Blackwing - Simoon the Poison Wind

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update 10/03/2020

Blackwing - Simoon the Poison Wind

Blackwing - Simoon the Poison Wind
TypeWinged-Beast, Effect


If you control no monsters and have this card in your hand: You can banish 1 other "Blackwing" monster from your hand; place 1 "Black Whirlwind" from your Deck face-up in your Spell & Trap Zone, then, either send this card to the GY, or immediately after this effect resolves, Normal Summon it without Tributing. You cannot Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck for the rest of this turn, except DARK monsters. You can only use this effect of "Blackwing - Simoon the Poison Wind" once per turn. During the End Phase, send the "Black Whirlwind" placed by this effect to the GY, and if you do, take 1000 damage.

How to Get

PackAerial Assault [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Searches Black Whirlwind.
  • Self Summoning effect.


  • Self Summoning effect can be costly.
  • Restricts extra deck plays.
  • Removes the Black Whirlwind it searches.
  • Burn damage to controller.


Black Whirlwind

Simoon is a combo starter, activate Black Whirlwind from your deck to setup a search. You can then Normal Summon Simoon, or send him to the graveyard and Normal Summon a different monster, to trigger Black Whirlwind’s search effect.


With Black Whirlwind you can search a Blackwing Tuner that has a self Special Summoning effect then go into a DARK Synchro monster. If you Normal Summoned Simoon with his effect you will most likely search Blackwing - Oroshi the Squall to make a level-7 Synchro monster.

Return Black Whirlwind

You can return Black Whirlwind to your hand so it does not get sent to the graveyard during the End Phase and you do not need to take the burn damage.


Blackwing Synchro Deck


first 20 packs of the box and got this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
So what? You will still need to dig the box for gale the whirlwind AND zephyros. Then do it again 2 more times since you will need 3 of each. And hopefully you will also get the remaining bw super rares from this box. Then dig 3 times the other main box for bw whirwind and bw dragon. In other words, dont feel so lucky yet.
What is "dead hand" ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It means card in ure hand that u cannot make use of
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think the anon was being sarcastic, as this card pretty much makes BW deck never have a dead hand.
1. Can I use debunk against this card?
2. "Banish 1 BW monster" is it a cost?
<< Anonymous(Question)
Anonymous Reply
1. Yes u can
2. Yup that's a cost so if u negate it, the card still gets banished
Please nerf this to Limited 1
with Simoon in the open hand. the deck found very consistent to bomb a card 4times
3x of this and Black Whirlwind, Blackwing will have 100% consistency

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