´t the guaranteed prize, some ticks are. Gems will simply be handed out as a lottery, only a few will receive them. Just pray RNGesus is on your side on this one.
Can someone explain this to me? I read the instructions that said rewards are given late August but one of the rewards is a special pack x 5 for that also late August?
Hi I pick correctly for tournament n he won but I didnt get no gems what going on
<< Anonymous(Kingquis22 )
Anonymous Reply
Gem give us at late august maybe
<< Anonymous(Kingquis22 )
Anonymous Reply
Also, gems only by chance, so unkless you've already got everything no gems for you.
Yes,I did it, my prediction correctly 1st place.
Representou Zeeta <3 Brasil torceu pra você!
<< Anonymous(John)
Anonymous Reply
Representou muitoo!
Pena que ele brickou justamente contra os japoneses. Desde ano passado o Brasil só é pior que o Japão! ;D
<< Anonymous(John)
Anonymous Reply
Parabéns Zeeta!!!
Esperava ver o Vino nas finais também, mas foram bons jogos.
My Japanese guy won.


<< Anonymous
Ko Na Mi Reply
there are no gems guaranteed!
<< Anonymous(Ko Na Mi)
Anonymous Reply
There are. Minimum of 100gems
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nope, only if you win the lottery
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's really BS. Everyone who predicted the right winner should at least be rewarded with some gems.

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Yeah, that deck is an epic fail
Watt dragonfly into this into wattkey
Viper is unlikely, we have literally 0 Venom card left to be used as his drop or level up reward....
I've seen that. Or even when it starts out as just one other person on the team or just me a...
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