Scorns of Ultimate Defeat (Skill)

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update 27/09/2019

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Can be used on turn 6 and onwards. Add 1 "Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon" to top of your Deck. In addition, add "Chaos Form" to your hand from outside of your Deck if your opponent controls monsters with 3500 or higher DEF. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.


How to Get

  • A drop rewards of Seto Kaiba (DSOD) for dueling against Legendary Duelist or PvP Duel.


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Ribitus 8days ago
After testing it out it seems to only place there card on the top of it deck if you have 2 or less monsters.
GiveMeChumley 21days ago
this ability suck
Anonymous 23days ago
Every time i to use the skill "Chaos Form" won't be added to my hand ...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
do opponent have a face up monster with 3500 def or higher when you used this skill? If not, then you wont get Chaos Form using this skill. Only BECMD on top of you deck.

It is very unlikely for someone to have a faceup monster with 3500 DEF at the current meta.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
I need to read the skills more carefully. I never paied attention to the def requirement. ;)
He usually gets defeated when he uses this skill.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Right? The skills tell us about 'Scorns of Absolute Defeat', but it never mentions who is the one losing XD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well, it makes sense - the only time Kaiba use Chaos Max, he lost the duel, as Chaos Max was practically destroyed by a bunch of fruit cosplayers he 🔥ed earlier.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
wait, in-sul-ted is censored? XD
I activated the ability, But Chaos Max Dragon didn't go to the top of my deck on the following draw
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
same, anyone know the issue?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
...I hate that I need to ask this but... Did you by chance shuffle your deck after activating the skill? It doesn't just magically glue it to the top of your deck forever.
<< Anonymous
iiCrusha Reply
Actually I have lost 3 Times because this skill doesn’t put the card on the top of my deck in duels I will lose without it. Otherwise it works fine. And I only use it before attacking always.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Its because accidentally u shuffle s ur deck because of effect. Such as ancient stone. So ancient stone summon B E from ur deck and shuffle ur deck.
what are the rates of this dropping from lv40
what has the highest chance of dropping this reward
<< Anonymous(gareth)
Anonymous Reply
I think PvP duels. But farming Level 40 LD's at the gate might be faster.
<< Anonymous
gareth Reply
i am quite nooby and am at stage 22 are legendary duelists all of the duelists at the gate and which kaiba is the one to farm from is it the dark side of dimensions one. thanks in advance
<< Anonymous(gareth)
Anonymous Reply
Yes, all duelists at the gate are legendary duelists. It doesn't matter who your opponent is. Just make sure that you use Kaiba (DSOS).
First off this skill is op. Turn 6? Thats nothing. You could run a stall deck and then boom got a 4000 atk monster that does double piercing damage to a defense position monster. Duel links. Stick to regular skills. Power of dark. Peak performance. Destiny draw even. Chaos max dragon is too powerful to just give it a skill that brings it out with such ease. Run a stall deck or dragon spirit of white and you win 80%
<< Anonymous(YoNewStepDad)
Anonymous Reply
I'm pretty sure that you won't survive 6 turns against any KoG player XD
Konami I know u see this fix this skill it doesn’t work. when the game is trying to force a loss it won’t place the card on top of the deck
<< Anonymous(iiCrusha)
Anonymous Reply
Konami won't read this. This site is not related to Konami.
why the hell cant i use this skill before drawing on turn 6?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Didn't you read what the skill does? Lol youre lucky they gave seto that in the first place
Scorns of Ultimate Defeat.

- Gets defeated
can anyone help I am trying to get that skill and it don't want to come

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